Who’s Still Here?

Thanks to my devoted readers for yesterday’s “love fest.” It was much appreciated! 🙂

But one comment had me wondering where all the Soul Daviders have gone. According to a snapshot of my blog visitors by country from yesterday, I still have a pretty diverse and international readership:

So, for today, I’m curious to know who’s still here. Not just posting regularly but also lurking and stopping by.

If you could humor me as I let this post serve as a roll call, I would greatly appreciate it if you dropped a line just saying that you’re still here! 🙂


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  1. Still here. Gotta get my David entertainment, so you are not getting rid easily.

  2. Here almost every day but rarely post. I very much appreciate the thoughtful and entertaining articles/dialog from HG and everyone here. I am hopelessly devoted to David and will always be there 100% to support him in any path he takes as long as he keeps singing. This fan thing has been such an unexpected joy and sometimes emotional ride in my life. I really believe all of us core fans have been called by some devine power to just be there in any way we can for David. We do our part and he does his and it will all work out according to God’s Plan. Thank you all for this wonderful site and please don’t go away.

  3. hola soy gladys de Argentina, nandito ako (i am here)
    I like your blog, when I see light, I go to see what’s new.

  4. Checking in from Michigan. Every day. 🙂
    HG, I really appreciate your thoughtful writings.
    I LOVE that David has fans from all over the world. It’s always been the most amazing thing to me, speaking with others from places I’ve only read about. 🙂

  5. I am here as usual at the end of my day, every day! I love this roll-call.

  6. Here in Michigan! Never have time to reply, but usually check in 2-3 times per week. Will be a fan of David always. Love his voice and love the person he is. He doesn’t need to be popular for me to love him. As long as he’s singing and recording, I’ll be buying! Only really have time to visit here and FOD, but love that there are still fansites out there!!

  7. I always lurk here. Never commented! Will allways be a fan of the amazing David Archuleta

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