Still Have Power…

…at least to be able to watch The Voice tonight and to post this latest blog! 🙂

If you watched The Voice, you will understand why I’m inspired to post this video from yesteryear! 😛

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  1. How I wish I could have been there that night to hear this performance in person. From the recaps I’ve read from those who were there, David’s voice was amazing that night in a way that no audio feed could capture. Hence the flood of people standing up as he rises from the stairs and begins to slay the entire theater.

    As outstanding as the video of this performance is, if only I could transport back in time to this moment, this place.

    The music industry so needs this voice.

    • I think we will be spared the wrath of Sandy…

      Ali…you got me on “The music industry so needs this voice”…truer words were never spoken.

      I listened to ‘Ave Maria’ from CFTH the other day and it is so stunning as he sings in Latin. He has a wonderful sophistication when he sings his favorite songs.

  2. Funny you should post this, HG. As soon as I saw them announce which song The Voice contestant was singing, I said “Nope, nope, nope. Not gonna listen to this.” And I walked away. lol.

    Man, I miss D and his “moments”.

  3. i love, love, love the lyrics to this song – kudos to bernie taupin and elton john. vocally, i thought this was david’s best idol performance.

  4. Pleased to report that I did not lose power in my area. I feel so bad for the folks in NYC and New Jersey and other areas that are effected. I did watch the voice last night so I know what you are talking about,hg. lol. I think Cee-Lo has the most uniquely talented team. I like many on his team.

  5. Cassadee Pope was horrible, yet she made it to the live shows. What is the point of having the contestants sing? The judges could just pick their favorites.

    • I agree with you Peter. Cassadee was awful yet Blake still picked her. She also seemed so unsure of herself for someone that has already had professional experience as a lead singer in a band. I am not a fan of Cassadee. Obviously the judges already have their minds made up before the contestants even sing. I am more than ready for the show to go live next week and have the judges no longer pick who stays in the show.

  6. gosh. i miss his face. so. much.

  7. Can you believe he was only 17 years old. What an amazing performance. I don’t know what happened on the voice but sure glad it prompted this post HG. I sign off satisfied.

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