David’s Dancing Feet

So, according to my latest poll, nearly 50% of you were most eager to see David dance salsa in Chile! 😛

Not surprising, I guess. I know I’ve been eager to see David show off his dance moves ever since his cousin Vanessa once revealed in a chat that David was soooooooo holding back when he was on Idol and that, when left to his own devices, could really cut up the dance floor. She even said he could do a mean “Harlem Shake.

‘Member that conversation? 🙂

Anyway, we’ve seen such glimpses, like when he offered a little dance at the Hard Rock Cafe:

and I saw some salsa moves when he did the “Fa la la la” song during the MKOC tour:

So yeah, I want to see my full on David does the salsa! 😛


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  1. Thank you Hg for the fun post. Yeah, you better believe it, he better show us those dance moves when he returns to the stage.

  2. From Kari on twitter:

    “Of course no one wants you to forget about him. We have to many things planned for the future.”

    I wonder if she means post-mission or during the mission?

    So far during the mission:
    – BEGIN
    – EH
    – I don’t know what else probably because it hasn’t interested me.

    – cruise?
    – acting stuff in the Philippines?
    – Spanish album?
    – Return to MoTab?

    I’d find it very interesting if David has already committed to stuff post-mission. He’s always said he can’t make up his mind. I wonder if there’s leeway for growth and new inspirations.

  3. I would think that the future would mean post-mission but who knows.

  4. Remember all those meetings in Nashville? I think that was David laying the foundation. He talked about getting to know writers before working with them. He was, in essence, interviewing people. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did hit the ground running when he returns. Maybe his team will start to make calls a couple of months before he comes back. Color me an eternal optimist. lol

  5. Really liked your favorite debate quotes in the previous post.

    Anon… Who was Kari answering on twitter?

    If there are any plans at all while he is away, why would there not be at least a statement that there are a few plans for the near future??? Would that not be beneficial?


    • I’m pretty positive Kari was referring to post-mission plans although I’m sure there are little things here and there that will be released in the next year and half.

      Kari was answering a fan who was wondering if we’re ~allowed to talk about what David does on his mission. Don’t get me started. I already spoke my peace on that elsewhere so I’ll not drag it over here too lol. I’ll just post the full exchange:

      @Rosaliah2 said: @kariontour Hi Kari can you answer a question many of us have? Does David still want us to respect his time on his mission and keep his day to day activities and pictures private? We take our cue from you and you have not posted or announced stuff like his concert last night yet everyone is talking and tweeting about it like it’s OK. It seems like the mission also tried to keep it private with tickets and making sure no photos were taken and David didn’t even greet people, so we wonder. Can you please tell David there are really a lot of fans who are trying to respect his wishes? But we’d really like to know. Thanks!

      @kariontour said: @Rosaliah2 WOW! This is hard to answer and you’re not the first to ask and might be the reason it took me awhile to get back to you. Things have not changed in what he requested in his “Its Not Goodbye” vlog but some choose to interpret it in different ways! Like he asked me to do I will keep you all posted like I have on his well being and on anything he may ask me to update you on or might be thinking about. Any additional David Archuleta news, Team Archuleta and I will be sure to post. A lot have asked why does he not blog like other missionaries do of their day-to-day activities.
      Right now this is something he feels is not right for him to do. If he ever changes his mind and wants to blog and tell you more I will be there to do that for him, but right now this is still “his time” that he needs and which he requested.The event this past Saturday was a youth activity event for the church and featured missionaries, one of which was Elder Archuleta. This time away remains his, the missionaries, and the people they are reaching out to in that area.
      I know for some it’s hard not getting his frequent updates like you were all used to receiving in the past, and this might bring some to “search” for things. If you feel this is the right thing for you to do, then do it. If not, don’t! Everyone ultimately has to decide that for themselves. I don’t think anyone said not to talk about him while he is on this “adventure” as he calls it. If a member of the church or someone happens to be there from the area and is at an activity that the church is putting on or saw him somewhere I think it is great they might tweet about it!
      That is what is great about social media these days. I will be the first to tweet if I saw for example, Anderson Cooper across the street while having some PinkBerry…wait I did that! It’s just how far you might take it from there that might make a difference. Of course no one wants you to forget about him. We have too many things planned for the future. This is why he worked so hard, even before he made his announcement, to leave things for you to celebrate and discuss while he is away. I do not know what other artist would do that in a “hiatus”. I really hope that all made sense.

      (I pasted those together into one thing but they were sent out as 4 twitlongers, just fyi.)

