Stay Safe Everyone!

Oh boy! I was prepared to go to work today until I got a notice that all classes are canceled! The winds and rains haven’t started yet. I guess I better hunker down as Hurricane Sandy passes over New York.

Stay safe, everyone! 🙂

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  1. Stay safe HG and all affected .

  2. Please all of you on the East coast stay safe and all of you are in our prayers.

  3. Hope that I do not lose power. That is always the big concern. I live in Western New York State and the bad weather is just starting here. Good luck to all on the East Coast. I worry about all in NYC and all the surrounding areas.

  4. Hunker down East Coasters! My good thoughts and prayers to all in Sandy’s path!

  5. we have heavy winds and some rain but we’re not going to be hit as hard as the northeast and the coastal areas. right now i’m charging up my ipad and phone just in case i lose power tonight, lol. i’m glad my travel to new orleans was last week and not this week.

  6. i was in the grocery store earlier this evening and heard xtina’s “you are beautiful” followed by “a thousand miles”. it was nice having that little david moment. 🙂

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