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Are they going to change the color of David’s eyes with each new album? Or maybe it’s just me thinking David has sepia colored eyes! 😆


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  1. Each to his or her own desires but I did appreciate BEGIN and his choices representing his own style of clothing along with his favored music because that us ‘David’. His eyes are beautiful in their natural color but design departments go crazy and I guess they use their own talents and choices that say something? The guy is a natural all the way around.

    If we had a recent picture of David we most likely would see an amazing contrast to the possible new album cover from many months ago. We had a glimpse of him now in the devotional pictures in Chile.

    Yes, I will be pleased only to see him next as the man he has become.


  2. This is a handsome photo but where are his facial moles? I miss them. 🙂

  3. This was a very poorly guarded secret. Ivory is naturally going to be pushing this — instead of BEGIN. — through Christmas. My guess is that the DVD will have the Forevermore, I’ll Never Go and Rainbow videos. Maybe a Bench photoshoot if Bench wants to advertise. On the CD there’ll be a speeded up version of Rainbow. And a higher false version of Tell Me.

    I like the monochrome colors and wonder if the bronze will be metallic. I don’t understand cutting into his forehead.

    I was just kidding about Tell Me.

  4. I would agree that Ivory would push this as opposed to BEGIN as they are a record label with ties to Sony in the Philippines.

  5. David made the videos explaining his production of BEGIN with the thoughts he presented to us. This is the music he wanted to leave foremost as the music similar to what he has moved on to. This is the music he will continue with upon his return, the contemporary music that expresses what he wants to say. Some of his set list from Chile continues with music he enjoys performing.
    Nothing will ever outshine the music David chose for BEGIN until he is home and linvolved with the writers of his new music. Strategy…


  6. I’m just happy that there are still things being released while David is gone to keep his name out there in the Philippines. He has had great opportunities there and he will need money to jump start his career when he returns. I love BEGIN and can tell it is close to David’s heart, but the love songs on Forevernore are beautiful too. Okay, David can sing most anything and I am happy. I’m looking forward to whatever is on this new expanded edition.

  7. Expanded Forevermore? hmmmm, interesting and not surprised. They would be nuts not to use whatever music they have by David which didn’t make the first album, if that is what “expanded” means. But more love songs? OK, so David can sing love songs like he has been in love, lost love, been broken-hearted & found true love again, a hundred times over! And goodness knows he melts hearts with his renditions of the loves songs he sings so chalk one up for the Filippinos…again.

    With that said, I would much prefer his team consider doing the same thing here with an expanded version of BEGIN. Surely there are songs in “The Vault” which can be used?

    Look, I appreciate that he is a Star in Asia. He is played on their radio stations, His fans there support him in whatever he puts out. And yes, it makes it seem as if he is not as supported here in his own country. BUT that is not true. His fans here show up in droves whenever & wherever he appears. It is not the fault of his NA fans that he is not embraced & played on radio stations. It is not the fault of his NA fans that his face doesn’t show up on the covers of magazines or that he is not the subject constantly on celebrity news channels, or that he is not invited to guest on talk shows, or that his name & face is not on a thousand & one products. It is NOT his fans fault. That fault lies with his management & David himself.

    Before I get tomatoes thrown at me, allow me to explain why I feel David thwarted his own career advancement here in the US. The consensus has always been that he refused to bow down to pressures by TPTB to do anything which would go against his principles or make him appear to be someone he is not. We all admire him for not giving in to the pressure & visions of what surely would have brought him fame & fortune. We all feel he was never in it for fame & fortune though so the ends justified the means. Unfortunately, with fame & fortune, used correctly, comes power. Power which allows a truly gifted artist to be able to be their own person. Not every artist who has started out young & who are suoerstars has had to sell their souls. They had open minds & were not afraid to take risks & still keep their self-respect and the respect of others. They had good management who know how to promote them & still help them keep a certain level of privacy in their lives.

    After his mission announcement & the shock set in my mind that the “New David” I saw more than once in his MKOC tour was not a new beginning for a more mature, confident & magnificent David ready to take on the world stage, but instead was taking an extended leave.

