What I’m Listening To…

A new up and coming hip hop artist, Angel Haze, released a mixtape called “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” a remix of Eminem’s rap of the same title. It’s a graphic and profanity-laden description of her experience of childhood sexual abuse. It has haunted me, so I’m replaying it here:


And since I like triumph over victimization, I’m going to also feature the girl-power anthem, “Girl on Fire,” from Alicia Keys (because I need light to follow darkeness).

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  1. I just love Alicia Key’s song-Girl on Fire. Good vid.

    • I love her to. I am glad to see she is having such a sustained career. I think it is a fantastic song. I really love the video.

      • Yes Good for Alicia. I hear this song all the time on TV as they play it on some commercial. Not sure of the product but it is great for Alicia’s career. Maybe it is Reebok?? I hope David can do some songs for products in commercials when he returns. I think an artist benefits from it financially.

      • Just checked. Alicia has this song in commercials for both “Citi” and Reebok. Great song and that is why I hear it so much.

  2. This is my first time hearing of Angel Haze. She looks so much like Aaliyah: http://f5.img.v4.skyrock.net/7765/4107765/pics/136693069.jpg

    Re. Alicia Keys, she has moved from behind the piano and changed up her sound a bit. I like “Girl on Fire”.

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