Two-Year Anniversary of The Other Side of Down

Kari reminded us yesterday of the 2-year anniversary of The Other Side of Down:

The question is useful, but I would ask a different question for a new poll.

My own choice: “Falling Stars.” I really think with more promo and a song that combines “Ballad Boy” with upbeat pop would have changed everything for his sophomore effort. JMHO.

Sigh. Yeah, my anniversary memories for TOSOD are so different from the debut album: a different energy, a different expectation.


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  1. I would have voted for “Something ‘Bout Love” if it was on the list. I think you forgot it hg. lol. I just always thought that could have been a hit sing. It is a very catchy pop song. The “Other Side Of Down” and “Falling Stars” were good too. I agree “Falling Stars” had potential as a hit single. I thought Parachutes and Airplanes was a catchy pop tune. David just needs to connect with the right songwriters next time for a hit single. I hope he works with Eman again as he really “gets” David’s voice and how to produce a hit single. If David wants to do pop music with a soulful R&B vibe when he returns I hope that he does it because he could still have success with it.

    • Sorry hg. You did not forget it. I just did not bother to read the first sentence in the poll. LOL

  2. In 2010 I would have voted for TOSOD because it’s my fav song on the album. However, looking back, I think Falling Stars would have done well if it had been pushed for adult contemporary airplay.

  3. Here is one of may favorite performances of Falling Stars.

    • Marie, loved that performances, tks for the link. I’m hoping that we hear him sing FS on tour when he returns….a more mature confident David will be so exciting to hear what more he will add to the performance of each song.
      Hg, I voted for the TOSOD, because it’s my favorite, but really thinking about it, you have a point, Falling Stars might have changed everything.
      I’ve wondered if his career had skyrocketed in 2010 would he of been able to do this mission? I know that there is no way of ever knowing what would of happened, but the “what if” is fun to contemplate.

    • I also loved this performance of Falling Stars.

  4. The best chance for a pop hit on TOSOD was SBL. Dance music was what was being played at that time. I thought the vocal on it was great and it should have been a hit. By then Jive was in decline and must not have had the push with radio to get the song played. I do not think it had anything to do with the song choice. Getting airplay on pop radio is difficult and I’m still not sure exactly how it is accomplished, but there are a lot of songs on pop radio that are not very good IMHO that get airplay. It is more than getting a good song and having good vocals. Crush got airplay because is was debuted on Z100 and Z100 then chose to play it. David had great popularity coming off AI and so fans called everywhere and requested the song. Jive somehow dropped the ball with ALTNOY. Again, it was a good song but was only picked up by Z100 to be played for 2 weeks and then dropped for no reason. After that pop radio was not going to play David’s songs even though he worked he tail off singing at radio sponsored concerts and the Jingle Jams. He brought lots of fans to these events so why he didn’t get rewarded with airplay by these radio stations I do not know. Maybe it is the Idol curse.

  5. None of the recent Idols have had success with their second album. Even Adam Lambert that had all kinds of push and professional management (Katy Perry’s management) has not gotten a hit from his second album. Of course we know that David Cook and Kris Allen didn’t get a hit off their second album and were dropped from their labels. Lee never had a hit at all. We shall see what happens with Scotty. He has a Christmas album coming out shortly. Since he is doing country not pop, maybe Scotty will get a hit with his sophomore country album. He didn’t get the number one country hit coming off Idol like Carrie did so I don’t think he’s going to be the big county star that Carrie is, but we shall see.

    David’s best bet when he returns is to pursue his music in Asia where they will play his music and support him. He could try the spanish market as well. Unfortunately I think radio play for David in the U.S. is over, but I hope I am wrong. He will need to try other ways beside radio to get his music out there in the U.S.

    • grammyj, I sure hope you are wrong, I just think David needs to distance himself from that whole reality show machine and re-invent himself in some way. I really didn’t like him leaving the business for the two years when he first announced his dicussion, but now, I’m thinking that it’s a good move for his career. A fresh new come back with a more mature David ready to really get serious with his career. I just had a feeling that David really wasn’t ready to take his career to where (imo) it should be…and be known as one of the best singer of his time.

      • I hope I’m wrong too, but just keeping it real. Where on the radio today do you see David? The message songs he likes to sing lyrically would fit best on country radio, but he is not a country singer. The only great vocalist that gets radio play is Adele and she’s British. Maybe David could get radio play in Europe. Who knows what will be popular when he gets back? Maybe he will come up with a new sound, get a new major label deal and get played on radio. Never say never, I guess.

      • Yeah, never say never. I just feel David is to good to fade away from the US market, anyway, that’s what I think about his phenomenal talent.

