Don’t Give Up

I really need to hear this today:


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  1. I love this song. The first time I listened I just went hmmm..this is different. Then by the 3rd time I was totally hooked on the song. When he powers it up around 3:05 the tone in his voice is really beautiful and strong and I have listened to that transition from her voice to his in that section over and over. Their voices are so different – I love the contrast.

  2. Don’t Give Up is one of my favorites from the album. When he sings “no one wants you when you lose” and “got to walk out of here, can’t take it anymore” gets to me everytime.
    Hg, I just want you to know how grateful I am that you take time out of you busy life to keep this fantastic site active. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. ray,pleas keep up the good work

    please keep up the good work is not supposed to be up there lol

  4. For now, this is my 2nd fav song on BEGIN. I actually like the female’s vocals better than D’s.

    I’m with cq, ray and Marie — thanks so much for this blog. When D first announced he was leaving, I actually had a harder time dealing with (perhaps) never hearing from again some of the posters here than I did dealing with D’s 2 yr hiatus. Speaking of which —Cmoi, tibitibi, little m, idolfan, fake #mic, others, are you guys still around? 🙂

    • I have to agree with you, desertrat. It was nice to see a comment from Utahmom recently but it is a question I have too. Are you guys still around??

    • Not for me desertrat, I love David’s vocals on Don’t Give Up, hers not so much, but she is needed for the song. No disrespect against Libby, but I really wished that he could of done this song with someone (of course that could sing) that was more famous, then it might of had a chance to be recognized and perhaps be played on the radio.

  5. It is just unbelievable what Taylor Swift’s sales for her new album are predicted to be for next week. She is supposed to sell one million the first week. Can someone explain this to me? lol

    • WOW, Marie, it really is true the rich get richer and the mega stars can’t do no wrong.

    • While her voice is not strong, she writes catchy story songs, and convey her real life emotions and struggles. She is a part of pop culture, with millions following her relationship mistakes, ups and downs. She appeals to young women who look up to her and young men also. My son is 18 and his friends like her. She adores her fans, tells them often- and seems to have done it “her way” with an ID label.

    • ps- she totally grilled John Mayer in her song “Dear John”.

  6. Thank you too HG for keeping this blog up….pls don’t give up (no pressure here lol). It would be a very long & difficult waiting time for DA2014 if the fansites would be gone 😦

  7. I have to join the HG love fest! I am so grateful for this web site . Visiting Soul David is how I end my day. So thank you HG for your stimulating thoughts and really good writing. Thanks to all the regulars for the lively discussion.

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