The Healing Powers of The Voice

I’m sending positive vibes, thoughts, and prayers to those of you needing healing right now.  I especially want to highlight with this post what I’ve often considered to be the best feature of David’s Voice: its power to heal.

I know my instant love for David came when I first saw and heard him – and it’s very possible that I was most susceptible to the Voice because at the time I needed the Voice to heal, even if it only turned out to be emotional rather than physical healing at the time.

So, with this in mind, I thought I would highlight what I consider to be his best musical healing moments.


God! The plaintive cry in his voice gets me every single time!


At a time when David himself probably needed healing, this heartbreak version is just too dang much, but man, does it soothe my heart all the same!

Fields of Gold:

The Voice takes me places with this one, and not just in “fields of gold.” Although he spins gold out of runs and melodies.

Ave Maria:

Once we get into the Christmas songs, we’re just simply getting into musical healing territory, most notably with “Ave Maria.”

O Holy Night:

OK, so I realize this video might be painful for some of y’all but man, oh man, his rendition of “O Holy Night” after making his announcement about serving a mission for his church is the best I’ve ever heard from him, and in a strange way, it’s the version I find myself going back to over and over.  What can I say? It heals me, because I know it comes from a very sincere place, and The Voice reveals itself for all the world to hear.

Joy to the World:

His glory notes at the end always pull me up on a higher plane. He takes a popular carol “To Church!” How many pop singers can do that? 🙂

Silent Night:

I swear, every time I hear this version of “Silent Night,” I know this is why I wait.  #DA2014 indeed! I cry like a baby every time.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  This is, without a doubt, David at his absolute best! Absolutely spirit-filled and stunning! He simply knows when to lay it on and when to pull back. What a vocal genius!

What are some of your favorite healing moments from the Voice? 🙂

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  1. After listening to these songs….All I can say is, He sure is going to be missed this Holiday Season for me. Yes! The healing “Voice”….Love this, ever song. Some of them I was there and wittiness them. Brings back memories. Can’t wait for 2014.

  2. Thank you for this post, though I am sitting here with tears dripping down my nose. Love your choices.

    In answer to your question, I would put “Be Still My Soul” on your “can’t listen without bawling joyfully” list.

    A less obvious but very personal one for me is “Crazy”. I didn’t have ODD turning this youtube video on, and did at the end.

    In January of 2009, I was home sick with a bad cold. It had been a tough winter as that fall I had been with my mom in the last difficult six months of her life. That day, I was listening to videos of many artists and found Crazy by David. Though I had loved him on AI, I had lost track of him. Listening to the song, I was totally overcome with emotion and by the end, found myself in a heap on the floor sobbing. I sat there for quite a while, (luckily no one was home) to try to figure out just what had happened. I do believe in that three minutes, David healed the pain I had been carrying about my mom, and every other painful thing inside me. I felt as if David had ripped open my chest, torn out my heart and Squeezed every drop of pain from it. He then put it back into me, a heart forever changed. That is the power of David. He is a part of my heart now and I am forever thankful.

    Yes, can’t wait for 2014, but I will be here whatever it takes.

    • What a beautiful story of the healing power of music and of David’s music specifically. ❤

      Thank you for sharing that and thank you to EVERYONE who has shared their stories. I was away and missed commenting on the last thread but went back and read everything. Its amazing how much comfort we draw from each other and from this guy that none of us even knew about a few years ago. What an awesome thing.

    • i agree with ali, that is a beautiful story.

  3. HG – this post is PERFECTION. Every single selection you made resonates with me as well. Lots of people have asked me why I’m such a big fan of David and have followed him so closely in a way very unlike I’ve ever “followed” an artist before. I think part of it is that intangible feeling/healing that we get from his voice.

    For me, his performance of Good Place/Let It Be at the MKOC tour VIP sessions was one of “those” moments. And while it affected me strongly in the moment, it was even more powerful for me after the mission announcement. I stil don’t go back to watch any videos from SLC (lol way to traumatize an entire fanbase, David!) but I watch performances from other shows. And for some reason I come back to GP/LIB over and over. I’m so glad that we were able to get videos from the VIP sessions on that tour — it has meant alot.

    His voice when he sings this is so rich and textured and warm and delicious and every amazing adjective everrrrrr that it makes me want to cry. In a good way.

    Embarrassing but true story: on the way to my grandma’s house with my sister a few months back and I played her the mp3 of GP/LIB in the car. And I started crying. Just out of the blue. And I’m not a crier, I swear! I think I freaked her out lol but then I started laughing and we both got a kick out of it. idk how to explain it really — this performance of the song just touches me.

    This is the video I made the mp3 from that we were listening to that day:

  4. Thanks so much for this post today, HG. I watched every video including the Mission announcement. I have only watched it once before but you are right HG that it has David’s best “Oh Holy Night”. I have tears streaming down my cheeks from all the wonderful songs.

