I’m very much doing a happy dance tonight! 😀


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  2. I generally don’t comment about my personal political opinions since I really don’t need anyone else’s approval or disapproval but tonight I just have to say…

    *\o/* x10000000


  3. Ali, that emoticon is too cute! GG, I totally forgot to pick up some bubbly tonight! That’s how nerve-wrecking this all was!


  4. I feel like dancing tonight:) Yes!!!!!! I”M SO HAPPY!!!!

  5. I can breathe now HG – Whhhhhewwww! The people of the USA have spoken, it’s time for us to get on with the business of being the UNITED States of America – for all Americans, not just the wealthy or the 1%. Going to be up all night watching coverage, and texting family and friends, cause I’m still FIRED UP, AND READY TO GO!

  6. Donald Trump
    Karl Rove
    Koch Brothers
    Fox (Faux) News
    Mitt Romney…. YOU’RE ALL FIRED!

    That is all. FEELS GOOD.

    • It does, doesn’t it? Though I must say, in a strange way, I do feel bad for Romney. He ran for the presidency TWICE and lost both times.

      You know he’s hurting. I’m glad my guy won but I can feel bad for the other side. Sort of. Kind of.

      • Yes, kind of like when the sports team you’re rooting for wins BIG & you see the dejected players from the other team after doing the best they could. Can’t help but feel a little sorry for them for a second or two.

        This is a very good day! Onward & Upward working together with President Obama, OUR PRESIDENT!

    • May I add Dick Morris and Ann Coulter to this list?

  7. Obviously not a good night to visit this site if you voted for the “other guy”, haha!

    • It’s great that HG’s site is a place for people of diverse, strong, sometimes differing opinions to express themselves. We’ve just come through one of the most bruising elections this country has seen in decades, there are many people who are very passionate and emotional and happy about the way things turned out, and this forum is an avenue to express that. People are entitled to feel they way they want, to have voted for whomever they wanted – just be aware that one may at times find themselves in the so called ‘minority’ opinion here on various hot topic issues, lol.. And that’s Ok… It’s great to be able to discuss David, and other topical events and issues here with passion and candor. Respect and civility for the site and when responding to fellow posters remains uppermost in mind when speaking one’s mind, lol

  8. I am SO glad Obama won. Saw this comment on twitter—->

    Mitt Romney Was Born in Michigan , Lives In New Hampshire, and was Governor of Massachusetts and LOST THEM ALL”

    • ‘Nuff said. My last thought before real life calls…. Romney ran a campaign that fomented and played on racial hatred, class warfare, women’s rights – the list is long. It backfired resoundingly as the majority of voters rejected him and his party’s efforts to resurrect demonstrably failed policies in order to gut the middle class, and devastate the poor – which would have been the coup de grace of their plan to seize control of this nation and concentrate it in the hands of Grover Norquist, the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and Karl Rove. They failed, and IMO they richly deserve their failure. They worked for it tirelessly, singlemindedly, shamelessly and ruthlessly. Thank goodness that America and ”we the people” showed how much greater we are as a whole than these hateful people and their ilk, and stated it loudly, clearly and unequivocally in this election. Proud to be a citizen this morning of the UNITED States of America.

  9. Yes. I thought Obama would win the electoral college vote but he also won the popular vote . Woo hoo! The Republicans will not win the presidency (can’t change the electoral college. lol) if they do not make some changes and take a more moderate stand on social issues. Also get rid of the Tea Party. lol. I do feel a little bad for Romney( think he is a nice guy) too but he sure picked the wrong running mate and needed to be more moderate. Although Romney is very wealthy and has a very nice life and wonderful family and will be just fine. GG so agree those listed all need to be fired with desertrat’s additions. May I put Rush Limbaugh on the top of the list. lol I think that my favorite guy Bill Clinton helped Obama win this.

  10. Here’s a big yoo-hoo from me too! That victory speech was SWEET!

  11. *WOO-hoo. And I agree, fired all of those mentioned and especially grouchy Limbaugh and toxic Coulter.

  12. All I can say is that I’m glad the election is over. I live in a battleground state and you would not believe the number of commercials we had, mailings, phone calls and the candidates were here every other day. I sincerely hope the country is better off in four years but I have lived long enough to see different parties in the Presidency and things do not always change that much. I’m not say that as a bad thing though because too much change is not always good. Actually we are pretty much the same as we were before the election – Obama is president with a divided congress.

