Is This Ad for Real?

…because it could actually work. Imagine if it’s Big Bird and not the President who could keep Mitt from getting elected! 😛

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! That statement from Romney was just weird, unfortunately, he did dominate, Oboma needs to step up his game for the next debate. Thanks for the morning chuckle, Hg.

    • funny ad!! I suspect I am in the minority here but I do share the sentiment about government overspending on non- priority matters. That does not mean, in good times, those thinks don’t bear governmental support- but these are very hard times. I have had to reduce spending for my family. Most want to do is gone. Our country has to make the same tough changes .
      I would not have publicly taken on Big Bird however- not sure if Mitt was advised to do so? If so, yikes.

  2. That is a funny video. This election is going to be much closer than I first anticipated it would be. Unfortunately Not so sure who is winning. It will be the undecided voters and the voters in the battleground/swing states that will decide. I think. lol I just really don’t understand the whole electoral college thingy. lol It is too confusing for me but I know that I do not live in a swing state. Can’t wait to see the VP debate on Thursday.

  3. I have enjoyed spending a few minutes each day reading all the fan sites and learning so much about our David and those who support and love him. However, most of the sites, to my knowledge, do not venture into presidential politics which leads me to believe that David himself did not weigh in on these issues or state his opinions on the presidential election choice before he left on his mission. Having not read everything there is to read, i realize i may be woefully mistaken on that point and if so, I apologize in advance. IMO I much prefer politics relegated to political websites unless our David himself made it an issue . Then of course, anything David is fair game!!

    Thank you for allowing me to appreciate all things David and for providing the most cogent and up to date information on David. The writing skills and depth of knowledge that Hg and others have just makes this such a marvelous fan site. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for your comments, Carol. 🙂

    May I remind everyone of my “house rules”:

    The subject of this blog is David Archuleta. No topic is off limits… Yes, that includes topics like politics from time to time (not necessarily reflecting David’s).

    You will see this post is filed under “current events,” and I thought to post the ad because I was tickled pink! 😛

    • Personally, I agree with Romney on funding for PBS. They make money hand over fist selling Sesame Street items of all sorts/and rights to same (trust me, I’ve bought my share), etc. and are easily in the black. For us to be borrowing money from China to give to PBS which is easily solvent from the money it rakes in along with huge donations from the public makes no sense whatsoever.

      According to the Congressional Budget Office, it won’t be many years before everything that comes into the US Treasury will go to pay the interest on the debt. Not the debt–simply the interest on the debt. That would mean nothing available for defense, for entitlement programs that so many depend on. Nothing but the interest on the debt. It’s fun to give presents, but it’s crazy to spend yourself into oblivion handing out stuff you can’t afford.

      Romney can keep us from going over the cliff. He’s not the monster he’s been made out to be. Not even close. Mitt is very much like David so if you think a lot of David, you should smile on Romney. He’s given tons of money and time to others. One of example of zillions: One of his partners died. The man’s daughter wanted to go to medical school. Romney lent her the money as she went through, and when she graduated, he forgave the loan. He’s done lots of things like that but doesn’t feel comfortable blowing his own horn. (Same as David. Can you picture David bragging about things he’s done for others? Me, neither.) On the campaign trail during the primaries, Mitt was in the town where one of his sons lives. He wanted to see the son but found out he was doing a service project digging out a huge stump in the yard of a ward member. (Service projects are extremely common for us. They’re ongoing, a way of life.) Mitt asked if he could come along and spent four hours working alongside his son until the job was completed. It’s posted on the internet coz one of the neighbors came over to talk to the homeowner and noticed *shazam* it’s Mitt Romney! took some pictures and posted them on the net.

      Mitt was a bishop and spent a LOT of time weekly ministering to those in his ward. Serving as a bishop is a five year calling. He was paid nothing for this as there’s no paid ministry in the church. He was also stake president. He had responsibility for far more people in that position, spent four to ten hours a week serving them. He did that for nine years for nothing. To be called to either of these positions, you have to be very devout and righteous Christian with a very together home life. (I’ve often said that David is bishop material coz of what a wonderful human being he is.) How can you reconcile your image of Romney as a money hungry vampire who cares nothing for others with the fact that he willingly served others in his church for fourteen years for not one thin dime? He’s been really generous in donations to tons of charities not connected with the church as well.

