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Kari tweeted a pic yesterday to share how David came up with the album title.

What I still can’t fathom is: why have a period at all? Whether it comes before or after, a period indicates not a beginning but an ending.  Any ideas on what David was thinking? 😛


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  1. It’s as if David is saying “begin! end of statement” Nothing else to say.. just “begin” period! Do it! … Been listening to “Look Around” this morning! We get so caught up and busy with things that aren’t important. There’s tons of things we can do to make a difference in our own lives and in others lives. Just gotta start… begin.

    • Yes, that’s what I always thought too, Munk. I felt like the period was a subtle command. No more excuses..go for it..NOW. I’m not so sure anymore, though. The random periods are throwing me off.

  2. he was saying in his deiveos wonderful mine i will give the something to talke about .hehehe ,just got to love him

  3. After Kari explained that it really didn’t mean anything more than what he had said the album’s meaning was, I figured it was just how he thought it was the best look.
    Sigh, was hoping that it had more meaning in regards to his direction of music when he returns.
    Oh well, at least we heard from our man today via Kari.
    We have Rainbow remix MV to keep us going.

    • You’ve got me curious now, cq. What were you thinking David might have meant about the direction of his music with album the title? You don’t have to share if you don’t want but I’m always interested to hear how other people interpret things. 🙂

      • Ali, don’t mind sharing at all….really was only thinking that it might be that he already has set the foundation he had talked about before and was ready to begin his new music journey. I’m always thinking about his career and anything that is from him, I, of course, relate to his music career.
        It’s cool that he is doing something that he feels he needs to do…but my interest is that he will have a long successful career singing.

      • Thanks for sharing, cq!

        My interest definitely lies with yours. I want many many more shows to attend… where I can just close my eyes and be completely transported. /selfish wish/ lol

  4. Was thinking that he wantd to state it emphatically; less forceful than an exclamation point and emphasis more than without any punctuation.

    Or I’m hoping it is the first word in a multi-word sentence, using periods as emphasis. As in…I.miss.him.

    If we are lucky, each word or set of words will be an album as in: BEGIN. YOUR LIFE. NOW. (I’m wishing for 3 albums!)

  5. I felt the period before Begin, signified a clear demarcation of the the end of an error. like STOP. Then Begin, the start of a new one. If that was his intent. Maybe it could have been
    . Begin ( period double space and the Begin)

  6. According to our dear friend Shirley Halperin, Kris Allen and RCA have “parted ways.”

  7. I just read that Kris Allen had parted ways with RCA. No surprise there. I actually thought that it would be announced before now. I agree that Jordin will be next. Love that it is all now “parted ways” . lol

    • All the Idol’s “parted ways” with the record label except David was “dropped” per Shirley and the press. The funny thing is that David was actually one that was offered a different deal that he didn’t take so he did “part ways”. I’m not sure the others were offered deals. Anyway, the music industry is tough. I listened to a few pop songs on the radio on my way home from work today. All had dance beats and what I would call “bubble gum” lyrics. Certainly not something David would have wanted to sing.

  8. Good point grammyj. I believe that David was offered a different deal by Jive/RCA but the others were not. Those other idols would have not left their music label voluntarily unless they were being signed by another type of music label. Kind of ironic that David would get reported by the media as” dropped” when he was the one that “parted ways” with his label and the other idols were “dropped” IMO. At least Sony continued to support David in Asia where he remains popular. Kind of interesting that I have recently heard AI’s Phillip Phillips single ” Home” on my top 40 music station that would normally not play that type of song.

    • “Home” got a big boost by being used during the Women’s Gymnastic team montage at the Olympics. It was a lucky break for the song and P2. Al Michaels of NBC sports actually picked the song to be used for the Gymnastic team video. As I’ve said before, a lot of what happens in a music career has to do with luck. I do like the song, so I’m glad it is doing well.

    • Yeah Marie, it drives me nuts that it seems no other idol was dropped but David, when it seems that he really might of been the only one that wasn’t dropped. One thing is that he got major buzz when other don’t seem to get the same buzz.
      I can’t wait until David returns to his career and skyrockets to the top and none of the nagative stuff about our man will matter.

      • You are right cq that David did get the major buzz as the media knew he was more popular with fans and viewers than other idols. Kind of sad and very telling that the media (other than Shirley) does not even care to report about these AI winners leaving their labels any more. Interesting and good news that David’s twitter account seems to still be gaining followers while most of the other idols are not anymore. Good sign and glad that Kari is in charge of it.

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