“I Will Comfort Youuuuuu”

In the most recent poll, folks were all over the place with their opinions on whether or not David should return to major label support or go the indie route.  Although nearly a third of you believe indie labels are “the wave of the future.”

Only time will tell, but in the mean time, let’s all be grateful that an indie label gave us BEGIN., which includes gems like these:

Quite fitting for this September 11 memorial, isn’t it?

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  1. Quite fitting indeed, Hg.

  2. Beautiful HG!! Nobody sings like our David!! I’m glad he’ll be singing again Oct 13 for a Concert with a fellow Missionary for the 18-30 year old Youth of their community. So happy he is still singing 🙂

    • From what we know about David he is probably singing every day. I hope they are using him for special music a lot. Since part of being a missionary is getting people to church, he should sing to his prospects and let them know he will be singing at church. It could really boost attendance.

  3. Very fitting song for this 9/11 memorial.

  4. This quote is a follow-up to my visit and comment a few days ago….

    “entre 18 y 30”

    Do you know where the quote is from?

    • Yes, it’s on the invitation for David’s concert in Chile next month. I posted the link on the last thread but here it is again.

      It’s only for singles ages 18 – 30. It looks like they want to limit the number of people because of space in the room where it will be held. It’s kind of like the radio shows he use to do were you had to win a ticket to attend when it was in a small venue.

      • There is a special, experimental (?) program for youth (defined as under 30) in Rancagua, Chile.
        That’s probably why David was assigned to that particular area in the first place–to help create an incentive for youth to join the church. As in many churches, that age group is hemorrhaging members.

      • P.S. I believe the JAS–Youth Program– is meant to be a pilot program for young singles in South America.

  5. I knew that it was Spanish but did not know the meaning.

  6. I know it’s wrong from me to feel this way, but I wish to someone would record David singing. Know it won’t happen, but had to say it, lol.

    Off topic: does anyone know if FOD is down again.

  7. Thanks for mentioning that article in AFS, SB. That David site was around for a long time. But with David away for 2 years this is all to be expected. Next year there will be even less David news. That is all I am going to say. lol. Here is the link. http://archuletafanscene.com/

  8. I do understand sites scaling back because of David’s absence and I knew about Fanscene, but FOD has is a very active fansite and all the people in charge have said they were not going to shut What I’m getting is 400 error messages, so I’m thinking it’s just down and needs to be fixed. I don’t have twitter, but I’m sure that someone has stated that they might be working on repairs.

    I’ll say agian, love this site and Fod and the Voice. I don’t know, I just feel that the more sites that stay active the better it will be for David’s career.

    • FOD is having tech problems. They are working on it and hope to have the problem solved soon! They are not going anywhere. Happy there are still sites up with info about D. It helps us all stay connected!

      Thanks HG for the great thoughts btw! 😀

    • Well, we’ll see how long I keep up Soul David, which has become part of my regular routine now. But it’s also why I HAVE to talk about other issues and not just David, especially when we get less new info.

      It’s a lot of work, which is why I tend to have a short fuse for anyone questioning why I’m doing what I do and if I’m being “age appropriate” and that sort of nonsense.

      If I shouldn’t be doing this, just let me know!

      B/c there’s a ton of other stuff I could devote my attention to; I’m still here because I still have READERS! 🙂

      When you go or no longer appreciate my efforts, I’m outta here!

      • Of my gosh, I love everything you write and am so grateful that you are here. No problem talking about other issues other than David, totally understand and will be a regular at this site. Thank you for all you do.
        Also, thank you Munk_Ma for the info.

      • I hope you stay open HG and like the way you tie in other issues such as Independent Labels etc.

      • Hg I agree with you about the need to post on other issues and not just David due to getting less new info. I always enjoy your posts whether they are directly or indirectly related to David. I enjoy the posts on the music industry and other topics that are thought provoking. As much as I enjoy and miss David I do follow other artists and watch the reality talent shows. David needs fans of all ages for his music career. Younger and older. I don’t want to see him lose all of his younger fans and I am an older fan.

  9. Hellogorgeous, I would be devastated if you shut down. While the other sites — the Voice and FOD — and Snowanglz with their frequent humor, all have information about David, yours is the one I most look forward to every day. I am one of those lurkers who reads every day, usually twice. Even if there is not a new post there are new intelligent, thoughtful, provocative comments in response to your posts of the same kind.