      Obama has been a historical figure as our first (and surely not the last) black president, but he simply isn’t up to the job of running the country. It’s not his fault; he simply has no experience in governing or in business. Romney does and has proven himself exceptional in those endeavors. Hopefully he will be elected so he can save us from going over the fiscal cliff, strengthen us militarily once again, and help unite the country–if it can be done after the huge divide that has developed between the two sides of the political spectrum.

      • Unfortunately, Romney’s plans sound too much like Nixon’s “secret plan” to end the war in Vietnam, (showing my age here), which turned out to be no plan. Cutting taxes 20 percent with only unspecified loopholes and deductions to balance it out, is voodoo economics.

        Also Romney has said emphatically that he would support overturn of Roe v Wade. My daughter has a 25 percent chance of having a baby that would die at or shortly after birth, which can be determined at a few months into the pregnancy. She needs to have the freedom to make the choices to best grow her family. (I have also heard horror stories of bishop Romney trying to strong-arm a mother of four into keeping a life-threatening pregnancy).

      • Edit (insomnia-fueled posting here) (((eliminating))) unspecified loopholes and deductions…..

      • Also, I was overjoyed when Obamacare (Romneycare actually) was passed. Both of my children are young adults with pre-existing conditions, many medical needs, and very little chance to have their own health insurance before age 26. Romney says he would keep the popular parts of Obamacare, just not the part where it’s paid for! Also, he doesn’t make clear that the under his plans, people would not be able be covered for pre-existing conditions if there was any lapse in coverage.

      • I think that personally Mitt is a very nice guy and very generous and probably unfairly attacked as a guy with money that doesn’t care. I am an Obama supporter but I am not happy with all that is going on with the economy and lack of jobs and some other issues. I actually would have considered a moderate Republican this year if they had a good plan to create jobs and job training. The problem is the Republicans do give the tax breaks to the wealthy. I am afraid that they will lay off government workers although I agree something needs to be done in that area. The other big issue with me is the Republicans insistence to please their ultra conservative base in continuing to be too rigid on the social issues. I am very pro choice and pro gay rights. The social issues mean a lot to me. To me it is going backwards if Roe vs Wade is over turned. I think Mitt was more moderate on some issues like health care until he had to win over the ultra conservative base. The Republicans would win this if they allowed or chose a candidate that was more moderate on social issues. Mitt was better than some of the other choices but Paul Ryan is an awful running mate. Just like Sarah Palin. Jon Huntsman would have been a great candidate but he had to change some of his moderate views to please those ultra conservative right wingers. In regards to David the music/entertainment business is very liberal and democratic and pro choice and pro gay rights so he is best to stay out of politics or give his view on things. It is not fair because David is so non judgmental and fair but I still wonder why David was never on Glee.

      • Agree, Marie. I would even question the total “nice guy” thing for Mitt, though. Not only the “47 percent” thing, but could you even imagine David being the ringleader in a group that bullied a gay kid?

      • Mitt Romney will have a great life whether he wins of not. He is a very wealthy guy with a happy and beautiful family. We should all be so fortunate. Mitt is good regardless of what happens. Good for him and I am sure he worked hard but I just wish the rest of us in this country were in his financial position. Just like the Bush family.

  5. Just wanna share.. found this on “The Voice”. Never heard of this before … groovin’ young David

  6. Hi, Gladys de Argentina, last night I found this song of david “Dont’tell me” in Davidarchuletavietnam and published in The Voice. In this site you will find interesting things.
    It’s a beautiful song.
    Well now I leave because I am making preparations for Saturday October 13, I have an important meeting with a wonderful boy, I have to cross the Andes.

  7. “Don’t Run Away” is also on YT now.

  8. Thanks for posting this song. I really like “Don’t Run Away” and never heard it before.

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