Shut the Front Door!

Wow, The Voice was all kinds of fun tonight! Especially with that last drama queen gay cowboy character! 😛 Cee-lo should have some serious fun with that one.

I’m loving the previews for battle rounds next week, what with the judges getting an opportunity to “steal”! Finally, the producers are listening to all of our gripes about awesome vocalists meeting a premature end after these battle rounds.

Should be an intriguing competition here on out!

Makes me wonder how our David would have fared in this set-up. What say you, Soul Daviders? 🙂

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  1. I really enjoyed the voice tonight. I am glad that they made some changes to the battle rounds. I think that David could win it all. No doubt in my mind.

  2. I don’t watch the voice, so I really can’t vote on the poll, but I think that 21 year old David would blow all compitation away for any singing reality show.

  3. I don’t faithfully watch The Voice, but I do understand the process. I like that the judges can’t see what the contestants look like until they hear their voices.
    I wanted to say that David is more vocally mature than he looks, and he would blow-away the competition anywhere! What I did answer was he would struggle with winning the audience. I say that because he is so clean-cut. Seems folks like more of an edge. It would be great if they went on VOICE only. But we all know how that goes…

  4. There are still so many contestants left on the voice that I have not picked a favorite yet. Christina is so much nicer this year. I guess she heard all the negative feedback from last time. The first winner Javier was already dropped from his record label but I still like the show.

  5. What?!?! Some of y’all haven’t watched The Voice yet? Get with the program! Quite literally 😛

  6. The judges are entertaining.

    Here’s a drama queen for you (from X Factor UK, from 3:00 on):

  7. Off-topic, random (love it when they mime in sync):

  8. Very entertaining vids Peter. I enjoyed watching them. lol I do catch some of DWTS. I like Gilles too but some of the others are not so great this year. Still like the voice better. The Voice continues to win the ratings and the younger demo. Here are the ratings and the voice is doing well:

    • Marie, that’s so nice that you love the Voice so much. It’s real great when you have a show that you can’t wait to see every week. I record all the shows I enjoy so that I can skip what I don’t really care for…didn’t have a recorder when David was on AI, I just flipped the channel when others that I didn’t care for were on, lol….much easier now to only watch what you really like. As far as watching the most popular show…very few that are on the top of TV popularity I watch.

  9. I am still a channel flipper and use the dvr on my cable. lol I want to see how X Factor does this year in the ratings. Not to mention AI when it returns. It will be interesting.

    • So far The Voice is beating out X Factor. I really like The Voice and so far I don’t care for X Factor. I read the spoilers at MJs that had the rumored top 17 of X Factor. There are a lot of really young ones. I think there were three thirteen year olds in the top 17. They seem to be trying really hard for the younger viewers. We will see if it will work. Brittany’s team is the youngest age group. I think it’s really tough for the young ones. I wish they would up the age limit instead of lowering it.

  10. I just read on “The Voice” that Dakgal passed on Monday. I was fortunate to have met her at the Sioux Falls concert in 2009; she was very warm and friendly and tremendously supportive of David. She periodically posted on this blog (she had the roadrunner avatar). May she rest in peace.

  11. That is very sad to read. I remember some of her posts and she was a very supportive fan to David.

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