Moving Forward, Looking Back

Just getting back from a conference this weekend in which we spoke extensively about the changing demographics of this country and what lies ahead for how we deal with each other.

Somehow, the stimulating conversations made me reflect on this moment:

If only we can get there …

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  1. I loved when David sang this on American Idol. Since then, he’s performed it countless times and I love the lyrics and the meaning of the song.

  2. I just never get tired of listening to David’s performance of Imagine on AI regardless of how many times I have heard it. It was just a perfect rendition of the song. A song that does have such meaning. It actually makes me miss David when I watch that video.

  3. welcome back hg, embe and cq.

    re. “imagine”, it’s hard to believe it’s been close to 5 yrs since that performance and we’re all still here for david.

  4. off topic, but referenced before- I am so disappointed about the Civil Wars break up. I recently, finally purchased their CD and have really been enjoying it. There is something magical about how they blend together. Must have been a huge disagreement- because neither of them seemed to have had separately the success they had together.

    • I hear you, Rae. I bought Barton Hollow also. It’s fantastic. They had already started recording their new album, too. Who knows what will happen now. I was really looking forward to their new music.

      • There still may be new music from the Civil Wars because in their message canceling the tour they indicated that they are looking forward to providing new music in 2013. Maybe they will still record together, just not tour.

  5. Will forever be so grateful that I turned on AI when David had his audition, he and only he made me stay for season 7. That Imagine performance was, and still is, magical.

  6. Re, the Civil Wars, my guess is that sometimes it may have been difficult for John P. White given that they were managed by Joy’s husband. To me, the “irreconcilable differences of ambition” points to management more so than music.

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