Cheer Up!

Thanks for sharing, Ali! 🙂


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  1. Great video. lol.

  2. Yes, a most lovely video! David oozes every positive “appeal” there is! It’s just one of the many attributes he has that keeps me so attracted to him.
    (Just to clarify…I DO have a life! Ha! Ha!)

  3. Thanks Ali for the BEAUTIFUL video.

  4. Heaven help us all if he ever really lets loose,lol!

  5. Ohhhh hey, this video totally deserves it own post! Thanks HG!!
    We won’t talk about how many of the views on that vid are mine………

    My only very very specific request for when David comes back is that he does another photoshoot with Bench. 😉

  6. While I’m talking about Bench lol how about my two favorite pictures from that photoshoot?? hello, face hello, david

    the end. i think i’ve fangirled enough for today. what a nice way to start the week!

  7. Nothing wrong with a little fangirling Ali. lol. Little off topic but I just read that former idol Kellie Pickler just signed with Black River Entertainment. They are an independent record label in Nashville, Tennessee, specializing in country music. Kellie was one of the idols that was recently dropped from her label so good for her. Like to see these idols that were dropped from their major labels or parted ways (lol) get signed to an indie label.

  8. Hi everyone!
    Still Here but losing the heart more and more every day to keep pace with David’s absence. I keep him in my thoughts every day, say a little prayer for his personal faith goals and safety on a regular basis as he follows his dream. Kudos to HG for continuing to post relevant articles and for everyone to keep commenting. I would like for him to write a new chapter on his career upon his return and will wait for it whatever it may be.

    Still Crazy for David after all these years, lol. Great Eye-candy Vid FTW!

    • I hear you, Joymus. I go in waves– get all enthused, and then think what am I doing here? It’s a testament to the interesting articles by HG and posts from all, (not to mention very nice video, Ali 🙂 ) that I get drawn back in.

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