L.O.V.E. – Let One Voice Emerge

One presidential debate left and three weeks to go! 🙂

No partisan politics here – just your typical get-out-the-vote message:


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  1. Yes Hg, every vote counts, thank you for the reminder.

  2. Been away for a while and just finished reading all the comments from the previous thread.
    One thing that stood out for me was the comment about an albatross. I have always thought that David did have an albatross around his neck and I have my opinion as to what that albatross is, but won’t say because I believe it might offend some fans. Really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments, well, maybe not everyone’s, lol.

  3. Nice video with a great message. Get out and vote regardless of who you vote for. cq I can tell you that I for one would not be offended by your opinions. lol Watching the debate with great interest tonight. It is a very close tight race.

  4. HG, thx for sharing that link. Singer, songwriter Brenda Russell helped write and produce this song. Here’s David In a pic with her: http://www.bmi.com/photos/entry/547537

  5. I read through the last thread, and I find it amazing that everyone wants to dance around and ignore the seasonal pattern of AI fanbases. That’s what I meant when I said it’s the fans’ fault. The AI fans come and go. If you want to take that personally and post 5x under 5 different names, have at it. It’s factual and documented.

    It’s funny to think back…

    …like the day I stumbled across all these cute “paper doll” cartoons and they looked just like the familiar ones I had seen done of David but they weren’t of David — they were of a dude on S8.

    …and like the time that David had to fly cross country when he was touring and recording an album and hand Miley a towel at the TCA awards because the fans had voted themselves as the most fanatic fans.

    I grin just to think of it.

    • I don’t get your point. I do know that AI are just that, fans of AI, not fans of individuel singing artist, they will move on with each season. Yes, there were some AI fans that kept the interest for David going, but they have moved on a LONG time ago… really has nothing to do with his present fanbase, imo. I have moved on and no longer watch AI, but I’m still a big David fan.

      • Yeah, David became well known because of AI. It’s a singing competition. After that he had to work hard to stay in the music industry. It is hard and AI does not guarantee success. Of course, people forget about the contestants once the show is over. David is lucky that he is still remembered more than other contestants IMHO. AI is just a springboard to try to launch a music career which is difficult at best. Also it is okay to enjoy others from the show. We don’t have to just be David fans. That’s the dumb part about AI is that it makes it seem like music is a competition when music is meant to be enjoyed. I like many artists.

  6. but anon were still here ,and he is still revelent to you other wise you wouldn,t be here,,

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