If Only David Played Guitar on Idol…

He might have won! 😛

In other news, according to the latest SD poll, 31% of you said you developed O.D.D. after David sang “Heaven,” but the same percent shows that many of you had a different “moment” when you became obsessed with the Archulator.

Still, 27% of you said it was the moment when he sang “Imagine” for the first time! (Sigh)

Sweet times, yes?

Alas, only 4% of you said that O.D.D. kicked in when David sang “And So It Goes” (who knew I was in such a small minority – that was when the moment happened for me).

Of course, that a third of you said “different moments” brought on Obsessive David Disorder just proves that this Archu ride is both an individual experience and a collective one.

As for the three people who said they never developed “O.D.D.,” puh-lease! I’m soooooo not buying it! Otherwise, why are you here? 😛

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  1. yes, he might have won lol. He should have won but I think that it’s a good thing that he finished second. Less pressure for him.
    I’m a bit late but I wanted to say that I heard about David when he sang “Imagine” but I developed ODD when I watched his “shop around” performance on youtube. I loved his interpretation of the song, he made it fresh and fun and he put a lot of soul in it. I think I was touched by the contrast between the confident young guy during the performance and the awkward and unassuming boy during his little talk with Ryan just after he finished singing. I remember watching AI live at 2 or 3 AM because I couldn’t wait the day after for youtube links.
    TBH, this two year break is not such a bad thing for me. I think that I was too involved in something that I had no control over and being a fan (with too high expectations) wasn’t as fun as it used to be at the beginning of his career when everything seemed possible. David is still my fav singer (I think he will always be, his voice is just so great and unique and he is so talented) and I will always have hopes and wishes for his career but I considerably lowered my expectations. I don’t think that I’m as obsessive as before but I still can’t wait to see what kind of artist he will be when he’ll resume his career.

  2. Well stated zara. Exactly. It was no longer as fun being a fan when you had such high expectations 4 years ago and then saw so many missed opportunities for David. So much mismanagement of his career. It is better having lower expectations as a fan for me at this point. I just love these pics of David with a guitar in his hands. David might have won if he had the guitar but things are not looking so good for any of the AI WGWG winners music careers these days.

    • When he’ll start doing music again, I’d love him to collaborate with other artists. He can gain so much from it and it’d give him time to work on his personal projects. I watched Guy Sebastian (former Australian Idol winner, really great singer who deserves more recognition !) on Letterman. He’s featured on Lupe Fiasco’s album with the song “Battle Scars” (I was surprised he put it on his album because it’s more pop than rap but I understand because it’s a great song) and I think that it will help him to be more known in the US and worldwide. I can totally imagine David doing a duet like that. I’d love to hear him sing with someone from a different musical universe than his, an unexpected collab (the only unexpected thing about the Miley duet for me is that he accepted to do it and the choice of Charice for CFTH was the easy route IMO). I guess we’ll see if he’ll take more risks and go out of his confort zone regarding his music. Maybe his mission will help him widen his horizons and he’ll bring back with him new musical influences who knows.

  3. i love those pictures of david with the guitar. had he not gone on idol, i wonder if he would have spent more time learning to play the guitar (vs. the piano).

  4. If only David played the guitar NOW! He’s probably better than he thinks he is, but I’d love for him to feel confident enough to take his little guitar and keyboard on the road. Leave the band behind, for a bit, and travel through Europe and Latin America. He could sure save money that way.

    I still think about who was trying to stop the MKOC tour. Was it WEG? Was there some type of non-compete clause in their contract? Just thinking out loud tonight. lol

  5. Loving those pictures of David playing guiter, tks Hg.
    I can just hear it…if he comes out on stage and picks up a guiter (on his I’m back baby concert tour)…the screams would be heard for miles, lol.

  6. Re. the MKOC tour, if WEG were the obstacle, I think Melinda would have tweeted about it. You know, like some of her old Business 101 and bash David tweets, lol.

    My guess is that the conflict had to do with a venue booking agency (e.g., Creative Artists Agency?). The booking agency may have wanted higher ticket prices, a larger profit from the sale of merchandise, a profit from moneys raised by ChildFund Intl., etc. David (via Gina) probably switched booking agencies and the original ones tried to sue and stop the tour from happening.

    • I agree with you desertrat. I think you are right. I don’t believe WEG had anything to do with it. David was only with weg for such a very short period of time.

    • desertrat, I agree, it probably was just that, legal complications. Whatever happened, I’m so glad that he was able to do it, eventhough it’s really hard for me view some of the videos. I remember when seeing the few first videos from the tour thinking, WOW, he has his foundation in place and he is ready to wow the world. Of course, as we all know now, he still wasn’t ready…I’m still here waiting for him to wow the world with his music when he returns.

    • Thanks for replying desertrat. That makes a lot of sense. I didn’t realize D switched booking agencies.