    I find your site to be the most mature, the most thought provoking (did I already say that?) whether they are about David or not. Even when not, the issue is always interesting and relevant to our times or vital to what is going on in the world today.

    So I have had my say. Just like for David, I am yours for life. You are a dynamite writer. And I will always be a reader

  10. Please don’t go HG, I don’t post much but I’m here everyday .

  11. Relax, I’m still here! 🙂

    But I’m just reminding folks it’s a two-way street! David may not be around, but his fans need to be around each other just to nurture our love and appreciation – together!

    • “His fans need to be around each other just to nurture our love and appreciation.” Amen to that. And count me among those who would be dang sad if you put your blog on hiatus.

      And I’m going to vent. AFS has been nothing but self-righteous and preachy in the past year and I’d be glad they’re gone (and hope they stay that way) if they hadn’t been supporting David for so long. They led the self-righteous, judgmental attitude that we were not to even wonder what David was doing on his mission. They hurt the supportive feelings many of my friends had toward fellow fans. Not toward David. He’s busy. But most of my best friends are moving on, not feeling it is worth supporting so-called fans of David who won’t permit there to be activity they don’t personally approve of.

      So I appreciate your safe harbour, HG. Thank you.

      • Interesting points crabpot. I do wonder about the fans moving on. I hope they come back when David returns but that really is the unknown.

      • I do think some David fans are obvioulsy on twitter and facebook. I do check them but it is just not my preferred choice.

  12. This site is right up there as a favorite of mine to read up and connect about David and related topics. I appreciate the well thought out commentary and observations. It certainly demonstrates a whole lot of thought and reflection. I would sorely miss it. I support and encourage you to hang in there HG and if you need vacation here or there or have another project we can tide over with videos or remembrances of past entries.

  13. I love the way you write HG… pls keep on writing. I don’t always post bec my thoughts are almost always expressed by the regular posters here & I cant really express myself well as English is not my first language but I’d like to say that I appreciate everything that you & other active David fansites like the Voice, FOD, Snowangelzz do for the love of David. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Soul David is a part of my daily David fix, and I like even your non-D topics. I so look forward to your posts daily. I am one of your many fans 😉

    • I’m your fan too, HG. Many of your posts make me think. I’m okay with other topics being discussed here too as unfortunately, the David stuff is going to decline. I was surprised that we had so much the first six months he was gone.

      I believe that David has always wanted and appreciates that he has fans of all ages. If he only wanted young fans then he would have pursued the teen idol angle more, stayed with WEG and a major label. His last two albums definately leaned toward adult contemporary music so he will want and need his fans over 30 (as well as the younger ones).

  14. Wait HG dont go, you can talk about the weather if you want to but please keep on writing. David needs you and we need you, this is like a group therapy. I dont coment that much ( english is my second language) but i am here…

  15. This is kind of neat. David’s BEGIN was shown at apple’s iphone 5 event today. #5 and # 8 pages on the gallery. David is next to Taylor Swift and Pink. http://www.engadget.com/photos/apple-iphone-5-event-itunes

    • I heard that. That, to me, is more than “kind of neat”. I think it’s awesome! Like, actual promo! Woo-hoo. lol.

      • Product placement at it’s best!!! People have to notice that David has many supportive fans. I mean to have an album (BEGIN) on the i tunes chart and it was then shown at this high profile presentation when he is away for 2 years is really kind of amazing. lol

      • Did I miss this product placement? I checked the link and can’t find it. Did anyone screen capture it?

      • I think its on the 8th slide of that gallery.

        Or someone tweeted a picture of it up on the big screen : http://t.co/7xup0R6c
        There were quite a few tweets coming through about people seeing it today. Too funny! Love any kind of promo though 🙂

      • BEGIN is on the 5th and 8th slide on the gallery. You have to click threw as there are 16 slides that were included in the presentation

  16. I totally understand people needing a break. If you hit something hard for 4 yrs straight, it can wear you out, and everyone needs a respite sometimes. Plus, taking a breather can sometimes be “revitalizing”, and people can come back “ready to roll.” Some workplaces encourage at least a week’s vacation each year, ‘cuz they know the break is needed to keep employees productive.