    • It will be interesting to see how Scotty’s Christmas album does. I don’t think Scotty is going to be the next young male country star AI wanted. I think Hunter Hayes is right now. He does more of country pop and kind of sounds like Rascal Flatts to me. That is the kind of country music I like. I think Hunter is very good. I would bet Scotty’s sophomore album doesn’t sell as well even though he is country and those fans buy more CD’s. That Adam never got another hit single with his second album with all the push he got was sure very telling.

  6. Should have focused on SBL, IMO, but it no longer matters.

  7. off topic ….

    out of curiosity, i just listened to smashmouth’s new song, “magic”. mkrompass (co-writer for “elevator”) produced their new album. well “magic” sounds a little like “elevator”, lol. i think the sound works well with smashmouth’s vocals.

  8. “Imagine” was oversung today on X Factor UK. The beginning was good, though:

  9. Not bad at all but nobody ever tops David’s performance of Imagine to me.

  10. happy sunday! pic from the archuleta confessions tumblr @

    • My thoughts are that it’s about what his fans want when it comes to his professional singing career. His private life is non of the fans business really, but if David wants a singing career, yes it is about what the fans want, imo.

  11. I remember looking at Billboard’s top 15 idols. They had stats on everything: single sales, album sales, twitter followers, radio play, etc. David was in the top 10 overall, but what was most telling is that he was 14th in radio play (ahead of only the most recent idol who was just releasing music). IMO that says a lot — Kris Allen, etc., had more radio spins.

    What is most concerning to me is that each of his albums has had a +50 percent drop in sales except for TOSOD and GCT. IMO he should have reached a plateau with a dedicated, loyal fanbase — say, 50k in sales. Instead, BEGIN’s sales have been less than half of GCT’s so far.

    If the trend continues, it won’t matter what the fans “thoughts” are. You can jabber all day long. Unless you put your $ where your mouth is, there won’t be any new music in the U.S — not off a Mormon label, not off an independent label, not off a major label.

    To save folks from posting that the sales are great, that David isn’t even here, that the CDs aren’t in stores…you can just save it. The sales are what they are. Another release with a 50 percent drop will be 10k and then we will be in single digits.

    • Wow, that’s depressing Anon. I have faith that when he returns, he will put out music that will take him beyond I say all, but two of idols Kari and Kelly. he’ll need a couple of years to go beyond those two. I say dream, why not “dream skyhigh” lol.

    • I agree that it doesn’t matter what the fans thoughts are.

  12. If David does go the indie route with no professional management or promo when he returns then that probably is what his sales will be like. It is David’s choice. It is on him now not the fans. I agree that it is what it is. I don’t think any of the top 15 idols are doing that great now and most have no air play with the exception of Carrie and Kelly of course. Let’s see how Kris Allen and Cook and the rest sell now without being signed to a label. Their sales will be very low too. David has still sold over one million records total according to this chart. Not too bad. Those numbers should have been higher.

  13. I mean the sales numbers ffor David should have been even higher right after AI. David was so popular than and his sales numbers should have been even higher than they were. Why weren’t they? Oh well, I guess it is all in the past now.

    • I might be wrong, but I think that Jive was already heading toward financial problems and couldn’t do all that needed to be done for him.

  14. IMO the online fans don’t do David any favors. I remember when Crush came out, the post on FOD was: “Have you downloaded Crush? No? Then turn in your Archie card.” I was so impressed that it stayed in my memory.

    Now there’s no campaign, no interest in his sales or music, just a bunch of snoopy fans fighting about religion and looking at Mission pics. It’s so embarrassing.

    There are also a lot of distractions. Did you see that post by Pecan Pie about SU2C? She said something like, “David is always at least #2.” Since when? Where is she when he has an album coming out? Where are her manifestos and passion then? Then they release BEGIN. overseas and there’s already rumors about a repackaged Forevermore.

    Finally, a lot of fans are using these weird alternative sites that sell the CD for a lot less like WOWHD or whatever it is. I think it’s interesting that David’s CDs are always #1 on those sites. It’s probably not even a site that’s legit or that reports to Billboard.

    It’s so unnecessary.

  15. This is exactly why David has some choices to make when he returns. What you just mentioned is what fans do. That is just part of the deal if you are a celebrity, music artist ect. lol He did put Kari in charge of his twitter ect. and released Begin so he obviously wants to return to some kind of music career. I do agree that it does not matter what the fans thoughts are but you need fans to have a music career. They are the ones that buy not only the music but most importantly the concert tickets.

  16. Coming up with an arbitrary number like 50K and saying that’s the “dedicated, loyal base” sales number is a fallacy. An artist can have a dedicated base of 20 people. They can have a dedicated base of 2,000 people. There’s no guaranteed sales level of a dedicated fanbase. And keep in mind that GCT was a Mormon Tabernacle Choir album — not a David album.