  7. I think the only reason David showed up at Aaron Carter’s “off-broadway debut” was precisely because there was a lot of behind-the-scenes shenanigans going on with Melinda. IMO this night of theater (LOL) was a peace deal brokered by Melinda’s BFF — Kari.


    Also, have you noticed how much “publicity” David got for being “dropped” by Jive whereas other idols have been crashing and burning left and right and no one seems to care? Also, Melinda’s / WEG’s handiwork IMO.

    David said “a lot of people” were trying to stop the tour. I don’t think it was just Melinda/WEG, but she was definitely one of the people.

  8. I disagree, anon. I think Melinda made one bad mistake (mentioning David was leaving jive on twitter) but I don’t think she is responsible for anything else. I really like Kari and you know what I have nothing against Melinda or weg. At least they have connections in the music industry and yes that does impress me. lol I think it is great he went to Aaron Carter’s debut. Why not? Having “family” management was one of David’s biggest problems if he wanted success in the music industry IMO. The reason that the other idols aren’t getting any publicity about leaving or being dropped from their labels is that unfortunately no one cares anymore. Most of the AI winners and idols have no record deals.

    • David did not leave his booking agency, Creative Artists. In fact he is still listed with them. It is one of the major booking agencies. It may havebeen that contracts could not be reached for various reasons but changing booking agencies wasn’t the reason.

    • I don’t know anything about the kind of agreements an artist would sign with management, but it does kind of make sense that WEG would be unhappy with David’s tour. They could feel that someone firing you and then going ahead with a tour you may have had some involvement with, would be a problem.

      • It is a business and a tough one at that so again who knows what the deal was.

      • Yes, that’s what I was trying to say. Melinda is not WEG. She just works for them. However, Johnny Wright gave an interview and it sounded like he fully expected David to be on his roster before he dropped them. Of course, it doesn’t matter now and we’ll never know. I think I’ll always be curious, though. lol

      • It’s no secret that Melinda and WEG are still a sore point with me. Johnny is full of it. Given David’s talent, he should have managed D himself.

      • I actually think that David’s father (mic) did more harm to David’s career by being his manager after AI when he was so popular then Melinda and weg ever did. David was only with weg for less than 6 months and he wanted to go on a mission at that point.. I know some fans don’t agree but that is the way I feel about it. But everyone has their opinions. lol

      • Actually that is all in the past now too. (I think but who knows) I just hope that David has a good team behind him when he returns to his career.

    • I think there was more than that one mistake she made- but water over the dam now.

      • David will never tell us who was trying to stop his MKOC tour. There is a lot to hammer out in an entertainment contract an I’m sure the money to be paid to David could very well have been the sticking point in not getting booked in some areas. It is not as easy to book a tour as fans think unless the artist doesn’t want to make any money.

  9. That is my point. I think it is time to move on with the dislike and negativity towards Melinda and weg IMO. She did make several big mistakes but It is all in the past.

  10. Justin Bieber threw up on stage in Arizona — and continued to “sing” all the while.

  11. Poor thang. He may need a break.

  12. I won’t complain. 😀

  13. Beiber’s retching captures the feelings that come over me whenever I hear his ‘music’.

    How dreadful 🙂

  14. Bieber was lip syncing with a back track and that was why he could continue on with the show. The video shows that the track was delivering Bieber’s smooth “vocals” to the crowd while he was actually getting sick. Adele would not have to had to cancel her concerts if she had only known how to lip sync with back up dancers. lol The Biebs and his manager Scooter need to take a long permanent break. lol

  15. OH NO! Pardon my ignorance but didn’t know there are singers lipsyncing in a concert! Is that even

    legal?! That’s a rip off!

  16. Bieber is not the only one that does it but I would not pay the high price of a concert ticket to just hear lip syncing. You can just listen to the cd or downloads at home and save money. lol I don’t think that I am in Bieber’s demographic of young tween fans so I guess it does not matter. lol He really just can’t sing that well and is being over exposed and pushed too hard by his management.

    • The point of a Beiber concert is to see his moves and experience his personality. It’s a different kind of entertainment. I wouldn’t go to a Bob Dylan or Taylor Swift concert to hear people singing well.

      If JB sings over a backing track, so he can move better, that’s not that unusual–Niki Minaj did it at the Wango Tango we attended this year, which was obvious when her microphone malfunctioned. Haha, maybe there’s no point to an Adele concert–she just stands behind the microphone–might as well listen to the cd.

      My 19-year-old daughter is begging to go to the upcoming Beiber concert in So. Cal., but I’m with you, Marie, no can do, not my cup of tea.

      I think despite the difference in vocal skills, we have more in common with JB fans than we admit. There’s endless drooling on some fan sites, and bottom line, that’s why people like Bieber. My daughter: “He’s sooo sexy!” We might not have quite the same passion, if David had Elliot Yamin looks, lol.

