While I Was Away…

I was out of town and preoccupied with a workshop over the weekend, so I come back to Soul David to find there was a chat and a whole conversation about David in Chile?!

What did I miss, guys? Any links, vids, pics, etc. would be very much appreciated. You know I can’t be out of the loop! 😛

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  1. david always leaves me speechless, but on Saturday night, David took my breath away. He danced salsa, he wore a white hat and singing a very old song Jonshon When he sang the song from the movie Rocky, boxing with someone imaginary and kicked like a kidboxer. He made me the best gift of all, David sang a song Argentina, in Spanish, “Gracias a la vida”.
    What else I can I ask?

  2. Any videos or links to share? What a fabulous experience! 🙂

  3. Another account for anyone who wants to read it (posted by Janel at FOD) http://onegoldeneagle.blogspot.com/2012/10/little-birdie-in-chile.html

  4. Really nice write up. Nice to read that David seems to be so happy.

    • Yes, Marie, it is nice to read he is happy and also so nice to read that he was so HAPPY performing and was able to really let loose. I was so happy to get a recap from Gladys on the Voice. It seems like he is growing in maturity by leaps and bounds.

  5. i’m convinced that fate brought david to chile so that gladys could see him. 😀 i wonder if valbraz is still around. perhaps she could catch david’s upcoming Christmas concert in chile.

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