Hope Springs Eternal!

With President Obama re-elected and a sneak preview released of David’s “Rainbow” video, could this week get any sweeter? At least sweeter for some of us?

As an aside, let me just remind y’all out there…

This is my blog, and if I want to share my feelings of joy and sweet victory and allow others to express same sentiments (and even let others express their own discontent on the matter), that’s my prerogative!

I’ve never made any pretenses about being a liberal-minded David-loving sistah around here, and every now and then, I just might veer off this blog’s focus (David!) and comment on all sorts of topics – political and otherwise.

You’ve been forewarned! 😛

And since I’m still enjoying the flavor of victory – especially as I will readily admit my bias in loving and seeing connections between BO and DA precisely because I was introduced to each fella THE SAME YEAR!! – I’m going to relish the feelings of hope they each inspire for me.

If a certain candidate had followed his fellow Mormon’s lead and the lead of a certain president during this campaign season, he might be singing the same tune of victory too and might have learned a few things about what it means to create a coalition-building presence based on DIVERSITY.  JMHO.

President Obama was re-elected on the STRENGTH of a diverse group of voters – women, minorities, LGBTQ individuals, young people, white people, etc. – just like our David has been able to maintain a strong fanbase based on the same type of diverse fans. Such DIVERSITY means that David’s fans come in all colors, political persuasions, sexual orientations, and ages.

Be prepared to disagree with David’s fans – knowing just how diverse his fanbase is, and be prepared for his eventual greatness b/c a man who can attract across a diverse group of people is a man who is destined for UNIVERSAL appeal.

I will continue to hope for the president’s ability to lead us the next four years, just as I will continue to hope for David’s success when he returns in 2014.

And just to add a little more icing on the cake, feast your eyes! 😛


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  1. goodkarmaseeker

    Hg, yes, yes, yes! I had this same picture of David and President Obama shaking hands as my wallpaper throughout the last month or so, two of my favorite men! I got to see the President on the Thursday before the election. Air Force One flew into our little Wisconsin town and he spoke to our crowd for about 30 minutes. It was thrilling! This is indeed a wonderful week. I can’t wait to see the whole video. David is beautiful.

  2. Great post hg. So thought provoking. David’s diverse fans are the key to his success as a music artist when he returns to his career. Important to remember that David’s more liberal minded fans are some of his most supportive, loyal, and amazing fans that he has. David’s fans might not all agree on politics but we all love David and think he is most talented music artist out there. Thanks for posting the picture of David with President Obama. I love that picture. David has many nice pics with Obama. Weren’t Michelle and his daughters big fans of David when he was on AI? It has been a nice week.

    • Yes, Marie. “Michelle and his daughters” were such big fans of David that they didn’t even invite him to perform at the televised youth ball, or whatever it was, during the inaugural celebrations. They preferred Miley and the JoBros. LOL.

      David was, however, invited to hobnob with the Latinos in a hotel ballroom and to sing the SSB.

      • I think that based on the results of the election that the Latinos are going to have some major influence in this country. Obama received something like 71% of the Latino vote. They are a growing part of the population in the US. I think that is great. David is Hispanic and those Latino fans have been very supportive to him. I hope that David does make that Spanish album. Glad to hear that he is becoming even more fluent in Spanish on this mission. I see that as very positive for him. I wonder if some of the Republicans think that just because a candidate is Latino or has an Hispanic last name that the voters will overlook their ultra conservative views and those Tea Party fanatics. I don’t think so. JMHO.

      • David was fortunate to get to perform at the Latino Ball. Not sure why you think that was a put down, Anon. At the time the JoBros and Miley were the biggest tween stars so of course they were invited to the youth ball. David was just starting out. I heard that the girls did like him when he was on AI. Most people like more than one artist. David got to meet JLo and Mark Anthony at the Latino Ball. I think most would consider them pretty big stars, but maybe you think that was a put down to them too.

      • Good point grammyj. I find it hard to believe that JLO and Mark Anthony would go to a Latino Ball that was not very high profile and considered to be an honor to be there. lol That was good for David to perform there. Eva Longoria also seemed to be very supportive of David at the Alma Awards. Good for David to have such support with the Latino celebrities. I hope it continues for him when he returns to his career.

  3. Yes, the Obama girls were very much on the David Archuleta bandwagon. 🙂

  4. Love this and love that David has so many diverse fans. Also love the pic of the two of them together.

  5. Loving that picture of David with President Obama. Blessings to both of them and us. 🙂

  6. I love that picture of David and President Obama, too. Always found it interesting that the people in the background seem to be looking at David instead of the President. Guess that it’s just hard to take your eyes off of him! Haha!

    • I also noticed that D is the focal point, lol. After watching the video that Heidijoy just posted, my guess is that the Prez had just made a really nice comment to D thanking him for being there, etc. and then everyone turned to look D’s way.

  7. I just received this and thought you might like to see how appreciative Obama was of his campaign workers which brought him to tears.

    • Great vid Heidijoy! I heard about it and was searching the net for a viewing. The president really spoke from his heart. He has had to fight off so many unnecessary racially-based digs about his background the last couple years coupled with the problems that comes along with any presidency. His name Barack means “blessed”, and in Swahili – “valiant warrior” so it indeed speaks volumes to his personality. I’m also glad he won.