    Imagine my surprise when he went to the Philippines to do a soap opera, complete with all the things albeit “make-believe” we would never have thought David would be a part of. Especially not immediately before departing on a Mission for the LDS church! Violence, death, cheating, fighting, arguing, lying, and pretty good acting & singing by David. Then came another pleasant surprise. Endorsing a clothing & grooming products & modeling them! WOW…who was THIS David & what did he do with the David who just announced he was going on a Sacred Mission? But that was not the end of it, next came an album of Love Songs!! This was just tooooo much! Now I’m very confused because these are some of the things he should have done here in the US in the prior three years is what I’m thinking. I chose to believe at the very least he must have been approached to endorse products with his photogenic looks. Was it because he was 21 years old & felt freer as an adult? Or was it financially beneficial as a way to insure his family was taken care of for the two plus years he’s away? Whatever the reason, he came out of his shell to star in a “love-triangle” series and be believable at it when he says he’s never been in a relationship. If he was able to go out of his personal comfort zone, at that particular time with his good reputations still intact & with no loss of respect from his fans ( who sadly, many by that time had already moved on) , why could he not have taken some risks in the previous couple of years when it seemed his career had stalled to jumpstart it?

    David has never been one to act like someone he is not and what he is & who he is, is what endeared him to so many around the world. He has it all, a great voice, very likable by everyone he meets, and great looking. With all that going for him, it seemed he also had an albatross around his neck. Make your own perceptions of what that was.

    It’s great that he is has the star power in Asia he should have had here. No doubt about that, but it doesn’t make me any less thrilled when his US fans say they WANT him to go there instead of staying here when he returns to rebuild his career here. The songs he sang on Forevermore, while lovely are not what he is about. The songs on BEGIN are. And that’s where he should BEGIN when he returns by taking risks like he took in doing a soap opera ( I still laugh & shake my head about that ) right before going on his Sacred Calling. My hope is that he comes home & after he reconnects with his loved ones, he will continue to build on that foundation he started two years ago but still needs so much work. This is where he got his start and where he CAN have a long lasting career.

    jus’ sayin’ way too much I guess. Sometimes i can’t help myself, 😀

    • I agree with you Jus’ sayin’ so no tomatoes here. lol The fault does lie with David himself and his management and not the fans that he did not have the success that I believe he should have here. I agree that David had some kind of an albatross around his neck that held him back. But moving forward I do hope when he returns he as the confidence and the motivation to step out of his comfort zone cause we all know he has the talent. I watched Bruno Mars on SNL last night and thought of David. Bruno was very good as both host and musical guest. David is just as talented as Bruno but he just needs the confidence and I believe the motivation to step out of that comfort zone here in the US.

    • I think as he has matured, seen and done more, his comfort level to stretch himself has grown. I also think he feels the Southeastern Asian market, including the press is less critical and more accepting making it easier to take chances there as opposed to the North American market.

      I also think the deadline of going on his mission, pushed him to take opportunities that were there and not over analyze it- because he wanted to leave work for the fans. So in many ways, it sped up some growth. His concerts were freer-er, he experimented more with his sound for the shows and he seemed more relaxed and confident. When you know you are leaving something for a while you take full opportunity- again IMO the mission decision brought out the best.

      I was happy to hear about how free he felt on stage. I thing being immersed in a Latin culture will actually make him looser. JMO.

    • Jus sayin, this is a great point. I have been very frustrated with the whole “he’s not more popular because he refused to compromise his principals” thing.

      Not long ago, I was reading someone’s opinion that David wasn’t more successful because he wouldn’t date celebrities and talk about crushes and girls like One Direction, Justin Beiber, Grayson Chance, and all the others. But I think they do those things because that’s what most teenage boys like to do anyway. It’s hardly a stretch for them to use it to try to increase their popularity like it would for David. He’s apparently not interested in that, but just getting out there more is different. if he doesn’t like walking the red carpet, even though it helps get him noticed–too bad–it just seems like part of the job, hardly anything to do with principles.