    On another note, David’s pal, Joy Williams, part of The Civil Wars has called off all their tour dates due to irreconcilable differences. That’s really too bad. A music career is just filled with pitfalls at times – http://blogs.tennessean.com/tunein/2012/11/06/the-civil-wars-cancel-all-tour-dates-cite-irreconcilable-differences/?sf7074635=1

  13. I’m not inclined to feel one iota of sadness or sorrow for Romney or his party. Romney showed the world that at his core, he has no core. He sold his soul, his integrity to win the nomination, then bent himself like a pretzel, using lies and hubris, arrogance and deceit in an attempt to buy and lie his way into the White House – backed up by the former Bush braintrust of Rove and Dan Senor, the uberrich Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, with peripheral aid from the racist Teabaggers and Fox News as their shills and mouthpieces. He sold his soul and cosigned into gutter politics and playing to the lowest common denominator – in the hope of winning the White House, and I’m glad that there are still people in this country who are willing to stand up and speak truth to money and power and have their voices and votes counted. The heroes are the people who stood in those long lines (SHAME on Gov. Scott) in Florida and Ohio to vote. In the face of blatant jerryrigging and efforts by Governors and elections officials to thwart them, all it did was harden their resolve to vote – and motivated millions of others to stand up and get out on Tuesday and vote. IMO, The Republican party has shown themselves, using Romney’s own words, to be ””severely”” out of touch with the changing demographics of the USA, and with change, period. The 1950’s style vision they cling to of government, America and what they think life in America should be like is a fantasy whose time has come – to die. I’m very passionate this morning, cause the best efforts to suppress votes, intimidate voters, disrespect the President of the United States has come to naught. Time for them to move on, accept their defeat, and begin to work with him and the millions of others ready to get down to the task at hand of working with (not against) the President to help bring the country back, and together.

    And Yeah – Ann Coulter, Paul Ryan, Dick Morris, Bill O’Reilly – YOU FIRED!

    Still feels good.

  14. i have to agree with you all

  15. I too, am so proud to feel a part of this victory. Watching the celebratory crowd in Chicago last night I saw a diverse group of citizens united in a purpose for the common good. Communicated with all my family from here and there via texting and we all shared our happiness, joy and renewed hope.
    On another note and back to the last thread, CONGRATULATIONS to HG and Marlie on their books.
    HG, I will definitely purchase your book and think my daughter will be so interested in it (me too).
    She just earned her doctorate in literary studies and did her dissertation on literary representations
    of lesbians. She also has an interest in racial issues and has focused her study in that regard.

  16. I am thrilled also. I am so sick of this election and all those guys blathering on about women and what I should or should not do with my own body. I am thrilled also that marriage equality is now legal in 10 states. And don’t even get me started on how religion is such a public issue in America.

    • i have to say that i was a nervous wreck waiting for the results late last night and was so happy. I am on a trip and meeting tonight in buenos aires with “gladys from argentina”!!!

  17. A Little Nicer Works For Me

    Good grief! The gloating here is nauseating; so is the offensive mischaracterization of Mr. Romney. I am well aware of the liberal vibe on Soul David, but I need to speak up.

    Just like President Obama, Romney is a decent man, husband and father. A Romney presidency is still preferred by more than 48% of the country’s citizens, which doesn’t exactly signal a mandate for Mr. Obama. What we got in this election is four more years of political gridlock. It will be interesting.

    In spite of the odds, in spite of his awkward public personna, Romney was willing to run on his talent and experience, and willing to give people a different choice. He was repeatedly—and very personally—subjected to innuendos, rumors and several outright lies. He believed in what he did, gave it his all, and still came in second. Reminds me of somebody else.

    • not everyone here is of the same mindset. I think Romney is a decent man, a moderate at heart and actually was pulled/pushed to the right- creating real problems.
      I think politics is very ugly and serious campaign reform is needed. But it will take politicians, who benefit from how things are currently, to stand up and take it on- a sad state of affairs.

      As Mitt said, my prayers for the President in his second term. He did many great things, but at the same time, the popular vote was split. I am over the stalemate in Washington and hope like hell something can be done about our over- spending crisis before our wonderful country is bankrupt. There is plenty of blame to share on both sides of the isle for the mess we are in.

    • The disrespect President Obama has endured at the hands of some very prominent people affiliated with the Republican party is unprecedented and disgusting. The naked racism that fueled the far right and the Teabaggers petty and vicious attacks directed at the President these past 4 years and throughout this election should disabuse anyone of the notion that the lessons of the civil rights era have been learned. Mr. Romney has suffered NOTHING on or at the level of BS the President has dealt with while dealing with a bad economy and obstructionists in the House whose stated goal was to do everything they could to ensure he would be a 1 term President. Doesn’t sound like behavior befitting people or a party whose platforms are supposedly undergirded by so called Christian and American values. Romney IMO was never a candidate that was running to follow through on the presidency. IMO his goal was to get the job. Following that, he would do as he did in Massachusetts – make it up as he went along, with the rich white guy sense of entitlement that NOBODY should question his CEO-esque directives. He is missing a key line item in his resume: true empathy and compassion. At every turn, he showed that he essentially paid lip service to the people he supposedly should be caring about, and is far more concerned with those persons who could pay to play in his little sandbox.