      • I did actually like Elliot on AI but I hear you cc halo. lol Everybody has different tastes in music. If the Biebs can sell those tickets to his concert than good for him. No harm if he has fans that like him. It is all good.

  17. I wasn’t around for the “ODD Survey”…I was just gonna say that I first saw David on Star Search, & I may have technically developed ODD back then. lol. I remember being totally in awe of “this little kid” & rearranging my nightly schedule just so I could watch. As soon as they said his name for the AI auditions, it was like going back to that time…and I guess I’ve been there ever since. lol.

  18. More on the subject of the entertainment industry:

    Christina Aguilera: I Was Forced to Be “Toothpick Thin” in 2002

    “During the promotion of my album Stripped [in 2002], I got tired of being a skinny, white girl,” Aguilera says. “I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl.”

    “The next time my label saw me, I was heavier, darker and full of piercings!” the five-time Grammy Award winner laughs. “They called this serious emergency meeting about how there was a lot of backlash about my weight. Basically, they told me I would affect a lot of people if I gained weight — the production, musical directors.”

    “[They claimed] people I toured with would also miss out if I gained weight because I would sell no records or tickets for my shows,” she adds. “I was young, so I lost the weight quickly and was toothpick thin during Back to Basics promos and touring.”

    “I told them during this Lotus recording, ‘You are working with a fat girl. Know it now and get over it.’ They need a reminder sometimes that I don’t belong to them. It’s my body,” Aguilera tells the magazine. “My body can’t put anyone in jeopardy of not making money anymore—my body is just not on the table that way anymore.”


    • It is too bad that the music industry is not about the voice any more but about how you look.

    • Lady GaGa is also communicating about her weight, she even posted pics of herself on twitter… At first, I thought it was a way to get some buzz like she did with her meat dress and all. With her, it’s hard to know if it’s a part of her communication plan or not. But I think it’s great that popular singers start to talk freely about it and assume their appearances. Genuine or not, it’s a positive message to the young girls who look up at them. Unfortunately, the music industry is all about the look. I remember the debate here about Jordin being pressured (or not) to loose some weight.

  19. Have we gotten any sales #s for BEGIN. since week 2, 14.5k?

    • It was at somewhere over 18K for the week ending Sept 2nd (4th week of release). That is the last week there were leaked numbers outside the BB200. We have overall sales numbers only for the first 2 weeks, and then just the physical albums sales for the next 2. That’s why I say somewhere over 18K. And those numbers are from a month ago now.

      If I come across anything more I’ll post it but its really hard to find numbers once an album drops out the the top 200.

      • Thanks, Ali. Why would we get only physical and not total sales (both physical and digital)? What was the source? Is there a link?

      • Because for those last 2 weeks we had numbers, he was no longer in the BB200 overall but was still in the Top 200 Physical Album chart. That chart only lists the hard copy albums sold in stores, not the digital downloads at iTunes, Amazon, Deseret, etc. He was #139 the 4th week out.

        Its entirely possible (and I expect that) he was still in the Physical Album chart in the weeks following that but there have been no leaked number lists since that week. You have to pay lots of money to have access to the full SoundScan chart numbers but sometimes we get lucky and they leak. All the numbers we’re talking about here come from SoundScan, btw.

        UK Mix is a good place to look for numbers: http://www.ukmix.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=5
        They have a different thread for each week’s BB charts and that’s where leaked number are posted, if available.

        Hope that makes some kind of sense! 🙂

  20. My daughter’s best friend was at the JB barf concert with friends. They’re sophomores in college and loved it. Admittedly, my daughter and her friends aren’t the most sophisticated college students out there, but JB is good clean entertainment for them (unless you’re OTT conservative). My attitude is that if it sounds good to them, it is good. Not everyone has to be an accomplished vocalist to be a good entertainer. (I’m not a fan personally).

    I can’t imagine David being so sweet and cuddly with a cancer-stricken fan as in the adorable pictures I linked to. Would’ve mind if he loosened up a bit.

    • ((Would’nt))…..darn auto correct.

    • I’ve seen many pictures of David getting close with kids he’s visited, whether in hospitals or elsewhere. I’ve also seen pictures of him washing the feet of those stricken by leprosy in India. I’ve heard of him giving personal time to visit with, check up on and contact those who are having a hard time. David does it, for the most part, without any publicity.

      I’m sure JB does charity work out of the goodness of his heart too but I don’t see anything JB does and wish David would do it the same way. They’re completely different people.

      • I agree that David does things his own way, and it’s part of why I’m a fan of his and not of JB’s. I think David has come a long way towards loosening up. I just get irked at the need to bash other popular entertainers and their fans, as if that helps David. It makes me think of people who come here and say we shouldn’t like David because we’re not in the same age group.

