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Can an Indie Label Music Career Lead to Success?

While I had bellyached in my previous post about the sorry state of affairs that is pop hip-hop music (at least the kind offered by major record labels), I stumbled upon more news in the hip-hop world, and almost like an antidote, the example of Christian rapper Lecrae hitting Billboard’s top 10 charts with his recently released album Gravity, as well as charting #5 on iTunes with an overall #1 charting on iTunes’ hip-hop charts, it appears that audiences have spoken loud and clear.

Not all is lost, and yes, folks want their light in the midst of darkness!

But the real story here about Lecrae is that his album is setting records not just as a Christian album breaking into mainstream hip-hop but as an album released from an independent record label! In fact, it’s Lecrae’s very own label, Reach Records, which represents himself and a number of similar Christian rap artists.

Of course, before the success of Gravity, Lecrae had already built up his fanbase, traveling the Christian music tour circuit, and had a popular mixtape “Church Clothes.”  So, certainly, not all is lost going the independent record label route. Indeed, I think audiences are craving, literally starving for the alternative to the mind-numbing, soul-flattening entertainment major labels have been offering.

While I would be the first to say I would not want David to limit his musical genre to faith-based music, I am finding the indie label route much more intriguing and would love to know more about this movement and how artists can find success moving in this direction.

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