Daily Archives: October 17, 2012

David’s Dancing Feet

So, according to my latest poll, nearly 50% of you were most eager to see David dance salsa in Chile! 😛

Not surprising, I guess. I know I’ve been eager to see David show off his dance moves ever since his cousin Vanessa once revealed in a chat that David was soooooooo holding back when he was on Idol and that, when left to his own devices, could really cut up the dance floor. She even said he could do a mean “Harlem Shake.

‘Member that conversation? 🙂

Anyway, we’ve seen such glimpses, like when he offered a little dance at the Hard Rock Cafe:

and I saw some salsa moves when he did the “Fa la la la” song during the MKOC tour:

So yeah, I want to see my full on David does the salsa! 😛