        However, I’ll admit to being amused at Letterman’s JB teasing:


  21. Exactly Ali. David did many things for others that were seriously ill and in need but for the most part without any publicity. I have seen many pics of him with kids he has visited. Everything Bieber does is for publicity and It is all planned out by his manager Scooter. David is very genuine and yep I don’t think the Biebs is. Many celebrities reach out to very sick children but they don’t go public with it. My issue with Bieber isn’t that he got sick on stage but that he lip syncs at his high priced concerts. I know others do it but it does not make it right. I know I am critical of the Biebs but I don’t like him and am not a fan or his puppet manager. lol I do like One Direction for the younger kids. I don’t think they lip sync do they?

    • You can’t judge any such thing about Beiber and whether he’s genuine or not. David has plenty of publicity about doing good works. You can’t assume JB only does it for the exposure and that David doesn’t.

      • I will own it that I don’t like the Biebs but then again I am not a tween. Maybe I would if I was. LOL

      • David is by far a better singer than Bieber some David fans have a hard time understanding his huge popularity. Justin has charisma, can dance, had a great promotion team behind him and a whole lot of luck. He is also an extrovert and seems to love the spotlight. Most entertainers that earn big bucks give to charity as they should.

      • I think that David has nothing to prove in terms of Charity work (publicly and in private). I’m not a fan of Bieber but I’m sure that he’s genuine too. I think that Bieber’s manager is really harmful to his image. He should really stop communicating about him but he won’t because of his huge ego. I feel bad for JB, he’s just a kid. Maybe he’ll fire Brawn in the future and he’ll emancipate from him. I remember the times when David was getting negative press about his dad controlling him, JB’s manager seems to have got the puppet thing to another level lol.
        One thing positive about JB is that his record label seems to work well for him. They really managed to make him transition to a more mature fanbase with his music. I listened to his last album and it’s really well produced but I admit that my first thought was that he will never be able to sing those songs live lol. I’m ashamed to say that after listening to it, his song “as long as you love me” was stuck in my head but it was probably because of the dubstep, it makes the song sound really good and I’m obviously not a teen. I had some doubts about his lasting in the music scene but if his team keeps on this route, I can see him becoming the next Justin Timberlake as he grows up. And TBH, it doesn’t matter if he can’t sing in today’s music world, he’s not an isolated case. I know it’s not fair to artists like David who can out sing them any day but there’s enough place for all of them, the entertainers and the vocalists.

  22. Watching The Voice tonight. I like the blind auditions but I am ready to see them end. Interesting article that was posted on Xtina.

  23. HAHAHAHA…The conversation is about the Biebs in a David Archuleta fansite. Cchalo I’m not judging him at all, I’m frankly just a little sick of not be able to go anywhere and not be over exposed by him.

  24. Exactly cq. My dislike of the Biebs has absolutely nothing to do with David. I think that guys in One Direction are just adorable. I really like their songs and hope they continue to do well. I also still watch all the reality talent shows even though David is not on them and some of them are kind of lame this year. lol

    • I like the guys from One Direction. I remember watching them when they were on the Xfactor. I wasn’t rooting for them to win but I’m happy for all their success. They seem to be good guy who just want to have fun and live their dreams. They sing live during their shows. I’ll say that 2.5 out of 5 in the band are good singers. They are not amazing like David but it’s not fair comparing because there aren’t many singers at his level of talent lol. I too hope that they’ll continue to do well.

      • One of their songs “Moments” written by Ed Sheeran is really good (and they sing it really well live). They worked with really good producers on their first album and they had songs from McFly, Ed Sheeran and Kelly Clarkson just to name a few. I hope that David will be able to surround himself with great and talented writers and producers too. I don’t know if they are going to last because boy bands don’t tend to last long but their management (Simon Cowell ?) really knows how to make money from them, I hope that they’ll get a piece of the cake too lol

  25. Oops. Made a long comment up above.

    Justin Beiber is soo not my cup of tea, and I find him way overexposed too. (Would we object if David got the same amount of exposure?) But to me, it’s just fine that people like him and I don’t want to say that his type of entertainment isn’t just as valid in his own way. And sometimes he’s really charming and sweet–as he was singing the lonely girl song in tribute to his little fan that died.

    I happen to prefer David’s understated personality, and incredible voice.

    • That’s a good question cc halo. Would we be ok if that was David being over exposed? For me no it wouldn’t be ok, but I sure would like for David to have more success in the business and be known as a phenomenal singer that he is with awards. I think that when David returns his music direction might be away from the teeny bopper idol star and go more toward a mature singing career, imo.

  26. I would not mind a little over exposure for David at this point. This 2 year mission is kind of going in the other extreme. He is so under exposed now. lol

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