New Music? Where Did This Come from?

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  1. As I said in the previous thread, I hope “they” will make this available on iTunes. One of his best, IMO.

  2. Great song. Where did it come from? I agree. lol.

  3. This song reminds me why I hope David continues to do some pop songs when he returns to his career. I like the pop songs.

  4. love the song! i bet it was recorded for the debut album; it has that “crush” sound.

  5. regarding the bigbird ad in the previous thread, i just read that pbs has asked the obama team to take the ad down. they don’t want to appear as if they’re supporting a candidate.

    • These things take on a life or their own. My daughter 11, came home from school saying her teacher said Mitt wanted to take Big Bird and Sesame Street off the air that he was against Big Bird. She asked why? I said nooo- he does not want to get rid of Big Bird- he just does not want my money and taxes that I work so hard for to be used to pay for Big Bird- that the money could be used on more important things.

    • My son (age 22), says trying to balance the budget by eliminating PBS is like trying to save space on a 500 gigabyte hard drive by eliminating the text files…..okay, I don’t get it…..too old, lol.

      • Maybe this: Eliminating PBS to save the budget, is like plucking a hair off your head and calling it a haircut?

  6. My wish is that the unreleased songs be made into a new CD. I have liked all the songs that have been leaked. Just the other day I ran across the you tube of “Senseless”. I know a lot of fans liked that one. I think he co-wrote about fifty songs for TOSOD so there are more out there. They are never heard before gems because David can make any song sound good.

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