What’s the Verdict on “Don’t Run Away”?

What say you, Soul Daviders? 🙂 Is “Don’t Run Away” hot or not?

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  1. INTERMISSION — an album of non-message songs rejected by David / songs rejected by MIC/Jive/WEG for other reasons

  2. hahaha! Touche, Peter.

  3. Love the lyrics… goes right along with Somebody Out There… Think the chorus is a little over produced but its a great song! Wonder how many other gems are locked up in the vault! Hope the best are released someday!

  4. Love the song. . I just hope that we get a lot more leaks coming our way to keep his name out there for non ODD fans stay interested.

  5. Clips of “The Best I Can” (sounds good), “You Alone” and “Power in Purity”:


    • Would love to hear the whole song of The Best I Can! Loved the snippet.

      • I hope “they” will make “The Best I Can” available on iTunes someday. Sounds really good. Why are many of these songs much better than the ones “they” have released? IMO, of course.

      • I’m with you, peter…his whole career…sometimes I just go….HMMMM!! I just feel that David should be in a much better place with his career…talent, charm and when he’s on stage…charisma up the yazo. That little snippit of The Best I Can is just so good. I think this whole mission thing kept him from giving his all….maybe after he returns he will be ready…foundation done…ready to really build the career that is should have, imo of course.

      • kinda reminds me of Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. Love to hear the rest too (The Best I Can).

        Doesn’t someone in the Archuniverse have access to see who registered these songs (ASCAP?). Wonder if the songwriter(s) want to test the waters (see if there is interest), try to gain new fans, or something like that.

  6. I agree with you cq. I hope that when David does return to his career he is able to focus on having success in the music industry. Not an easy task.

  7. Marie…. I agree with your comment, ” I hope that when David does return to his career he is able to focus on having success in the music industry.” The word focus really stood out to me. David has stated on numerous occasions that he never expected his success on American Idol and all that followed from it. I think he was “thrown into the thick of things” and veered off the course that he thought his life would take. Because of this, I think that he has felt conflicted these past four years and therefore….unfocused. Part of him was enjoying his immersion into music, but the other side was feeling uneasy that he wasn’t following the path he had thought he would take. That path included his education, maturing in his musical talents, and serving a mission for his church. So…I think when he returns, he will be ready to focus without all the distractions that were pulling him in oher directions.

    • We all know that David works very hard. Look at all he did in the last couple months before he left on his mission. I believe he will do the same when he returns. I know he loves music and wants it to be his career. We will just have to see if he is able to make enough money to make it his career. It is getting harder to have a career in music IMHO. I know he will always sing but I hope it can be his main career instead of a side-job or as a hobby.

    • Spirit- ITA that he wasn’t totally focused. I’ve said a few times that it felt like he had one foot in, the other foot out. Now I know why. I really, really, really hope he’s ready to focus when he comes back. The part I don’t like, though, is that even if he does come back ready to go….I don’t think the fanbase is big enough for him to make a living. It’s like he’ll have to work twice as hard as before, just to start over. Grrr. I have to make myself stop worrying about that, though.

    • I would think that it would make some sense that David could have been conflicted, Spirit. Well stated.

    • I don’t know what you mean. AI and Jive had David running around 24/7 and tap dancing like a monkey. If you look at the # of his performances, appearances and shows and the amount of music he released, your argument carries no water whatsoever.

      What happened is….David was on a TV show wherein the show’s fanatics attach themselves to a fine looking dude for a season and then move on. TPTB promote the “cute guys of the season” and then drop them and move on to the “new cute guys of the season.” The show keeps generating ad revenue, TPTB collect their paychecks, and the female audience gets their seasonal thrill. This is a pattern known to all except, apparently, the ppl who post on David’s fan sites.

      It’s funny to me that every time a song is leaked the meme is “this would have been the biggest hit ever.” OR “David held himself back.”

      If the song is so great, why hasn’t another artist snapped it up and released it? Isn’t everybody looking for a hit song? There one is! Right on HG’s blog.

      • Anon …. Do you get a thrill out of raining one someone’s parade? Does it bring you joy? Or can you just not help yourself?

  8. Great Comment Spirit! I always felt that way but you totally made it come all together. I am not so sure my feelings will go away completely upon his return, as he may want to pursue even more personal goals as well.

  9. What I don’t get is why Miss Debbie Downer, aka ANON, is always coming around here to tell us to “move on” in so many different ways.

    Why don’t you take your own advice, Miss Thang, and keep it moving?

    Really, why do you still come around here? Go troll somewhere else. Sheesh!

    • I don’t recall telling anyone to “move on.” I want David to keep writing and recording new music, and I want it to sell like hotcakes.

      I come around here — sparingly — looking for news. Instead, what I often find, is people blaming David because the AI fans have moved on from one season to another or blaming him for loving his family or blaming him because of the music industry or blaming him because he is blessed with faith. To me that’s the ultimate Debbie Downer stuff. I’m sorry I don’t parrot or join in the group think.

      • PS: Elevating a leaked song over all of his albums and opining that he would be a huge star if he would just get out of the way was a little too outrageous for me and a little too easy to punt away.

      • I don’t know that we have group think here. I do not blame David for not having more hits. He did work his tail off and it takes more than a good song to get a hit. For some reason after “Crush” radio was not going to play David’s songs and it didn’t matter what he would sing. None of the leaked songs would have been hits IMHO. When he comes back pop radio probably will not play his songs either so David will have to try something else. I’m actually very glad that he recorded CFTH because I believe he can make a living doing Christmas albums and concerts. Part of what keeps me an ODD fan of David is that he is true to what he believes and loves his family.

  10. I am watching the VP debate tonight. Don’t care if this is off topic or too political. lol. It is what I am doing tonight.

    • Let me make it David related, lol. Wonder if missionaries(David), the ones that are of age to vote, can watch the political debates from a computer? Are they aloud to vote?

    • I’m watching the debate too while simultaneously reading twitter trends. I was wondering why Eddie Munster was trending to find that it’s in reference to Ryan’s looks. Crazy, lol…..

  11. Forecast: Occasional showers of shame.

  12. Anon, you TROLL, you are full of #marlarkey (now a favorite word)! Sure you ain’t Paul Ryan in disguise? 😉

  13. #TeamBiden for the win! 🙂

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