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I know elections are over, but I’ve been so intrigued with various voting patterns and the different polls that have popped up revealing who voted for whom and why that might be the case.

In any case, I had made a comment here that I thought David Archuleta, like President Obama, was being supported by a coalition of diverse fans, and I was curious to put it to the test! 🙂

So, I hope you’d be willing to cast your vote in these newest polls for Soul David (see below). I’m looking forward to the results! 🙂

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  1. What interesting polls Hg, had fun voling.
    I like his personality and am glad he is a good person, but I think his deep involvement in his church, goody good straight and norrow values bug me a bit, and don’t get me started about this whole mission thing. Imo, the main Mormon missionsary job is to bring new young people to the church, yey I know they also do other good things, but the main job is to recruit and to convert people to the church and that bugs me. The reason I wanted to voice my view is that it is amazing as to how I’m such a big fan , in spite of my true feelings, it really says a lot about the power of his voice.

  2. Very interesting poll,hg. I agree with you cq that it says much about David and his talent that he has such diverse fans that have remained fans of his for so long.

  3. Yeah, people outside of the US had a chance to vote after listening to the drama for so long. Perhaps there should have been a vote for the Florida fans? Ah, it has been a strange day but HG, I enjoyed the poll and the results so far.

    The extended version of the cd is in the warehouse!! This is kind of like tracking a parcel from UPS! I guess the excitement is there for the very young anyway and there is need I suppose to extend all happenings.


  4. Really creative and interesting poll HG…. ( lol- omitting the obvious answer of voice or talent on what we most value about David… good job)

  5. Along these lines, I think an interesting question would be

    What do you value most about David?

    A. Only or mostly value his vocal ability/talent
    B. Equally value his talent and the type of person he is (his personality and values/morals)
    C. Value the type of person he is more than his talent

  6. Re. David, I selected “personality”, however, I am most affected by his sincerity and how his voice makes me feel. In part, I used similar criteria when voting for the President — both candidates were promising what all politicians promise but only one inspired me.

  7. It is really hard to pick what I value most in David, because it really is all of it combined. His looks are definitely “easy on the eyes”, his personality shines in everything he does. I love that he CONSISTENTLY maintains his morals and values, without exception. I don’t recall any scandal involving David himself compromising his morals or values. That, to me, says a lot about the person he is. While I don’t believe quite as he does religiously, I know that his religion is a part of why he is how he is and I appreciate that he is true to his faith and unwavering and strong in his faith. I still pull out the letter he sent me on prayer when I’m struggling with my prayer life and it always helps me get back on track. His faith is very strong and that impresses me.

  8. Oh yeah, his voice is why I started liking him 🙂 That voice does things to me that are beyond description…chills, butterflies, longing…and oh,so much more!!!

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