How David Keeps Us All Connected

Kari shared this tweet from David:

Also, in other news, I’m sad to learn of the passing of Dakgal (thanks for mentioning, Desertrat). I never met her but do remember her screen name from the early days of Noting David and TDC.  It’s amazing how you feel connected to other fans of David, even when you’ve never met.  May she rest in peace.

Here’s more information over at The Voice: Remembering Dakgal.

How touching that her family will play David’s rendition of “Ave Maria” at her funeral. *sniff*

BTW, should anything happen to you, do you have a way of notifying your online community? Something to think about!

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  1. Iam so sorry to hear about Dakgal passing, my prayers go out to her family.

  2. Yes, very sad to hear about Dakgal. You’re so right when you said how amazing it is that we feel such a connection to other fans of David. RIP Dakgal.

  3. RIP Dakgal who reportedly was also know as GrannyC in the Noting David days. I will miss her humor and creativity. So pleased they will play Ave Maria at her request.
    My best to her family and Fan family.
    Blessings to all here

  4. Before his mission announcement, I didn’t really believe he would go away, because of what he and his music meant to so many. It’s so nice for HG and others to give us this way to connect to him and to each other while he’s gone.

    • How touching that she asked for David’s rendition of “Ava Maria” to be played at the funeral. My mom is an older David fan with some health issues and she finds his voice very soothing to her. David’s music sure has touched many lives in so many ways. Glad to know David is not being effected by earthquakes where he is at.

    • Yes, it’s great that his music can be with us always even if David is not. I love to begin my day listening to BEGIN. If I’m down I can listen to TOSOD. If I’m in the mood for some pop music there is his first album. If I want to hear love songs I listen to Forevermore. In November and December I will listen to CFTH. He really was prolific in putting out music. I hope it continues. FYI – I’m a music lover so I listen to many other artists too.

      The fansites that are still going are great. I have been happily surprised with how many posts there still are on David fansites. I know it will decrease but so far so good.

      I really enjoyed Dakgal’s writing and humor. It’s nice that David’s Ave Maria will be played at her funeral.

  5. “…should anything happen to you, do you have a way of notifying your online community?…”

    Good question. Sometimes when we don’t hear from someone for a while, I wonder if it’s rude to ask the “whatever happened to” or “how is so and so doing” questions.

    Off topic, I’m looking forward to the presidential debate tonight like some look forward to “The Voice” and DWTS. I’m almost as obsessed with politics and polls as I am with David. 🙂

  6. someone posted this on “the voice”. i haven’t watched it for a while but it’s nice watching it with dakgal in mind.

  7. On a brighter note, I just read that Carly had a baby girl. Here is the article from MJs. There is a picture there too. She’s a beautiful baby.

    Season 7′s Carly Smithson became a mom on September 30th, when she and her husband welcomed a baby girl named Olivia Mabel Smithson. According to, she was 11 days overdue.

    A month ago, Carly wrapped up her 22 month gig with Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis. She plans on recording new music with her band, We Are The Fallen, and concentrating on her new role as a mom.

  8. Oh, I also read that Crystal Bowersox got a new record deal with an indie label. I’m interested in what she does because she is managed by Gina Orr who does “something” for David.

    • grammyj you had some interesting news there. Congrats of Carly. So many of David friends had babies while he has been gone. lol I agree with you about wanting to see how Crystal does with the indie label. I always thought an indie label was a better fit for h er. Does anyone know what indie label it is?

      • Here’s the announcement of Crystal’s record deal:
        American Idol alum Crystal Bowersox has landed a new deal at Shanachie Records. Home to such renowned world acts as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and Ofra Haza, the company, founded in 1975 and now under the E1 umbrella, is among the country’s longest-running independent labels. In Oct. 2011, Bowersox, who came in second on season nine of Idol, parted ways with 19 Recordings and Sony Music subsidiary Jive Records.

