Is this American Idol’s Idea of Promoting the New Season?

Just … SMH


The more I think about it, this is probably less about Nigel, Fox, TMZ, and Co. promoting the new season and more about Mariah Carey needling Nicki Minaj to the point where she’s able to get her kicked off the show (or to get NM to walk). Mariah is a Diva, and there can only be room for one on a table full of male judges (Mariah wants to be the only female judge, knowing Nicki will distract). Hmmm, I wonder if she will get her way…

I say this, of course, because the Idol producers must know that two black divas going at each other is just not a “good look” for a mainstream “family friendly” show. This ain’t VH1! This ain’t “Basketball Wives”! And if they want the “ratchet” audiences, they’ll be alienating the other audience that won’t watch ratchet.

Yep, this must be a Mariah Carey-fueled attempt to squeeze out the hip-hop diva. I guess we shall see. Either way, if Nicki leaves or remains, I’m sure they’re getting the buzz which I’m sure will help with ratings.

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  1. I agree with your take on the whole AI judges situation,hg. It sure is creating the buzz they want but I do think Mariah wants to be the only female diva on the panel. Hard for me to believe that Nicki will last more than one season on the show which is really what Mariah wants. I think Nigel and AI love this and are behind the scenes pushing the two to argue and the articles about it. I bet the ratings do go up but I would hate to be a contestant on AI this year as it is so about the judges. Still love Keith.

  2. Hg, tks for the video and your thoughts. Imo the two were doing there job, as simple as that. Let’s face it, any show in order to continue to survive in a sea that full of the same type of shows, ratings are the most important thing. This was staged to create buzz, so that the non-diehard AI fans and others that are curious and want to watch train wrecks, will tune in….as far as the contestants go, they are probably just happy to be given the opportunity to launch a career, or, at least, have their 15 min. of fame.

  3. I just watched the clip. Count me in with the alienated group that doesn’t care for the ratchet. Nicki is close to 30 yrs old and Mariah is close to 40. It’s a shame they have agreed to be the ratings “side show” this season.

  4. I too believe that they are trying to boost the ratings. I think that Mariah and Nicki should be ashamed of themselves for stooping so low, however this is entertainment I guess!!!!

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