Is MySpace Making a Comeback?

Just wondering as Kari felt to announce that David’s old myspace account has been updated.

In other news, David now has 1,205,092 followers on Twitter! 🙂

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  1. Not sure about a comeback but his Myspace had been compromised and members had been getting false e-mails (Not David) I guess they decided to first send out notices that it had been compromised and then went about cleaning it up. Just another spot for fans who prefer Myspace to see his Music and any updates. He has had Myspace account since 4/2008 before Facebook, Twitter and his Official Site were created.

  2. I say keep as many places as possible open for fans to visit.

  3. MySpace is not making a come back but it’s nice it got updated with this current album cover and one song from BEGIN on the music player. You can read his old blogs there for 2008. His twitter followers keep increasing even though he is gone which is good.

  4. If folks were getting spam from his MySpace, why not just delete the account?

    • I think many of the fans from foreign countries seem to like Myspace and it does have old blogs that some fans like reading. I too was surprised that they recovered it but it does show New album etc. and as long as it’s not compromised again, it sure can’t hurt. :))

  5. I know Justin Timberlake literally bought into MySpace and had plans to help bring it back to preeminence. That was a year ago. I don’t think his plan was too successful.

  6. I don’t think it is very successful either. lol

  7. i found this on fod this morning but didn’t have time to bring it over. look at the pics at the top. i suspect an archie did this during the 2008-9 archie/cook rivalry days, lol.

  8. entertainment lawyer, bob lefsetz really went after simon cowell in this post. he calls him a one trick pony.

    “Isn’t it funny that when it all comes down at the end the big winner from “Idol” will be Ryan Seacrest and not Simon Cowell?

    Ryan realized it was not about him. That he could be replaced. So he diversified. It’s not his radio gig that keeps him current, but his TV production duties. You may think it’s trash, but “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is a ratings juggernaut and couldn’t be more different from “Idol” whereas “X Factor” is essentially a clone, requiring you to split the differences between the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync to separate it from the original.

    Now that “X Factor” is fading, not only in the U.S., but the U.K., what does Simon Cowell do? He’s a one trick pony. And that pony ain’t so hot. It’s not like he’s Richard Russell, bringing to market Adele and the cavalcade of innovators at XL, Simon’s about lowest common denominator crap, and that’s harder to sell than ever. And what can he be other than a judge, a panelist on late night TV? …”

  9. Good article. I enjoyed reading it. I liked this quote too about AI “But it was always better TV than music, peppered with drama and antagonism.” David was one of the exceptions in regards to the music and finding true talent on AI of course. I admit that I am watching The Voice this year. I have watched X Factor but it does seem so scripted and contrived although there has been some good talent. But it is really about the show not the talent. Britney is kind of painful to watch as a judge. Simon is a one trick pony.

    • i keep meaning to watch the x factor but something else keeps coming up. i hear so much about britney and demi on the show; i can’t believe i haven’t seen them in action.

  10. I found an article on the NPR site that I thought you all might find interesting. No David mentions but “Idol” talk. We may not agree but it’s food for thought.

    • Thanks for the link to the interesting article, crabpot. Yes, Idol is all about singing covers but I believe David has the potential to find a new sound. He has music oozing out of him. As a fan I would actually be okay if he just recorded covers as I love his voice. It will be interesting to see what he does when he returns from his mission.

    • Re. the article, I don’t envision any of the current idol pop music having a lasting impact on the pop scene. Beyonce’s legacy is in place in part because of her dancing. I can imagine people still watching the “Single Ladies” video years from now; it’s sort of like “Thriller”.

  11. Uh oh: “Charice’s Manager Throws Shade on Jessica Sanchez”

    • I would just love to know what idolfan’s thoughts on this are. Where are you idolfan? lol I hate to even mention this but maybe it’s for the best that David and Charice are no longer dating. (not saying they ever were). LOL Seriously I am not so sure that it was an appropriate conversation for Charice’s manager to have on twitter as it is out there for everyone to see.

    • Unfortunate her manager did not use better discretion- but ( is it he or she?) clearly feels Charice has not garnered support from the home crowd. I really like Charice. I think she had a hard life and probably did not have much of a childhood. Trying to find yourself in the spotlight also has to be hard. Many things about her remind me of David- amazing talent, trying to find your niche, both adore their moms. 🙂 Both gained notoriety through talent shows.

    • oh hmmm,,,, just saw that Courtney Blooding his now Charice’s manager. Did not know that had happened. I thought Courtney was more of a long time friend. yikes.

      • i think we know how this story is going to end. run charice, run!!

      • Charice is just so talented. I hope that she has the right management behind her. Such a tough business. I am sure that she was disappointed when her role on Glee did not turn out to be a more regular role. Jessica Sanchez is supposed to have a small role in Glee this year. I always thought and still do that Glee would be a great show for David to be involved with.

      • desertrat: LOL

  12. I love how Simon Cowell is becoming more and more irrelevant and desperate. Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and… Khloe Kardashian. No one knows who Melanie Amaro is.

    Also, I love how the controversy is not working. The more desperate he becomes, the more controversy he is trying to create because that is the only trick he knows.

    • i agree re. simon. next thing we know, he’ll be guest starring on “dancing with the stars” and “the apprentice”. 😉

  13. LOL! Did anyone just get a message from David’s My Space? Guess that fix did not take. Who ever has control is a fan of Miley and Selena….. ( or was it Demi?) I say teen girl, but hey just speculation. Could be a prankster…

    • this is the message i got, lol.

      “Hi everyone! how are u? i hope good

      okay i have a fave to ask u guys can everyone! please

      subscribe to my friend Miley Cyrus on YouTube?

      if u do i will send everyone! a message who subscribes to her

      and if u don’t have a YouTube please signup for one and click the link below to subscribe to her”

  14. just saw this pic on fod. 🙂 if it’s recent, it looks like his hair is growing out.

  15. David looks better in that pic to me. I like his hair longer.

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