Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

The Healing Powers of The Voice

I’m sending positive vibes, thoughts, and prayers to those of you needing healing right now.  I especially want to highlight with this post what I’ve often considered to be the best feature of David’s Voice: its power to heal.

I know my instant love for David came when I first saw and heard him – and it’s very possible that I was most susceptible to the Voice because at the time I needed the Voice to heal, even if it only turned out to be emotional rather than physical healing at the time.

So, with this in mind, I thought I would highlight what I consider to be his best musical healing moments.


God! The plaintive cry in his voice gets me every single time!


At a time when David himself probably needed healing, this heartbreak version is just too dang much, but man, does it soothe my heart all the same!

Fields of Gold:

The Voice takes me places with this one, and not just in “fields of gold.” Although he spins gold out of runs and melodies.

Ave Maria:

Once we get into the Christmas songs, we’re just simply getting into musical healing territory, most notably with “Ave Maria.”

O Holy Night:

OK, so I realize this video might be painful for some of y’all but man, oh man, his rendition of “O Holy Night” after making his announcement about serving a mission for his church is the best I’ve ever heard from him, and in a strange way, it’s the version I find myself going back to over and over.  What can I say? It heals me, because I know it comes from a very sincere place, and The Voice reveals itself for all the world to hear.

Joy to the World:

His glory notes at the end always pull me up on a higher plane. He takes a popular carol “To Church!” How many pop singers can do that? 🙂

Silent Night:

I swear, every time I hear this version of “Silent Night,” I know this is why I wait.  #DA2014 indeed! I cry like a baby every time.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  This is, without a doubt, David at his absolute best! Absolutely spirit-filled and stunning! He simply knows when to lay it on and when to pull back. What a vocal genius!

What are some of your favorite healing moments from the Voice? 🙂