      You’re also probably right about an albatross, but we just don’t know him enough to have a real clue how he really deals with it. Nevertheless, I’d speculate that he has probably been consumed with the mission question, because it’s soooo highly expected for boys in his culture, and once he made the decision and the announcement, he was so much freer to loosen up without worrying about possibly being judged as unworthy.

    • I haven’t read completely through your dissertation because I don’t have time. If your main point is that it’s everyone else’s fault that sales are what they are in the U.S. except the fans’ fault — I just have to laugh. There is a seasonal pattern to AI fanbases. It’s something you can take to the bank 95 percent of the time.

      Also, I disagree with you and others that see NA as a big breakthrough or a big change-up or a big risk or whatever. I’m always shaking my head at that one. The few episodes I watched, David was hardly in them and he seemed to be playing himself.

      I do agree with you, however, that BEGIN. is absolutely stunning. If you expect Kari and Gina to push it any further, you will be banging your head against the brick wall. What they are going to go for is the low hanging fruit — things like cruises and colognes and other cheap ways to make a buck. And the few AI fans in the U.S. that are left will be jumping up and down, happy as clams. It is what it is.

      As for love songs, David sang a bunch of them on his U.S. albums as well.

      • I'm an angry anon too

        Yeah, it’s the fans’ fault. TBH, it’s always the fans’ fault. They should have bought more than 50 CDs each, they should have gifted his albums to all of their friends and families. They should have posted comments in every articles about him, they should have promoted him and his music by giving flyers and informing people about his new music. They should have bought tickets to his different tours and they should have attended more than one show. I absolutely agree that David’s fans should have done more because obviously David and his management team did everything they could have done to expand and diversify his existing fanbase. He was on every TV shows to promote his music, his songs got a lot of radio air play. Only an hermit wouldn’t have known about all his projects (or a Mormon missionary ?). Also, the music industry is doing super great actually, albums are selling by millions in the first month. I’m really angry about David’s fans, they really let him down.

        (My full user name is “I’m an angry anon too and I like to troll, occasionnaly”)

    • Jus’ sayin’~ I do agree with a lot of your post. That was pretty much my thought when he left: “Why didn’t you do all of these things 2-3 years ago, BEFORE fans had already moved on?” But, like you said, none of his decisions have been made by fans. They’ve all been made by D or his team. My question has always been “Were the decisions made intentially, or ignorantly? Did he really know- did his team know- what the repercussions would be by saying no to everything?”

      It is what it is. We didn’t break it, and we can’t fix it. I just hope he finds someone who knows how. 🙂

      • I'm not angry anymore (I finally saw the light)

        Because this thread has become a sort of “honesty” thread, I’ll say that I agree with Jus’ Sayin’ and Raelovingangesl. I’ll just add that IMO, David wanted to leave something for the fans during his absence but I think that money was also what motivated his decisions ( I’m not saying it as a bad thing).

      • I'm not angry anymore (I finally saw the light)

        Great questions, VJ. We’ll probably never know the answers to them (except maybe if David decides to write COS II, and even in that case I’m not sure about what he’ll agree to share lol). But I think that David always wanted to go on a mission and his desire was probably going against the pursuit of a successful career in music. I always thought that something or someone (or both) was holding him back. We’ll see what he’ll do when he’ll come back and resume his career.

      • the truth, all the truth but just for fun

        And to continue in the “honesty” thread thing I think it’s time to reveal all the truth about David’s absence. He’s not in Chile and he didn’t leave for a two years mission. The guy Glady & Co saw at the Mormon concert is an imposter. The truth is that David is now living in the Philippines under the pseudonym Brad Joshley. He’s living la vida loca with Anya and Holly who hasn’t died tragically. He’s still releasing music and working on his new sound far away from all the pressure his bad fans (who let him down !) put on him constantly. I also heard by Idolfan that he doesn’t want to come back to the music scene as a solo artist. He’s gonna form the best duo team ever with his beloved Charice (even if he’s well aware of her incapacity to harmonize !). He’s confident that they’re going to be the new Sonny and Cher. Now I can’t wait for 2014 !