  6. Yes thanks for posting this. I actually think Kari is in somewhat of a difficult position. She knows how quickly fans move on to other artists if their not encouraged to stay interested as she is a professional in the business but yet she has to obviously do what she is told by David and his team members. I would assume that #mic and his family and maybe his church (?) have input about the communication and what is appropriate while David is away on his mission. Hard to believe that is Kari’s decision at all. I think David is very wrong not to stay in some direct communication with his fans at all. It is very true that other artists/ celebrities take a break/hiatus from their career but I don’t think they cut themselves off from their fans with no direct communication for 2 years. In some exceptional cases the artists have already reached a very high level of success in the music business that David has not and they can afford to take a break. It just seems very extreme and rigid to me and always has. Kari is in a tough spot. I wish him well with his post mission plans but David is starting from scratch when he returns. If he wants a career he is going to have to have a well connected professional team behind him to help him. That would not include #mic and Sunny. lol

    • Very well put Marie. Imo and omo, I think that the church has been holding David back and if the church is involved in his career (telling Kari what she can and cannot do, is just wrong. Right now the church has David 24/7, they should not have any say in his muisic career.

      • Just jumping out of lurkdom for a sec to add a thought. Being a member of David’s faith, and having 2 children who served missions, I am sure the church is not telling Kari what she can and cannot do…I am sure it is entirely David. My 2 children handled communication with friends and family very differently while on their missions. My daughter sent letters every week to be posted to all her friends and family, with pictures on a site that is open to all. My son, on the other hand, only corresponded with immediate family, keeping his thoughts and experiences more private. They both had wonderful experiences, but handled it differently.

      • Thank you Journey for your thoughts, so happy that your children had such great experience, but I was not refering to David’s mission as the church being involved with communication, I was only saying about involvement in his music career. I do totally seperate what he is doing now from his music career.

  7. Thank you to everyone who has contributed Kari’s tweets etc. Sure we can follow her but more professionally, it is good to read what she has to say on a site. Without this, there is little communication with her about him unless searching goes on and on and I would personally not be chasing after information that might or might not be posted on twitter.

    What is Kari’s professional title in regards to David? I only knew of a title such as tour director. Who is she affiliated with?

    If there are some future plans, would it not be of advantage to everyine involved to mention them perhaps without all the specifics at this time? But I suppose that would appear like his career is still in motion. It is a unique situation.


  8. SB – don’t you think that Kari is an Independent Contractor? I think she is still hired by people to do certain jobs/contracts and is on retainer to David in a sort of manager/personal asst./everything position. She seems to have a lot of very strong connections within the industry probably as a direct result of being very capable, hard-working and trustworthy. I was very impressed with how much the very top people in the Phillipines respected her after they worked with her and David for awhile and I really respect the fact that she is so professional and has not been pulled into the gossipy mode of a certain un-named prior manager who I would hope would have been called out by her bosses for discussing a client on twitter. (oops – thought I was over that). Anyway, David is lucky to have found Kari.

    • Lol, ive decided I’m not going to get over what Melweg did. I swear I’ll confront her about it if we ever cross paths.

  9. desertrat, you pulled me out of lurk mode with that statement. I’d love to be present for that lol

  10. From following David’s career his management has to be really careful before telling the fan base what David has in the works because things fall through. I would guess that he has some more things that will be released before he returns. At least I hope so! He also probably has some things in the works for when he returns but since that is not for 1 1/2 years there is most likely not a signed contract yet.

  11. So if I’m understanding Kari’s answer to questions about David’s concert Saturday night. he would have preferred it would have been kept “private”? Does this mean any events in which he performs while on his mission is “out of bounds”, so to speak, and should not be discussed freely on his fansites? This is basically what Kari is saying here:

    “but right now this is still “his time” that he needs and which he requested.The event this past Saturday was a youth activity event for the church and featured missionaries, one of which was Elder Archuleta. This time away remains his, the missionaries, and the people they are reaching out to in that area.”

    If this is so, then these concerts should NOT be publicized & open to the public at all. I know David wants to be considered as just another missionary but the fact is that he IS NOT. So I don’t understand why he is compared to other missionaries who don’t have as much to lose if they chose to be incommunicado. Out of sight for too long….out of mind. As Marie wrote above, he has not yet reached the level of success as some others who have taken lengthy times away from their careers. If I were not so totally enamoured by his splendid vocal ability, I would have already moved on but he makes it very hard to keep hanging on. *sigh*.

    • Exactly, Jus’sayin’. I agree.

    • What Kari said can be interpreted in different ways IMHO, however we don’t need her permission to view David mentions on public blogs and the mission website and Facebook. I too can’t seem to move on.

      • i agree. i like kari but i’m not waiting to hear from her to determine how to behave as a fan. and i also can’t seem to move on, lol.

  12. Kari also said that people need to make their own decisions about things “I know for some it’s hard not getting his frequent updates like you were all used to receiving in the past, and this might bring some to “search” for things. If you feel this is the right thing for you to do, then do it. If not don’t”. I wish people would just read what they want or not – there is no one answer. David has always been very gracious with fans and I wish the pot didn’t have to get stirred everytime (and I don’t mean here – just in general.) The same conversation is on rewind everytime anything hits the interned and it is not going to stop hitting the internet until he comes home. It is just not possible.