  9. I just don’t know what to make of the Mariah and Nicki “fight” that was reported yesterday. Don’t know if it is real or staged to get promo for AI or maybe a bit of both. I am so glad David was on S7 of AI.

    • I’m sure it was staged or didn’t even happen (or is there video of it?). Anyway, this season will be all about the judges.

    • i think it was staged and that an ai staffer took the video. i had never heard of either woman “fighting” before becoming ai judges. yet all of a sudden, they can’t control their tempers.

    • Much like Simon, Nigel is a one-trick pony, and this is his trick.

      In other news, Cassadee Pope and Dez Duron seem to be doing press for The Voice.

  10. Dez is one of my favorites on The Voice so far. I think Avery Wilson has an incredible voice. Can’t believe he is just 16.

    • Yes, Avery Wilson has an amazing voice.

      • There are a lot of good singers on The Voice. X factor doesn’t have the vocal talent that the Voice does but as we know its unfortunately not always about the voice in the music industry. There is auto tune and lip syncing.

  11. Wow, I can’t believe I was so nervous going into these debates! 😛 Still pulling for Mr. President, but Mitt started off strong.

    Funny though, one of the big trending topics on Twitter was #Big Bird. Folks got the memo that Romney wants to cut spending for public TV and Sesame Street. Folks are not too cool about losing Bird Bird, it seems. 😛

    Here’s hoping the Obama camp works a good ad in response and that SNL does a snarky skit! 🙂

  12. Romney came out slinging and put the POTUS on the defense most of the debate. I’m sure SNL will have something to say about Big Bird.

  13. Debate was interesting. The Big Bird takeaway is pretty funny to me. Truth is, if they’re looking for savings on government spending there are a lot, A LOT, of more effective ways to save than cutting out PBS. PBS which is one of the government ventures that actually offers something of real value to the average citizen. PBS which makes up a fractional percentage of annual government spending. How did I learn my letters and numbers? Well it was before I started kindergarten and it involved a certain large yellow bird. Yes, my parents read to me but somehow my dad didn’t hold the same allure as the 1,2,3,4,5 song on Sesame Street. There are so many quality educational programs on there.

    After hearing the debate tonight, I looking into what Romney is proposing to cut from the federal budget. He has also proposed eliminating all federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, along with the funding for PBS.

    That just makes me sad.

  14. I think it might be a closer election then I had thought. Romney did start out strong and probably won the debate but with the issues with the bad economy and lack of jobs he did have the advantage. Everyone tends to blame the president even though it is not fair. I do think Obama had a missed opportunity. He should have brought up Romney’s comments on the infamous 47% remark to remind voters that Romney came off as a cold-hearted patrician with little empathy for the middle class and poor when he made those remarks. Still think that Obama will win but I am not as sure as I was a few days ago. It is the undecided voters that will decide the election. I am pulling for him.

    • The President didn’t need to bring up the 47% remark as that commercial runs constantly – at least here in Iowa. If he had brought it up Romney could have defended himself. The polls say that 67% think that Romney won the debate.

      • goodkarmaseeker

        I think the president was “damned if he did and damned if he didn’t” in the debate. If he came on too aggressively re: the “47%”, Mitt’s wealth, Bain, he would have been criticized for being too aggressive and attacking. When he came off as more laid back, then Mitt was the winner because he went after the president. I kind of sensed ahead of time that Mitt would be declared the winner since he had no where to go but up. I think these debates are pretty ridiculous as they are not about policy and positions but about strategy and positioning. To me they don’t give any helpful information about who to vote for. Frustrating!!!

      • i agree goodkarmaseeker. in a way, the debate reminded me of a chess match — strategy and positioning.

  15. watching xfactor. 😐 this is not holding my attention.

  16. So many young kids on this show. It’s not holding my attention either. What is with Simon and those unbuttoned shirts he wears to show off his chest hair. Please. LOL

  17. Glee’s “Break Up” show is really good tonight. I always think of David when I watch Glee as he would be perfect for this show.

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