    And, yes, I do think the sales have done well for BEGIN given the circumstances. You can tell me to “save it” all day long but if you’re not looking at the circumstances of the current release then you’re comparing apples to oranges. Trying to compare an independently released album of cover songs with no national promo to a major label studio album release (even as crappy as the Jive promo was) is like comparing a sports car to an economy car. The former sure is awesome and goes fast but it costs alot of money. The latter may not be as fancy but the return on investment can be higher.

    Do I think there needs to be an improvement in sales & marketing when he returns to his music career? Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.
    But I think that’s the job of professionals, not fans or fansites. If David or David’s “team” wanted a unified message put out to promote his album through the fansites, they should have sent it to them. I don’t think any of the fansites have the reach of David’s OS though. While lots of fans will say they never visit the OS, that’s where the average person just looking for info on David goes. Promoting through fansites is really just preaching to the choir. Everyone who goes to those already knows he has stuff out.

    • Clarification: I’m not trying to say the fact sales have declined should be ignored. Trying to qualify them with BEGIN sales is what I have an issue with. The real number to look at is the sales change from CFTH to TOSOD. Its very hard to use 1st album sales as a comparison point for Idol alumni due to the sales skewing from having just been on the show. Looking at sales for CFTH (around 246K) and then for TOSOD (somewhere around 67K) should be the comparison point. Both were major label releases. Was it lack of promo? Was it material? I don’t know the answer. Of course even that isn’t a perfect comparison since there are some people who just like to buy Christmas albums and aren’t interested in pop at all. Comparisons are a tricky business lol.

      While dwelling on the past is not a favorite hobby of mine, I do think its important for future career plans to understand the past. We’ll just have to wait and see what was learned and how it will be applied when David returns.

      • Exactly, Ali. Agree on all points with ya.

      • Yep. To me, the sales drops have been more about lack of promo/marketing, more than anything else. All the people who needed to push David during that critical sophomore album time…didn’t. Young fans don’t stick around if they can’t hear or see their artists 24/7. I’m sure JIVE knew that, yet instead of promoting ALTNOY in a major way, they didn’t try at all. I’m sure it was probably related to them “going under”, but my gosh….they could’ve lifted a finger, at least.

  17. I doubt fan sites have much to do with sales. I’m not privy to how many people visit the sites now, or in David’s heyday, but going from the number of people who vote on the in-house polls, (which is a pretty easy thing to do) it’s not very much–maybe 300 votes on a recent FOD one.

    Scolding the few people on fan sites who just enjoy talking about their idol, and probably spend tons of money on him, is pretty sad.

    • P.S. I’ve bought tons of Kelly Clarkson music and even gone to a concert, but I’ve never gone to a fan site for her. The two things aren’t all that related.

    • P.P.S. Pecan Pie is a busy medical doctor who has devoted her time and energy to raising money to fight cancer and happens to be a fan of David. Attacking her is really just nuts.

  18. I would have to agree with you that many fans that are so devoted on various sites and twitter have probably spent tons of money and time on David.

  19. The fact is that sales of albums is down for all artists not just David except for an elite few like Adele, Bieber, Katy Perry, etc. I’m not sure what the music industry is going to do but it will be changing. The cd sections in stores are getting smaller and smaller. Artists are going to have to look for new ways to generate money other than sales of their music. Most of the people I know listen to internet radio and you can hear whatever you want for free and you are not stealing the music. I buy a lot of music online but it is very cheap anymore. I get most of my albums on Amazon on their special sales of $3.99 or $5.00. This is brand new music usually. Of course, there is the illegal downloading too. It certainly isn’t the David fan-sites fault for his lack of sales. These are the people that buy his music and promote him whenever they can. Sure there is other talk but that is because you can’t talk about albums sales every day.

    I believe that David’s bread and butter will be touring because he is a great live singer. Once you hear him live you want to hear him again. Maybe he will also try more acting. Who knows, but I do know that music sales are terrible for almost all artists in this day and age.

  20. What?! I stay away from my blog for much of the day only to find it’s been invaded by a TROLL?

    Thanks, everyone, for remembering not to feed it. 😛

    • Yeah, I love how the troll blames David’s lack of sales on his fan-sites. The very people that support him the most. I wonder how many dollars these fans have spent on his music, tickets to his shows, VIPs, etc? The people that run the fan-sites spend a lot of time posting information, pictures, etc. free of charge. Thanks, HG, for all you do to run this site. Thanks to all of David’s fans that are continuing to support him while he is gone. You are all great. David was the one who chose to step away from his career. He is the one who is not promoting BEGIN.

    • Sigh. I am eternal troll fodder :\

  21. Very depressing here today!

  22. Well here’s something very not depressing — one of my favorite David videos ;p

    I love a fan with good video editing skills lol.

  23. I agree with you VJ about Jive not promoting David. ALTNOY wasn’t played enough and by thr time Zero gravity came out you know who came along . We also know that David would never be anyone’s PUPPET

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