    Ali, my favorite song from TOSOD is “Good Place” and putting it with another favorite song of mine, “Let It Be” was genius of David to do IMHO. Strange as it may sound, even with my cancer diagnosis I still feel that I’m in a good place. It really has shown me what supportive family and friends I have. Tonight my daughter is coming over with my three granddaughters to make a party out of shaving my hair off since it is falling out now. My seven year old granddaughter wants us all to get matching scarves. She thought of that herself. My husband loves the wig I got and it does look better than my real hair. I guess you make lemonade out of lemons, right?

  5. Nice post hg. Grammyj, Great vids of David. it sounds to me like you have a very positive attitude. Good for you.

  6. HG, I can’t believe that you chose all of my favorite videos. I’m serious. These are all my go-to videos.
    Grammyj – You are in my thoughts and prayers. Such a positive strong spirit. My sister just went through this same thing. She is free of it now, completely. 🙂

  7. WordPress hates me… 🙂

  8. Hi Everyone – Been so long since I posted I think WordPress took it personally. Music has been a lifelong friend, comforter, provider of fun times, motivation, encouragement and a balm to my soul during good and bad times. David’s voice is a welcome addition to the menagerie of voices and artists that have provided laughter and comfort and sheer enjoyment to me over the years. I guess I’m a weird one – his voice on Riu Riu Chiu, Pat-a-Pan, Running from the debut album, Ave Maria and Somebody Out There… I feel transported just listening to the purity and tone and texture in his voice on these cuts. Running will always be my personal all time fave from him, vocally. I guess part of me is waiting for another Running moment, that feeling on being transported inside the story and lyrics of that song… Joni Mitchell’s ‘Help Me’ is another ‘transporter’ for me… I’ve never figured out why some songs have the power to do that – I just roll with it and enjoy the feelings that evoke…

  9. Sending (((hugs))) and lots of good thoughts and healing energy to GrammyJ – And a song of powerful, uplifting soul stirring faith – and healing. The woman singing lead in Paris Bennett’s grandmother… Paris I think was a contestant the season Taylor Hicks won… this song has carried me through some trying times – hope it helps gives you the same energy and hope and healing comfort…

    I Believe by Sounds of Blackness with Ann Nesby

  10. hg, thanks for this post! i admire how you always know the right things to say. i was very touched reading all the stories of triumph on the previous thread; they left me sort of speechless.

    when i was growing up, my dad used to play michael jackson’s “with a child’s heart” when he needed to relax. at the time, i didn’t get it because it certainly wasn’t a song you could dance to. grammyj, when i read the part of your post re. your granddaughters, i thought of these lyrics:

    “With a child’s heart, turn each problem into play”

    I’m glad they’re there for you.

  11. Ave Maria…is there another song any more stunning? Is there another song any more mesmerizing with each note telling his love, his beliefs! Every note is a gift because of its’ excellence. So beautifully sung in Latin…

    Yes then there is ….Silent Night. Grown men did cry that December. I watched and felt as if he was able to take us back in time to our childhood, a time that was so dear to us. Is that why even the men were so taken with this performance?

    Those two are about to be played so often now that the holidays are in the near future. But how will we feel this Christmas? Perhaps we will soon be missing him more than before but he may surprise us.

    If I should only have two songs, then these are the two. After all, he loves Christmas.


  12. My hair cutting party was fabulous. My daughter sprayed our hair pink with silver glitter and we took lots of pictures. She cut my hair and gave me a Mohawk for a picture and then gave me a buzz cut. We ended the night with everyone in Halloween wigs except I had my new wig that I will now wear everyday. The pictures turned out so cute. I have three year old twin granddaughters and one had a purple wig and the other a black one. The seven year old had a blue one and my daughter had a blond pop star wig. It was such a fun night.

  13. What a wonderful post, HG! I agree that David’s voice has a healing power. I’ve read many comments over the past four years from fans who connected with him during a time of adversity in their lives. That is certainly my experience, too. I had only watched a few episodes of American Idol before Season 7, but for some reason decided to watch it that year. I first took notice of David when he sang “Shop Around” and blew the competition out of the water. When he sang “Imagine” the following week, he had me hook, line, and sinker! During each of his performances I felt as if time stood still and I couldn’t really remember breathing. In interviews he was so shy and nervous, but the transformation when he sang was amazing. It was as if the power and spirit flowed though him and into the listener. I downloaded most of his songs from the show and listened to them daily on my IPOD. At the time, I was caring for my mother during an extended illness and his voice brought me such comfort. When my mother passed away at the end of 2008, David’s voice continued to heal me and his strength and courage gave me the courage to deliver a eulogy at my mother’s funeral, even though I have a great fear of public speaking.

    The performances and songs that you chose are some of my favorites. A few others that come to mind are:

    Imagine at Rexburg…such a sincere and pure performance. His expression is beautiful and compassionate.
    Save the Day……love the lyrics and tone of his voice.
    I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus…….so heartfelt.
    When You Believe……AI studio version. This and “Angels” were my comfort songs of 2008.

    Grammyj…….I love that performance of “Good Place” and “Let It Be”, too. I also wanted to let you know that you’re in my prayers.

  14. Thanks for sharing your story, Grammyj! I do love your attitude and the attitude of the rest of your family. I’m glad they’re being so supportive.

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