Daily Archives: October 19, 2012

David Sings While on Mission: What’s the Problem?

I would like to thank those fans who thought to share their experiences of seeing David doing a mini concert while on his mission in Chile.

They provided great descriptions, and their experiences fired away our imaginations. So much so that, when polled, we all got excited with the image of David dancing salsa! 😛

So, what’s the problem here?

Shouldn’t we be glad that, seven months into this mission thing, David still has fans searching for and craving for the latest information?

And who gives a good flying you-know-what about the “Archu Police”?

It’s a free country, this is the free Interwebs, and they can’t round us up into the Gestapo for wanting to chat and share info. on David singing Eye of the Tiger or doing the salsa!

I get a huge chuckle that those anal-retentive types keep trying all the same! 😉

Anyway, I’m sure David and his team keep it all in stride, and are probably relieved to know that there is still a fanbase committed to his career when he returns.

And make no mistake about it, peeps. David WILL return to music. He said he would in his last vlog, his team keeps his twitter going and his official website updated, and every now and then, we get some new stuff to keep the embers burning.

Those are not the actions of someone who is undecided about his music career. Trust the Archulator, I keep telling y’all!

If David wants a music career, he’ll have one  – just like if he wants to do a mission for his church, he will (and he is).

David may be cryptic about certain parts of his life, but he’s never been clearer about the things he pursues.  Music is the business for him, and I look forward to what he’s got in store two years from now.