17 comments on “A Week of High Anticipation!

  1. Congrats, HG. Great news that you have published a book. Good for Marlie too. David just has the most talented fans that are great writers. hg,That is why I so enjoy your posts because of your writing skills. Good luck to both of you authors.

  2. I see that the Les Miserables movie with Hugh Jackman is coming out. Guess David will have to wait a year and a half if he wants to see it–I bet he’s probably sentimental about the first thing to get him interested in singing.

  3. hg and marlie, h.u.g.e congratulations on your books! i look forward to reading them.

    re. the election, i’m with rae’s comment on the previous thread — i can’t take anymore of the commercials, the partisan spins on cable news shows, etc., but i do hope every gets out and votes.

    i saw a funny website last week where canadians were asked how they feel about all the usa folk moving there it their candidate doesn’t win, lol. one canadian responded something like “they can come but we don’t want them bringing their political drama across the border.” :-)

  4. HG…congratulations on your published book!

    Canadians have voted basically, you can read about it on google. The vote goes to Obama to be re-elected for a second term. Seriously, our government has successfully worked alongside him and his policies. You will hear a collective sigh of relief from the north when his name is announced. Several other European countries follow the same path, as the results of the election are very important to everyone’s future.

    I am here in Philadelphia in a hotel filled with emergency workers. You can spot them as they walk through the main door, tired and showing on their faces the long hours of work put in trying to fix everything. I was in an elevator with four workers from four different states each with a heavy accent. It felt like we were in a coal mine letting off the workers.


  5. Last night, one of the twitter trends was #electionpartyfood. Below are some of the responses. :D

    Sloppy joe Biden
    Ba-Rack of Lamb Chops
    Chicken flavored Romney Noodles
    Right wings & Left wings
    Macaromney ‘n cheese
    Baby BaRack ribs
    Hot pastrami on Rye-an
    Shrimp Baracktail
    Mac-Anne Romney & cheese
    Mitt-pea soup
    A scoop of Baracky Road in a waffle cone
    Mitton Chops

  6. Thanks for that bit of humor, Desertrat, b/c right now I’m so nervous!!! GAH!!!!

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