Daily Archives: September 29, 2012

If Only David Played Guitar on Idol…

He might have won! 😛

In other news, according to the latest SD poll, 31% of you said you developed O.D.D. after David sang “Heaven,” but the same percent shows that many of you had a different “moment” when you became obsessed with the Archulator.

Still, 27% of you said it was the moment when he sang “Imagine” for the first time! (Sigh)

Sweet times, yes?

Alas, only 4% of you said that O.D.D. kicked in when David sang “And So It Goes” (who knew I was in such a small minority – that was when the moment happened for me).

Of course, that a third of you said “different moments” brought on Obsessive David Disorder just proves that this Archu ride is both an individual experience and a collective one.

As for the three people who said they never developed “O.D.D.,” puh-lease! I’m soooooo not buying it! Otherwise, why are you here? 😛