When Did O.D.D. Begin for You?

Based on a recent comment made, I was inspired to offer a new poll. What say you, Soul David, readers? 😛


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  1. Great poll Hg. The moment that ODD kicked in for me was when he sang Love Me Tender. He already had me as a fan, but with that song and tenderness he brought to each and every note, I was a goner for life, lol. Well, actually I liked him from the very first audition.
    David’s singing career is such a fun journey and it’s kind of become a hobby for me…I just love it and I’m convinced that he will be a big star.

  2. Hi HG,
    I predict your one sentence blog and poll will be popular. At least I got pulled out of lurking.

    My O.D.D.: I was hooked with Imagine, but had my interest stimulated the week before during Shop Around. That first week, when he sang Shop Around, I was home from my usual Tuesday night moonlighting job because of snow closure. After David sang I called my daughter, whom I knew watched AI. When I asked “did you see that kid from Utah” I learned she was as impressed as I. The following week I rushed through my work but felt more than a little sad that I could not finish by 8:00. As luck would have it, David sang last. Here is where the story gets…well, a little obsessive. The third week I informed my employer that the Tuesday workday was running a bit longer then I wanted. I subsequently adjusted my hours, with absolutely no regard for income I would lose, because I had to follow the wonders of “that kid from Utah”.

    I analyze my interest all the time and all I can say is that I love the way David interprets music, and I have grown to admire him as a person.

    Thanks for all you do with this site, and those of us who can’t end a day without stopping by.

  3. It happened gradually. I first remember pricking up my ears on “Shop Around”, and noticing his adorable reaction to the praise.

    Later in the season I remember my teenage daughter remarking “He’s not that cute….” and I said, “Oh come on, he’s adorable!” (Now she has two posters and a photo with him, up in her room).

    I was out of town for the finale and had forgotten about it, but my husband called and asked, “Do you want me to tell you who won?” I was only mildly disappointed, because I liked Cook also.

  4. The one thing that I am sure of is that my O.D.D. began when David was on American Idol. If it was not for AI I would not have known about David. You have to at least appreciate AI for giving David his fan base. I have to be very honest. My O.D.D. is not as strong as it was 4 years ago. I just don’t know how I will feel in 2014. But I will always be a fan , appreciate David’s huge talents, listen to his music, and wish him the best in his career.

  5. My ODD began w/ the “Apologize” performance. Quite often I was late for work because I would watch the video over and over each morning. I still recall where I would start it (1 min 10 sec into the video) to skip the Ryan Tedder part, LOL.

    In a way, my ODD has waned — I know longer need to know everything about him or the people who know him. For example, remember the days when someone might tweet that they spotted David walking down the street and then half the fanbase would tweet the person asking: What was he wearing? Who was he with? Well, I’m no longer the type of fan that has to have those details. However, if you post the info here, I will read it and comment. 🙂

  6. i think three peopli are lying to themselves,why are they here this early ha ha

    • LOL … Who, me? Perhaps I’m guilty as charged. 😀

      • I think that I am guilty as charged too. lol I have no idea what it is but “whatever”. lol I do actually have a job and have to get up early to earn a living. If I am one of the two or three then I am proud of it. LOL. Actually I am interested in many music artists not just David to be honest. The music industry frustrates and interests me at the same time. David’s career does too. I just really enjoy SD as hg writes such interesting posts.

      • also, being a little less ODD doesn’t necessarily mean that one likes David any less. For me, it just means I’m not quite as obsessed. I’ve said before that I used to actually lie to my coworkers about fake meetings just to get away from the office and listen to D’s interviews on Radio Disney, LOL. I used to have all the fansites tabbed on my work computer web browser and consequently, my job performance slipped. I currently read this site all the time but I no longer read the other sites on a daily basis. D’s departure for the mission was just what I needed; my obsession had become too much of a distraction.

      • I agree with you desertrat. I can really relate to your comments. I think I am way better off now not being so obsessed since David left.

    • What time zone are you in, Ray? Maybe some are here late, not early?

  7. This poll got me thinking: would I be an ODD fan if David came in a different package. What I mean is his looks, charm and character? Hummm, I would say that his charm and his boyish good looks were part of what I first liked about him, of course, besides that golden voice, so I would have to say that his looks and charm might be needed to keep my ODD going. Now, as far as his very conservative character,if he wasn’t as conservative I probably would even have a worse case of ODD, LOL.

