David Sings While on Mission: What’s the Problem?

I would like to thank those fans who thought to share their experiences of seeing David doing a mini concert while on his mission in Chile.

They provided great descriptions, and their experiences fired away our imaginations. So much so that, when polled, we all got excited with the image of David dancing salsa! 😛

So, what’s the problem here?

Shouldn’t we be glad that, seven months into this mission thing, David still has fans searching for and craving for the latest information?

And who gives a good flying you-know-what about the “Archu Police”?

It’s a free country, this is the free Interwebs, and they can’t round us up into the Gestapo for wanting to chat and share info. on David singing Eye of the Tiger or doing the salsa!

I get a huge chuckle that those anal-retentive types keep trying all the same! 😉

Anyway, I’m sure David and his team keep it all in stride, and are probably relieved to know that there is still a fanbase committed to his career when he returns.

And make no mistake about it, peeps. David WILL return to music. He said he would in his last vlog, his team keeps his twitter going and his official website updated, and every now and then, we get some new stuff to keep the embers burning.

Those are not the actions of someone who is undecided about his music career. Trust the Archulator, I keep telling y’all!

If David wants a music career, he’ll have one  – just like if he wants to do a mission for his church, he will (and he is).

David may be cryptic about certain parts of his life, but he’s never been clearer about the things he pursues.  Music is the business for him, and I look forward to what he’s got in store two years from now.


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  1. I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures and reading all the information we have gotten so far about David’s mission. I don’t see any harm in it and in and don’t understand the BIG DEAL with some people, it’s not like we are messing up his mission!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, HG. David will be coming back to music, and there is no harm in us hearing about his public performances in Chile or viewing a few mission pictures. Many ODD fans were relieved to know he had such a fun time singing and looked heathy and happy.

  3. Nice post,hg. I do think that David and his team should try to be aware of and encourage or even support any existing David fan sites that stay open and provide information on David in his absence. Even if they might not agree with all comments and opinions. lol Not all of David’s fans are on twitter or even face book. I am really out of it as I don’t have either twitter or hate to admit it face book. lol. It is great that Kari communicates with fans on twitter but all folks don’t have it and won’t get it. I just never visit David’s OS that much.

  4. I’ve lost interest, but I like this blog. Hope he will release new music in 2014.

    • You didn’t just lose interest this year, hasn’t it been a long time in the making? Glad you want to stick around for Soul David all the same. 🙂

      I realize the blog community keeps me around too, but David still pulls at my heartstrings, which is why I’m still here.

  5. I agree totally! Well said!

  6. This I will tell you from me…

    David has here and on FOD. SnowAngelz and The Voice, as well as other sites still open, the Best Fans In the World…and solid reasons why I easily say that.

    Sure we could scream and take after him in the airports, at the concerts and anywhere he is sited, but that only does so much particularly at this time.

    Some of these sites work daily non stop to search, research, compose and go betond the normal to support David’s music both when he is at home and far away. The support shown by admins and fans on these sites is amazing. You all exceed my expectations.

    If ever there is a bridge over troubled waters it is these fans in North America who support each other during his times of absence (called droughts), to hearing adversities along the way and the list grows even longer. Yes we are not dancing the Salsa in the aisles, but we shook the rafters with Zero Gravity and will again.

    We have been called fans too quiet, fans who do not appreciate him enough, fans who are not as much fun as others, but rarely do you even recognize the negative comnents mainly because they are without reason.

    In this group of fans from here to Canada and all around the US, I have read and watched so many of you with your artistic talents write glowing reports about David, submit art work and wonderful, artistic videos that could be right out there with the other professional artists.

    You, all of you, have made it possible for David to leave, to have his privacy as needed, to use your imaginations and deepest thoughts to continue being here and keeping the doors open.

    I am certain he knows who all of you are as I do and many people we call lurkers from everywhere come to the sites for the news. You are accomplished people including writers, artists, editors, patrons of the arts and most not in your teens!! The night that Djafan put the candle in the window on The Voice, I knew that we were going to be continuing even though sometimes we get frustrated.

    Maybe we don’t give David the millions yet, but he is not asking for that from us. What a great group of dedicated people you are who have offered your talents to David.

    Well that’s it!


    • SB, Very nicely stated.

    • SB, thanks for your lovely write up of David’s talented fans. Part of the reason that I became an ODD fan of David is his great fansites with admins that work tirelessly bringing us interesting posts.

  7. HG
    I don’t comment here often, but wanted to say that I LOVE what you wrote here. And this, “I get a huge chuckle that those anal-retentive types keep trying all the same! ”

    Yes, those types will always be around but I usually don’t let their opinions bother me. LOL They just make me scratch my head.

    SB That was absolutely beautiful!

  8. Thanks HG for another great post and for the picture both that expressive face and those expressive hands.

  9. should say that captures both!

  10. Expanded edition of Forevermore to be released soon!!!

    So when I said yesterday that there were probably a few little things still to be released? lol yeah.

  11. Hi HG,

    I don’t comment much on any fansite lately, but just wanted to say I agree! Love hearing about David and seeing a pic every now and then. No harm done. People make a bigger deal out of things than need to be. Take care! Thanks for the nice post and great pic 🙂

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