  8. I’m loving that Rainbow clip. Move over Gangnam Style and make room for the David Dance! 😉

  9. Ryan Seacrest actually posted David’s sneak peek video for Rainbow on his website. Promo. lol. I wonder what got into Ryan to help promote David? lol. http://ryanseacrest.com/category/top-stories/

    • I was so surprised by that! Lord knows AI doesn’t do anything to promote him. I see them posting about all kinds of Idols on their FB page but never a peep about David. Just saw a promo for next season and quite a number of familiar faces including David Cook, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. No David though. I’m so over the way Idol ignores David and all he’s accomplished.

      *snaps fingers and moves on with a sashay* lol

      • That promo for AI is just a big joke. Cook, Lambert, and Allen are not superstars. lol. Most folks don’t even know they are still in the music business. Cook and Allen no longer are signed to labels. Sad to say. Kelly and Carrie are the only two from AI that even come close to that title of superstar. I still think that David will be more successful than the rest, with a few exceptions, when he returns to his career.

      • I think the reason that there is no promo for David on AI is that he doesn’t have a contract with 19R anymore which is actually a good thing because he doesn’t have to pay them (19R) anything. The ones that are still promoted probably still have a contract with 19R or are a major success like Kelly and Carrie. Cook is still managed by Simon Fuller so he is going to promote him even though he doesn’t have a label.

      • I think that you are right grammyj that AI is not going to promote David as he no longer has any financial ties to them. Better for him. Don’t quite understand why Cook stays with Fuller as he is doing nothing for his career.

  10. I usually just lurk here, but wanted to comment tonight. I can appreciate your joy for Pres. Obama’s re-election, even though I was for Mitt Romney. The people have spoken and I intend to fully support and pray for Pres. Obama. The Bible does say that God puts the people he choses into power, and also tells us to pray for those in power. I am not offended at all that you expressed your feelings about the election. I voted for Pres. Obama the first time, but just liked Mitt Romney for different reasons this time. Congrats to you and all of Pres. Obama’s supporters.


  11. Looks like D has 4 Christmas Devotional performances lined up for next month down in Chilaaaaay

    Text (according to my Chrome translator):

    Chile Rancagua Mission invites you and your family and NTERA a Musical Christmas Devotional especially for families with Elders Archuleta and Coello, a choir, and his friends. The devotional will be held at the following locations and times:

    Saturday 1 December – Parish Center San Fernando, Spain Av 345, San Fernando at 20:00

    Sunday 2 December – Stake Center Rancagua, Ibieta 8 Rancagua 19:00 pm

    Friday 7th December – Buin District Center, Errazuriz 40, Buin at 20:00

    Saturday December 15 – Stake Center Forest, Alejandro Guzman 147 (whereabouts 37 Grand Avenue), El Bosque, Metropolitan Region at 20:00

    We hope you and your entire family to come to this free Christmas Musical Devotional and invite their friends and families.

    Because many people will participate, PLEASE, TO BOOK A PLACE FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS FAMILY, need Register using FORM provided below. After filling, Buton PRESS “SEND” and Roden insure themselves BELOW FOR NOT HAVING ERRORS AND SENT OUT YOUR RESERVATION.

    Hope to see you and be with you to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  12. Just like old times David is continuing to celebrate Christmas with a “tour” of several cities. I wonder if there’ll be VIP? j/k LOL! I’m glad to see that his church is ensuring that he has sufficient opportunities to share his talent.

    David is looking real good in Rainbow. I think we definitely need a break from back to back meditative vids though beautiful. This one reminds me of his young joy in Crush. Can’t wait.

  13. off topic — last night i attended an awards dinner and one of the featured singers (Fredd Reyes) was the runner up in a regional idol contestant. in the program he was listed as performing “stand by me” so of course i couldn’t wait to hear his version for comparison purposes. when he came on stage, his first words were “if you know this song, feel free to clap and sing along with me”. i was laughing to myself because i acted as if i had not heard the song 1 million times. I didn’t sing but I did clap. 🙂

  14. As for the video, what’s with the ghostly make-up and coral lipstick?

  15. From the people that gave us that horrible “Friday” song about 2 yrs ago … the “Thanksgiving Song”. This must be a joke; near the end the girl sings into a turkey leg like it’s a microphone, lol.

  16. season 7 contestant, Syesha, sings Adele’s “Skyfall”

  17. Ok, not gonna comment on the election thing, mainly because I’m Finnish and I don’t understand politics at all. As for the re-electing of Obama.. well, I have always found his character appealing and have a feeling he’s a warm-hearted man. Don’t know about the decisions he has made to take your country towards a bright future, so I don’t have an opinion on Obama as a president – only as a man.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I was at a grocery store in the little town of Jämsänkoski (next to Jämsä where I live), and as I was standing in line to pay for my stuff, I heard “Elevator” on the loud speakers! I was so stoked I asked the cashier what radio station they had on. She said they aren’t allowed to play the radio in the store because of some copyright thing, but that they always play some compilation cd’s of their own. I really had to fight my urge to ask who’s cd it was and if I could meet them o.O I was so happy someone else in this town knows and likes David!

  18. Back from a fabulous cruise to a great sneak peek at the Rainbow mv remix, loving it so far!!! Can’t wait to see the whole video, exciting stuff.
    Will take me a while to go through all the wonderfull posts and comments I miss, but will enjoy all of them.

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