      • Yes, I think it’s pretty obvious that the mission choice was what was holding him back for at least the two years after he made the decision. Maybe to him, whatever career he had during that time was just gravy, and the real career starts when he returns.

  8. Sometimes….I just don’t know what to say. lol.

  9. I sure am glad we’ve found so many ways to keep ourselves amused while David is away. And I was afraid it would be super dull! Nosiree. Hahahaha.

    Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

    P.S. I would just like to quickly mention how AMAZING David’s lips look in that cover pic. Sometimes its not all about the eyes 😉

  10. To me the two best vocalists that ever came out of AI or any other reality show for that matter are Kelly Clarkson and David Archuleta. No one can tell me any different. lol. I did have high expectations and believe there have been so many wasted opportunities for David that had nothing to do with the lack of support by fans. The reason is David is really that good and talented. My expectations are so much lower now but that potential for success for David remains. I guess I remain cautiously hopeful for success David’s career when he returns. lol Yes, It is what it is.

  11. I’m not angry~ Yep, I agree with that. And with Marie. I think it’s very possible (or I’m hoping, anyway) that when D returns, he’ll be ready to get serious & totally focused. If he’s able to combine his stubborn determination & talent with a team that has his back, wow…the places he could go. 🙂

    • The sky is, or could be the limit for David. It is up to him and how determined he is. No doubt if he wants a long lasting career, he will work hard for it because he isn’t afraid of hard work and it will take lots of hard work, focus and some good luck. There are so many singers out there who want more than anything to have the doors open for them that David had but chose not to step through. He won’t have it that easy again. He will have to have the desire & determination to succeed. I’m not talking about being a mega-star anymore although he does have what it takes to get there if all it would take is a great voice, great looks. Besides the desire, he will need an team who will work tirelessly to pair him with the best writers, producers, arrangers, musicians, and above all a first class promotional team who will know how to best promote him. But not in another country. He needs to rebuild his career right here in the US. Granted some of his fans have rose-colored glasses when it comes to David. They believe David can & will make it based on his talent alone but that simply is not realistic. The proof is right there on all the talent shows featuring some really good singers, some who have had some level of success but hit a snag along the way. Most of these singers are not teeny-boppers, they are talented artists who can’t get a break & just need a door opened for them again. David is fortunate to have a head start in that he has met so many people in the music industry who know what he can do vocally, but he will still have to prove himself to those who have the power to reopen the doors he may have previously said no to. And he doesn’t have to sell his soul to do it. I can imagine David becoming a powerdul force in music someday. He can still have his faith. There is no sin in having it all, being devoutly, but privately, religious & being a powerful mogul in any business, The fans who are commited to him, even those who are luke-warm, will be there for him. Those who have moved on will remember why they were fans & will come back on board IF his “comback” is heavily promoted.

      I wish all this for David, BUT I wish for him to accomplish this here in America. Making it in America for a talent like David is the surest way & the key to longevity in music and becoming a household name worldwide. If he does all he can do & it still does not happen for him here, then of course, there is always Asia where many artists go in order to keep making a living in music. I’m a committed life-long fan of David, so as long as he keeps making music, even in Asia, I can live with.

      Note to anon, I never meant NA was a “breakthrough”, but it was a risk-taker because of the nature & subject of soaps. I don’t see how you can voice an opinion about it if you didn’t see but a few episodes. In many scenes, David was definitely NOT playing himself. Also his first album & TOSOD did have love songs but the Forevermore album is entirely love songs but his BEGIN is where his head was even while he was in Manila. Kari said something about David thinking about songs & the album title while he was still in Manila.

      I do think his Manila adventures & almost everything he agreed to do there was for the fans especially the album Forevermore. IMO, though I think money was the motivating factor to insure his family would be taken care of while he’s gone. Whatever he was paid, & there was much speculation about how much, he was well worth it too because he worked, it seemed, non-stop while he was there. How else could he be sure to have the funds needed to keep Kari & others on his team on his payroll. Any monies earned from music released while on his mission I suspect is not nearly enough to keep up with all the responsibilities on his shoulders. This, as I said is just my own personal opinion.