  8. So fun to read all the comments on this poll! I’m always intrigued to hear what others think about David and why they follow him so closely.

    My ODD was after AI. I don’t think I even watched the entire season when David was on. I vaguely remember watching the finale and I remember lots of people talking about Imagine when that happened. But David didn’t make a huge impact on me then, for whatever reason. It was the next year when it hit for me — of course then I had to go back and rewatch the entire season. I’m kind of glad I wasn’t an ODD fan then because I probably couldn’t have handled the anxiety very well lol.

  9. In retrospect, I admit I was hooked from Day 1 “Waiting On The World To Change” This was a total shock because I was upset from the previous year when I blamed the teenage vote for ousting Melinda Doolittle. Each song from there such as Heaven, Shop Around, Imagine, Love Me Tender, Smoky Mountain Memories, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me etc had me Hooked. In the long run, I was glad David came in second as he then didn’t have the burden of the Title. I’ve been lucky enough to see David LIVE in Reno for his famous “Works For Me”,in Moline,Ill with Demi Lovato, his appearance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and his MKOC in SLC, and Beaver Creek. Nothing like David LIVE.

    Fast forward to David’s last concert in the U.S. in Beaver Creek when David and Jeff LeBlanc jammed to “Waiting on The World To Change” as an Encore. You can imagine my thrill.

    I loved JR’s comment under the You tube “Rather than a circle am imagining a spiral. David comes back to where he started but steps up for the next phase, to remind us that he is nothing but deliberate and nothing but going forward.”

    I think that was JR speaking to those that said David came full circle with this Waiting On the World To Change moment. I like thinking of it as a Spiral.

  10. cchalo 3.31 am is early ha ha and then again at 12 pm,dont think you are one of the three lol

    • It’s funny that you mention the posting times, because it often seems so jarring to me at first glance when it shows that I’ve posted at 2 or 3 A.M. or whatever odd time. Of course, being on the west coast it’s 3 hours earlier for me–usually around bedtime. (This week I’ve been sick and thus home from work and able to lurk and post). I’m assuming that you’re in the Eastern Time Zone, Ray.

  11. I loved his version of Heaven, but when I heard he was going to sing Imagine, I said to my husband “Oh, no, someone very young is about to sing Imagine, hope he doesn’t ruin it”
    Two minutes later I was yelling at him to come watch. That it was perfect. That I was CRYING over it. I went online that night and searched youtube. And once one has done that – well. I pretty much never stopped after that.

  12. I totally understand those that don’t have ODD and still enjoy lurking and even commenting. It’s all in fun and it’s so good for David’s career to keep these wonderful sites active. The more fans he has to welcome him back, the easier it will be for a smooth return to his singing career.

    • cq: Exactly. David can’t afford to lose fans whether or not you may agree or disagree with all of the fans opinions. It is in good fun and David is a music artist so his choices in his music career (management,label,ect.) are up for speculation by fans. That is what fans do. You need fans to have a music career as they are the ones that purchase the music and the concert tickets . That is why the music industry is so tough.

      • One David site that I do like to check out now is Archuleta Avenue Malaysia. Someone posted the link to the site recently. It seems like it has posts by David’s younger fans in Malaysia and it is interesting and honest. In this post they show a pic of David in Chile and talk about his album BEGIN. Nice to have younger fans in Malaysia perspective. http://archuletavenue.wordpress.com/

  13. In other news: I enjoyed The Voice until Cassadee Pope’s audition. I could not understand the praise at all. They rejected many singers that were much better than her. The show must be scripted.

    (I was going to skip the battle rounds anyway because, at that point, the judges already have favorites and it does not matter how beautifully or badly the contestants sing.)

  14. I agree with you regarding Cassadee’s audition. I thought that she was not that good at all but it did not matter. They were going to praise and all select her anyway. It seems like all these reality talent shows are somewhat scripted and the contestants are not always in on it. Right now the voice is winning the ratings war.

  15. #guitarswag


  16. Love that picture. David looks great with a guitar in his hand. Big thanks to Kari.

  17. When he sang ‘Waiting on the world to Change”

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