    But I also think it’s like….critical…for David’s fans to have ways to stay connected while he’s gone. If they can’t stay connected, that would not be good at all. For those of us who don’t have Twitter, fansites are the only way we can talk to other fans. So I don’t care if HG talks about squirrels, or the weather, or just posts pics of David with no words…as long as we have somewhere to keep communicating, I’m good.

  17. well, i plan on hanging around. sometimes when i’m traveling or really behind on work related to my job, i don’t post as much but i’m always lurking. also, i appreciate that we can discuss non-david topics here too. which leads in to my next topic, jordin. 🙂

    “Steph Jones Reveals He Was Homeless While Dating Jordin Sparks”

    • i posted the link before reading the article. this paragraph touched me. more confirmation that the music industry is a very tough business.

      “August 15th, 2011 at 3:47 am, I was at the post office outside of my PO box. I spoke to God like i’ve never spoken to him. Tears ran out of my body to where my body was cold and I said I had had enough. I wanna be around nothing but positive people but the industry is not a positive environment. There are positive people in it, but its a very cold place. A lot of my friends who are platinum selling artists hate there lives.I wanna be healthy and wanna make money but want the money to represent something that I believe in. Everything I asked for made its way into my life a week and a half later.”

    • Interesting article desertrat. I am watching X Factor. Not too sure if I like this show or not. I think they are going for the younger demographic this year.

  18. After the kids are in bed, I always check in to see what interesting and thought-provoking dialogue there might be related to David, music and current events. I seem to always be too late in the conversation or it’s been already said. Or I haven’t necessarily made up my mind. One thing for sure, it’s never dull!

    The Archuworld would not be the same without Soul David. Please keep posting.

  19. Screen shots of David’s album cover on the Apple presentation are posted in the comments at Snowangelz here:http://snowangelzz.com/2012/09/10/davidarchies-mystery-songs/#comments

    I’m so happy for promo!

  20. HG….. I have never posted on Soul David, but I’m here nearly every day. I started reading your comments on the old Noting David site and eventually followed you to Soul David. I always enjoy your thought provoking and informative postings. I just wanted to add my support and appreciation for all that you do. This is one of my favorite David sites.

  21. I don’t post as much, busy with stuff. but also check here daily and enjoy your articles, insights and the comments. Other than twitter this is now my only fan site. Two years seemed short before, but am beginning to really feel it now. Sort of like that first lap where you think this is going to be harder than I thought…. Amazing the great stuff David did leave.

    I did dust off my ATE of TOSOD and have new appreciation for those songs. It is going to be interesting to see what fans flock back on David’s return and how many don’t.

  22. I don’t post much, but I just wanted to add my voice and say that I do appreciate your posts and your hard work, HG. I do think it will be hard to maintain a David site for the next couple of years, as there just isn’t that much David related to talk about.

    About fans coming back or not after his hiatus, I think it will very much depend on what music (if any) he puts out. I am not one of those who thinks he should hit the ground running when he comes back from his mission. It takes time to produce great music, and I would far rather that he takes his time and produces something truly great than that under the pressure of getting something out to the fans he just throws something out there.

    • I so agree with all your comments Gita. Great comment! I don’t think that David should rush to release music when he returns either. It does take time and money to produce really good music. David should have his team in place ( label and management) prior to any kind of release of an album. It is so key that he works with some top notch producers for his album when he returns. His fans returning is so dependent on what type of music he puts out. I can see him going to the Philippines as he is so popular there.

  23. I am a frequent visitor that really enjoys how you write HG! I’ll be here listening whether it’s David related or not! 🙂 #DA2014

  24. HG,
    I second all the Thank You’s and add to them my own. Thank You so much for all you do to keep SD running with interesting and varying topics related to David or not. It is so important to keep even a little flicker of a flame alive during this hard time without David’s presence.

    I also want to thank everyone – daily lurkers and posters alike for your continuing support. It is indeed a community which I enjoy participating in a lot, and posting comments even once in a while will always provide a need for others. Being a fan of David is a choice and a privilege.

  25. I believe we have something like a roll call going on. So yes thank you HG for all of your postings and I find it very interesting when you write about other artists or happenings as well. The polls are most informative of the thoughts people have that they may not express in their writing.


  26. I wanted to add my comment here too that I mostly lurk here but I love reading everything that you write, HG on any topic and since it is your blog whatever you feel like talking about is great for me! Insightful, thoughtful and getting to the heart of things.

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