We’re Still Here for David!

Thanks to everyone for de-lurking yesterday to answer our roll call! 🙂

So good to know we still have folks hanging around, keeping part of this fan community, even while David is away.

I think it’s testimony to the strength of David’s talent and charisma and his own efforts in keeping us in tact as a fan base.

Still haven’t heard from certain folks who may have disappeared: Tibiti, Valbraz, Burkey, Idolfan, you guys are missed!

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  1. I was wondering if Jen A is still around?

  2. Yes, so nice to see so many fans still interested. Indeed his phenomenal talent is what keeps me still captivated. It been and continues to be such a roller coaster ride with David’s career and in a way, that’s somehow part of the fun. I’m hoping that in the near future that David will have big success that his career will have a solid ground, so the lows won’t seem as hard to take as they do now, that will be even MORE fun, lol.

  3. Intermission entertainment

    “The Blower’s Daughter” by Chris Mann and Christina Aguilera. Beautiful!

  4. The original song by Damien Rice:

  5. Spanish version by Kalimba:

  6. Thanks for posting the vids Peter. Enjoyed watching them.

  7. IIRC, I think tibi said she was going to step away until David went back to his career. And I think burkey stopped posting after the announcement. 😦

    • Hope that they come back when David returns. I really don’t blame any fans for being frustrated by David’s leaving his career for 2 years. Just read today that Adele plans on taking at least a year off after the recent birth of her baby. She already had a break due to her vocal issues. Of course Adele did have a huge success with her last album but she is missing out on alot of money by not touring now. I wish Bieber would take a nice long break. lol

      • LOL! Doesn’t he ever get tired of making millions?

        Sorry to hear about Adele, though. Read an interview a few months back where she said she was pretty much done writing her third album. I was looking forward to that and possibly seeing her live next year.

      • Marie I know that Adele fans, me included, will miss her while she is in hiatus, but she has made it BIG TIME already, so that’s not going to hurt her career one bit, besides she doesn’t have, what I think, is silly restrictions about communicating with her fans during that time.
        I’m here to stay and support David, but sometimes I just get so angry about the whole two year hiatus without being able to keep direct communication to his loyal fan base. Sorry had to let it out, lol.

  8. cq~ I still get angry about a lot of things, lol. My list is kind of long right now. 🙂

  9. I totally agree with you cq. That is why I understand the fans frustrations as I have them too regarding David leaving his career for so long. I have expressed them often here. lol. You are right that Adele can afford the break as she made it big. David should be having some direct communication with his fans but I guess it just is what it is at this point.

  10. Yes vj my list is long right now too. I have my job to keep me angry and frustrated every day and that is just one issue. LOL.

  11. I can understand the reasons people might be upset from a logical standpoint but I can’t say that I’m personally angry about anything. I guess sometimes I feel that wistful “what if” but so much good has come for me (and so many others) from David that I don’t think I could ever be mad about it. Even the missed opportunity-type things. For me, I can honestly say that I probably would have never gotten so invested in David if he had become some giant superstar. I likely wouldn’t have had a chance to meet him or feel like he needed my support so much. I wouldn’t have felt as personally connected. That’s not to say I’ve ever wished he would do bad, but I just figure things have happened the way they have for a reason.

    Whatever happens from here on out, I’m pretty much hooked lol. So I guess if he wants to become a superstar when he returns, I’d be cool with that 😉 Actually, as long as he’s able to make music and I’m enjoying it, I’m all good.

    I’m definitely not saying that anyone else should feel the same way I do about things. I just always find it interesting how we all have this investment in David in common and come to it and work with it in so many ways. I love the diversity in this fanbase — its what makes things work, I think.

    • I think we should be careful what we wish for, Ali is right–the bigger the star, the less access fans have.

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