      Now let me tell you how I really feel, and I won’t mince words —-> After losing yesterday, I hope it begins the lifetime characterization of Romney as the “worst candidate ever”, and I hope that moniker hangs around his neck as he fades into political obscurity. After listening to his babbling for the past year, I have very little sympathy for him as, based on so many statements that have come out of his mouth, he certainly does not have any for me. He wrote me off in that little 47% speech in front of his swell friends.

      Buh-bye Mitt. Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out.

      David I miss. You, sir, will not be missed.

      • A Little Nicer Works For Me

        You know your guy won, right? He probably even carried Benghazi. I think you’re going to be OK.

        For the sake of the nation, I sincerely hope President Obama does well with his second chance. I pray he does, because he has inherited a bigger mess this time than he did the last time. Thank goodness for those so-called “obstructionists” in the House who are really part of the check and balance system in our Constitution. We should all be grateful for a least one check that keeps any leader from running amok. We all get a voice that way. We’re a democracy.

        The rest of your vitriolic rant is completely unfounded and unworthy of any response.

      • GG . . . STANDING OVATION !!!! You have an amazing ability to express the situation accurately! I am in awe of you & your way with words! BRAVO !!!

  18. Never place David in the same breath of conversatiin as politicians, some who changed their platforms every time the wind changed its’ direction. Finally the wind won.

  19. Quoting a friend of mine: “I think this election says something important about holding true to your core beliefs. McCain learned the hard lesson in ’08 and Romney tonight. Both men, moderates at their core, bent themselves into ideological pretzels trying to please the far right. They both ended up looking and sounding false. I’m proud that our president ran and won on his core beliefs of equality and inclusion.”

    Thrilled at the passage of marriage equality!

    • I agree with you! A hard lesson to learn.

      • I agree. I don’t care who the Republican nominee was this year I just don’t think they would have won. Mitt probably did better than most of the others would have. It is hard to ignore the demographics. Republicans need to be more inclusive to all minorities and women and young people if they want to win in 4 years. That is just a huge voting block now. Although since I am not a Republican it does not really matter to me. lol. I am glad this is over and yes I think congress will continue to be a problem. I’m watching The Voice tonight and voting on something fun. Good point regarding David, SB.

  20. I hope she wins.

    • Amanda was good. Some really good performances on The Voice tonight too. X Factor is on against The Voice tonight. It will be interesting to see what show does better in the ratings.

  21. A Little Nicer Works For Me Too

    Wow, some of you have been drinking the Kool-aid pretty heavily. I promise not to be a sore loser if you promise to not be an obnoxious vindictive winner. I would hope that trillion dollar deficits, economic collapse and no jobs would mean something to every demographic, women, minorities and young people included. I had hoped Obama would do something about them in the last 4 years. He did not. We just voted for more of the same. I’m not so sure what everyone is so happy about.

    • Not going to let you or anyone else rain on my parade. I could spew insults right back at you but you seem to be looking for a fight & I’m just too dang happy right now. 😀

      “Kool-aid”? Come on now, really? You sure seem like a sore loser.

    • It’s a free country. You’re allowed to come here and share your Faux News talking points, others are allowed to gloat. People are passionate about politics, right? I prefer some bragging to the fear mongering that I saw on my twitter timeline last night. My favorite one was about how the Mayans are right this time and the world will soon end because the president was re-elected.

      I’m happy that I have a president that I can relate to and I feel can relate to my every day struggles. I’m thankful that I have a president who leads a party that stands for inclusion rather than intolerance. Please don’t pretend that there aren’t some real issues with our government, in general, that have led us to where we are today. Filibustering has got to go. And don’t forget that great American Mitch McConnell.

      Yeah. I’m very happy.

      • Mitch McConnell should be added to the fired list too. He should be right up top. Fox (Faux) News really were off on their predictions of Romney winning big. They need to admit and understand the changing demographics of the country. And the importance of the social issues to all people.

    • Before the election in 2008, I remember a commentator saying that the problems were so bad that whomever was elected would never be reelected. If we were expecting a miracle worker, we didn’t get one. I think most of us are realizing that Obama took a pretty reasonable path and are pleasantly surprised that he was able to be reelected, despite his inability to create magic.

      The deficit ballooned under Bush because of two wars and large tax cut (didn’t hear conservatives complaining much about that), and of course they’ve gone up because of the downturn. It’s all a delicate balance with no magic solution, and certainly not more of the same that led us into this in the first place. The economy is improving–the Dow Jones, which is good indicator of how business is doing, was 8200 four years ago, it’s now around 13,000, and as the jobs picture improves, the deficit should also.

