What New “Releases” I’d Really Like to Have

I think it’s great that David’s “team” is going through the vault to find some as yet-to-be-released music for us while David’s away.  But while I like “Don’t Run Away,” I wasn’t all that impressed with some other songs.

If they really want to peak our interest in David’s absence, how about a David in Concert DVD or live music CD? What I would give to have his “My Kind of Christmas” tour wrapped up in a nice Christmas bow! 🙂

Anyone think we’ll ever get that kind of “surprise”? 😛


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  1. A MKOC tour DVD/CD would be perfect. A fan tweeted during the tour that Jeff said (while in Phoenix) that a live DVD was coming “soon”. Weren’t they filming in Verona? Hmmm… I hope it’s true, but Jeff has been known to say many things. lol

  2. Interesting! We will have to see what comes to pass. I am guessing that Jeff was not officially his manager by the time the Christmas tour came around? I forgot the timeline when Kari came on board as his road manager and if Gina Orr was officially his manager at that time.

  3. Uhhh I’d like to see them release those pictures Matt Clayton took in March. Interest peaked! 😉

    (I totally would have said the live DVD but you guys have that covered already lol)

  4. Totally unrelated to the current topic but I just read that Blake Shelton’s new Christmas album sold 9K in its opening week. I know we’ve had kind of an ongoing convo on the state of current album sales so if that number doesn’t say something, then nothing else will.

    Of course, Christmas albums generally are not expected to open with large numbers in October but I would have thought Blake would see more than that given his exposure on The Voice right now. I definitely think he’ll move a respectable number of albums the closer we get to Christmas but that whole idea of the “devoted fanbase” that these well-known successful artists have who will buy anything as soon as an artist puts it out…yeah, that idea may need some adjustment.

  5. Totally would love anything that the Archuleta team can come up with to keep interest in David alive.
    DVD, new songs, old songs, songs from the vault…..I’ll take it all thank you!!

  6. Just for fun and totally off topic but since someone at FOD was saying pick 5 songs that are favorites (trying to add up to 200 songs for his 200 days away) it FORCED ME to watch a few of my giant list of favorites and so for fun, I post them here so you can watch too (or ignore if you an):

    Here are 5 songs that I watch on youtube often so they by default are part of my favorite David performances:
    “I’ll Be” (8th grade talent show) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdjGDb1aWXY
    “Your All I Need” (finals Star Search) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6InpRCfkwyM (the combination of his archu-growl and the purity of his voice is a great combination!)
    “Crazy Kuala Lumpur” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZCpmvMHa_g – This song demonstrates so many things to the uninitiated – David’s control of the audience and their love for him, his unique ability to make a song different and so, so appealing, and the need to always listen to the end of his songs – he blows us away every time and this has a great ending.
    “Angels – Tulsa” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rir8vWoUvWg (his most powerful and fully-engaged -voice-body-piano working as one)
    “Zero Gravity-Columbus, Ohio” (One of the early performances where he starts taking this song up to the next level and his showanship & fun grows with it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ila-GjzyXbo
    These are important songs of his to me but random from my long list of favorites.

  7. Wonder if David will be doing the pop song part of the concert tomorrow all in Spanish? Would love for someone, that will be at the concert, record him singing Crush or any other of his songs in Spanish and put on Youtube. I know that won’t happen, but at least we might get the scoop from Gladys.

    • Yes, I am glad that Gladsys will be there as she will give us a full report of the concert. I am pretty sure that we won’t get a video of his performance. It seems to be a rule not to video tape. David has done really well at keeping most of his mission private. I think that is because he wants to have a mainstream career when he returns. If he just wanted a career within the Mormon community he would make his missionary blogs public IMHO.

  8. ‘Yes’ to your question. There will be something.


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