    • Kari did say that. But what else can she say? She is supposed to keep the “home-fires” burning while he is gone so that he has a career to come home to, if that’s what he wants. After reading all the excitement about Saturday’s concert and how happy he was on stage which we know now was for a select few, missionaries & the people they are “reaching out to” as possible converts, perhaps?, I feel sure that IS what he wants. I felt he was missing the stage & performing for an appreciative audience as much as we are missing him. I even “gulp” thought for just a second that the planned Christmas event would be videotaped for his fans worldwide, but now I see that was silly of me. Since Kari has reminded us that this is HIS time as Elder Archuleta. I DO get that he is on a mission & it is supposed to be a “Sacred Calling” for a missionary, but excuse me if I’m wrong because from the “recaps”, his performance with the exception of the hymns he sang, was anything but “sacred”.

      These “recaps” by those who attended his mission endorsed concerts will do nothing BUT help him & keep him relevant by reminding those of us who are still here that he has not lost his star power . WE need that assurance & by the same token, maybe he won’t have a high mountain to climb to get back to where he was at the peak of his popularity or heaven forbid, be one of those singers on The Voice trying for a “come-back”.

      • Not trying to make waves, jus’ sayin’ & voicing my thoughts about what Kari said.

        Also I have to say it was brilliant of the Chilean Mission President for getting what must have been very special permission to put on mission endorsed secular music concerts with Elder Archuleta aka David Archuleta as he is more widely known, to generate interest in the LDS church by the young people of Chile. Brilliant.

        Good night all!

      • I don’t usually get into these conversations but I believe Kari is saying to do what you feel comfortable doing. I’m fine with that because that’s what I’ve been doing and will continue to do. There is only one thing I disagreed with in her comment, maybe she was didn’t have the correct information or it was her understanding, I don’t know but I believe it’s very clear that this was not a private event. You may have heard of Gladys 🙂

        “The event this past Saturday was a youth activity event for the church and featured missionaries, one of which was Elder Archuleta.”

        The invitation was for singles between the ages of 18 and 30, not LDS singles, any single adult. All you needed to do was fill out the form to reserve a seat and it was free if you fit the bill. Not private event but a very public event. I’m ok that there wasn’t pictures or videos, that’s not new, it’s happened on other non religious events. I didn’t read anywhere that a gag order was given to those in attendance. These are facts. Below are links to the announcement of the event that is there for anyone to see and they’re getting ready for Halloween, love that 🙂

        The pages are google translated.



  13. Reading between some of the lines, there is a lot of frustration and for obvious and shared reasons. So many rules to live by. Thank heavens every part of our lives is not governed by rules and restrictions.

    Hope the more simple days of being a fan return as soon as possible. Can we do this or that, say this or that? Ah, all in due time!!

    Great debate on Tuesday!!!


  14. Chris Mann’s first single:

  15. djafan, yes I know of Gladys having read her comments/recap about the event.

    The fact that this event was publicized & open to the public was the point I was making above about what Kari said. She can’t say it’s ok or no it’s not ok to know what David is doing in Chile. David has obviously NOT changed his mind about wanting to have his mission experience a private matter or at least he has not told Kari anything different. She is saying, in a very tactful way what she is being paid to say as David’s rep. She is doing the best she can under difficult circumstances. She may in fact think it’s great PR for David to have his fans discussing his performances in Chile, but she works for David & so needs to uphold his wishes & not come right out and say it’s great. Also, if she is doing her job, she would have known about this event even before it was publicized & may be privy to any & all other events planned for David in the next 18 months while in Chile.

    I still feel if he really wants his fans to allow him privacy while on his mission, which is what Kari responded in so many words, why in the world would he agree to perform secular music on stage for an event open to the public? He MUST know this type of event would not, could not stay private, No Way! And so would the LDS officials in Chile know which IMO are counting on it if it brings the young chileans in. He’s doing his job as a missionary, albeit in an unorthodox way, but whatever works!

    Jus’ sayin’

    • I agree with you, Jus Sayin. This whole discussion comes up every time he has a concert in Chile by a few Archie police. I wish they would just let it go. Anyway most that read on this site are ok with reading the blogs and viewing the very few pictures from Chile. I continue to be surprised by the excessive rules the Mormon missionaries live by. I’m glad that they are allowing David to sing some secular music and using his talents, but they would be crazy not to use his music to bring people in. They should do even more. Why not have monthly concerts since he is singing for free.

  16. I agree grammyj that reading blogs and pics from Chile is OK with most on this site. As it should be as there is nothing wrong with it IMO.

  17. Great points – Jus Sayin, GrammyJ and Marie! Not valuing his privacy would be going to Chile and stalking his every move on his mission rounds. I see nothing wrong with looking on an occasional elder blog mention or picture. We can do nothing more in this part of the world as we wait for David, than supporting him in spirit or with our dollars if he releases new music.

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