      The president played hardball with ads early on that painted Romney as an uncaring plutocrat, which may have been a little unfair, but then Romney completely made his point with the 47% comments! Forty seven percent being retired people, students, military and the working poor! What on earth was he thinking?

    • General Motors is a huge employer here in the Midwest. I know MANY people who are now working because of our President. Because he didn’t bankrupt their employer. He had their/our back, and we had his.
      Not gloating. Just proud.

  22. HAHAHA – Can’t handle the truth, huh A Little Nicer? *pets Nicer’s head* Awww, no problem. You poor, poor dear, tsk, tsk. You’re sounding like the rest of the STILL SHELL SHOCKED Romney supporters after the shellacking he and they took on Tuesday. How you doin’ today? Do you need a vacation, some time away for it all to sink in, hmmm?

    Oh… got something for ya ——> _/

    It’s called a seat… You sound like you need one *wink*

    Toodles! (blows kiss to help make it allllllll better)

    • A Little Nicer Works For Me

      From the House Rules of Soul David:

      “…always be respectful of both David and each other. Any comments containing personal attacks WILL be deleted.”

  23. Ggdoors, heh. Let’s be nice now as the shell-shocked side gets their bearings.

    But I have to say: that sign for a “seat,” are you sure that’s not an empty chair dig? 😉

    In the words of our re-elected president, “this seat’s taken.”

  24. I’ll be nice HG 🙂 I’m feeling downright magnanimous this morning *wink*
    I’m going to savor this victory some more like a nice cuppah joe on a cold wintry morning, then it’s back to the work at hand. I’ll pop in every now and then to scope out any new David news. Yep, feeling pret-ty gooood 🙂

  25. I wasn’t going to say anything, but after reading the back and forth I decided to add my 2 cents. I consider myself middle of the road so I can see points on both sides. I do really dislike the very negative because I think both candidates really want what is best for the country. I really hated how Romney was portrayed as only wanting the rich to succeed as no one would run for President if that were true, but people believe crazy things all the time. We shall see what happens in four years. I sincerely hope that our country is better off in four years, but there are many challenges. I am glad that David has never showed where he is politically as I don’t think that is the place for an entertainer. He could have been for Romney since he is a Mormon or he could have been for Obama because most Latinos voted for him. We really have no idea.

    • I think it’s more likely he was for Romney based on an interview in Asia where he said he’d endorse him, if he was asked to. Almost his entire family “liked” Romney on Facebook, including his sister, dad, grandfather (who may not be Mormon), and aunts–not that that really means anything. (Ok, I’m a creeper)….

      I already like David, even though I don’t agree with his religious views, so I can also like him just fine, even if we don’t share the same political views. I think he’s also said that he doesn’t really pay that much attention to politics.

  26. I can see it’s still not quite yet time to return to this lovely site yet for those of us who may feel a bit differently,haha! I do really appreciate this site though, but am ready for the negativity from both sides to subside so we can move forward. Although I may have voted the other way, I truly wish President Obama the best and hope both sides can breach the rift that has widened during this election. As I watch the kids at my elementary school, I am saddened by the parroting I see in their behavior as they have weathered the election process. As they watched the media, the behavior of the supporters, their own parents, and even the candidates themselves, they responded in alarmingly harsh ways at school. It discouraged me and i spent much time speaking of respect during our country’s democratic response. I continually tried to reinforce that we can feel differently without disparaging one another or mocking another’s beliefs. After this election, it’s not hard to see why we have such a bullying problem in our country.

    • “process”…not response.

    • I agree whole heartedly. We all need to learn to get along and quit being so spiteful especially where politics and religion are concerned. We all have formed our own opinions but we do not need to be mean spirited in relaying them to others. I don’t think anyone is going to change their minds after reading these posts but it really bothers me when people can be so hateful and think there opinion it the only truth.

    • Wise and needed words.

  27. For anyone not on twitter (where you at???? lol) PREVIEW FOR THE RAINBOW VIDEO IS OUT!

    I may have watched it more than once. Or more than twice. D is lookin’ foinnnnne ok. ;D

  28. I am not from your country but I do see the responses from several big and small countries around the world in regards to the final choice. It is amazing, but they almost ALL agree to the choice that was made.

    It is not just the states working well together with the states but looking at the bigger picture it is detrimental to world peace and progress to have the man who was chosen to be at the helm of your country. Just google Canada, Britain, Europe and on and on. They said that you made the right choice. So in keeping with the betterment of the relationships between countries and in return progress for yourselves, you did make the right choice.

  29. This is so sad. Soul Train was a bis part of my Saturday afternoons as a kid. Love, peace, and soul indeed!

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