      Most of what we all write about is speculation. Not I & no other fan really knows anything for sure. I do know one thing for sure and that is if David were to start communicating with us periodically himself in his own words, not through his OS or Kari, that alone would be a great way to keep those who are on the bubble as fans & possibly bring back those who moved on thinking why stay if he’s no longer here? He can be here with just a few lines FROM HIM a couple of times each month. Again, IMO.

      • I think all the activity in the Philippines was for the fans, for the money, and to keep his name out there in order to help his future career and to minimize ill-will towards a church that would take him away for two years.

  12. If there was ever a conflict between David’s fans disappointed that he would leave his career, and Mormons disappointed he wouldn’t go on a mission, of course Mormons would win out for him. But I think by keeping things quiet about his activities in Chile, he’s keeping both his non-Mormon fans and music biz people from judging too much. He’s kind of constructing a firewall so that his future career can be secular and he won’t be as likely to be that goody, goody Mormon singer. JMO.

  13. I don’t quite understand why some people seem a little angry at David for not doing things like NA or the Bench endorsement a few years ago. I’m pretty sure the reason is simple: he wasn’t offered anything like that. I doubt that he was merely refusing to do a myriad of things just because he wasn’t comfortable with them. Remember a little Guitar Hero commercial he had to wear “white shorts” in? Sure, there were probably a couple of deals here and there that David felt he couldn’t bring himself to do, but I bet that the offers weren’t exactly piling in, either.

    This reminds me of several years ago when a lot of American Donny Osmond fans were ticked that he was doing so much in the UK and essentially ignoring his US fans. He flat out told them that there were no opportunities in the US and he had to spend so much time in the UK, because that’s where the offers were. This eventually changed for him. I’m quite certain that had there been more bookings on the table here for David, things would be different. Although the reasons for the lack of industry interest in David here, well, are another story…

    • Utahmon, interesting that you would use Donnie as a comparison to the possible scenarios David was dealing with. And you may be right. That’s where the comparison ends. Times are different. The music scene is different. And Donnie didn’t go on a mission. If he had, he may have had to work twice as hard as he did to finally get some recognition here in America which David will have to do. Donnie at David’s age couldn’t begin to compare in talent.

      BTW, during the MKOC tour David was being pursued by major players in the industry. Too bad he had a different path in mind already. If he is happy, then I’m happy for him. My concern is for his future because I feel as a fan, I have much invested in him.

      Have a great day.

  14. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle from lack of opportunities, unwillingness to compromise personal values, and David not being comfortable enough before to step out of his own way for the sake of art. For prior years he used to say he hated the sound of his voice and thought he had “weird looks”. Go figure. I like VJ’s line up above – “It is what it is. We didn’t break, we can’t fix it. I just hope he finds someone who does.”

  15. I agree joymus that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. One thing that I have always sensed in Donnie Osmond is a drive and ambition to succeed in the music industry. He also has so much self confidence as a performer and is so outgoing but perhaps that comes from years of experience. Donnie did not go on a mission and leave his career for 2 years. I do wonder why David was not offered some opportunities that he should have been. I just always use the show Glee as an example as David did state that he wanted to be on that show. I read that this years AI runner up Jessica Sanchez will be on Glee this year. It is “who you know not what you know” in any job ( I know it is where I work) and David did not have the right “connections” in the industry. To me that will always be a big part of his problem if David continues not to have that despite his huge talent.

  16. One of the very last videos David made before departing was the one where he said that what he had just previously done was ‘fun’ but the songs on BEGIN would show us what type of music he will be singing in the next stage of his career. My memory might fail me on other things but not this. That album is to stay as the last set in the minds of more than just his fans, but carry over into the people of the music industry. He wanted his true self to be the lasting impression because it takes more than money to carry on with a career. We have known for years that David wants his songs to be from his own heart and we see the songs he chose and the messages they give.


  17. In hockey, Wayne Gretzky once said, “you are only as good as your last goal”, well this is not hockey, but I get the meaning. As chosen by David, it was “Be Still My Soul”….so thank you David, what a great last goal. He really loves that song!


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