Flashback to Another Awards Show

Aside from the Emmys, the ALMA Awards show also made a comeback over the weekend, which got me reminiscing… (sigh)


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  1. In response to a question in the previous thread:

    “Jim believes the source of David’s talent comes largely through David’s mother, Lupe, who emigrated to the United States after joining the LDS Church in her native Honduras. After serving a Spanish-speaking church mission in Philadelphia, Jeff met Lupe while working a summer job selling insulation in Florida, and they married. Lupe was a singer and salsa dancer, and she passed on a passion for both to her five children — ”


    • What an interesting article. I never saw that one before.

    • Very interesting article indeed…the first thing David was going to do his Star Search winning was pay the church. To me that speaks volume.

    • I hadn’t seen that before either. Thanks for posting it. David was instantly my favorite, but I didn’t scour the internet for information about him during the show. That only started about a minute after the finale. lol

  2. Contigo never grows old!

  3. I still remember looking at David singing Contigo on the big TV..what a magical performance…I know we will be blessed with many more.

    In regard to my noisy questions from the previous thread that I posted, sorry guys, shouldn’t of gone there.

  4. That is one of my favorite performances by David. Just noticed that the Biebs will be performing on DWTS tonight. Enough already. lol I know I am watching The Voice.

    • Marie, I have nothing against JB, it’s that he is so saturated everywhere, I think that even a hardware store might have some item that has his face on it, lol, just tired of his face everywhere.
      It got me thinking though, if it was David’s face/fame, would I feel the same way, lol. probably not. So I’m thinking a hardcore JB fan is loving seeing him everywhere, lol.

      • i was in a burlington coat factory over the weekend and they had several large bins filled with junk that had his face on it — watches, lotion, scarfs, etc. all of it was marked down too. maybe his popularity is waning.

      • The difference is that David can actually sing and the Biebs IMO can’t. lol I also think that JB is great for young teen fans but to have adults have to listen to him on these shows where the viewers are older is kind of lame. I think DWTS does have an an older viewing audience/demographic. JB is just over exposed. So is Taylor Swift whose vocals don’t impress me either.

  5. Re: The Amazing Race, last thread, I always loved that show, especially the first season with cousins Charla and Myrna, but I’m starting to agree with HG–ho hum. I recorded it but never got around to watching most of them this last time. I guess we almost always get tired of even good shows. I just need a clear good guy to keep emotionally invested, and the nice guys often get eliminated early.

    I’m still hanging in there for AI, and even have a soft spot in my heart for P2, Adam Lambert and others, but we’ll see. The new judge-follies are starting to really bother me. The magic of David’s season was having two good guys to root for until the very end.

  6. I’m too interested in all things David. I just recently read part of Chords of Strength to see if Jeff met Lupe on his mission. Thanks for the newspaper article which explains that he didn’t meet her on his mission but shortly after. I hadn’t see that article before. It seems that David has always been a very devout Mormon. It was not surprising to me that he went on a mission once I found out how important it is to the Mormon faith.

    I won’t be watching the “Dancing with the Stars Results Show”. I don’t want to see Bieber or Pitbull. I will watch “The Voice”. I agree that Bieber is way over-exposed. Pretty soon we will see Taylor Swift everywhere as she has an album coming out this fall. I’m not a big Taylor fan either.

  7. Had a cute link about a dog saving her puppies in Chile, but it won’t post.

  8. Awww. Cute video, cc halo.

  9. Thank you cc halo, real cute.

  10. i tried very hard to watch the “x factor” tonight in it’s entirety; it was ok but i’m not a huge fan of reality show auditions. the tv highlight for me was seeing the backstreet boys in that old navy commercial.

  11. I could not agree with you more about X Factor, desertrat. It just seems so scripted and staged that I am not enjoying it. I am usually a fan of reality talent shows. I just could not watch the whole show. I also am not that impressed with the judges at all. So far The Voice is doing much better in the ratings. I can understand why it is. I am quite sure Modern Family beat X Factor in the ratings tonight. lol

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