David Vlogs on the Beginning of BEGIN.

I hadn’t realized just how much I would miss David’s vlog until this new one was released.  Will there be more surprise vlogs in store? 😛


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  1. Yes hg, I too miss his vlog. That connection has been such a part of the fun of being a fan and going on that career journey with him.
    From the first time I heard the title of the album I thought it was about him stepping into the next two years on a mission and beyond.
    He did say that this mission will influence him for the rest of his life. I just hope he is seeing the world with an open mind and seeing things beyond the restrictions of his religion.
    Hoping that David returns a strong powerful man with a clear direction to go with his career and of course, hoping that direction is where I, as a fan, want him to go. Time will tell.

    • I agree, cq that Time will tell. I hope that he goes in the direction that I as a fan want him to go too. David is going to have to rebuild his career and fan base after 2 years away. It sure is his decision what he decides to do but you need fans to back your music career. I hope that he has the right team in place to help him do that.

  2. I am still amazed that David did all he did before he left on his mission. He is really missed by all his fans. On a lighter note I love the dogs in the video. lol

  3. I’ve listened to the vlog again, but it will be the last time I’ll listen. I love David’s voice and am a devoted fan is his music and will love for him to get back to his music career asap after he returns, but it’s been hard for me because I don’t agree with some of the things that he is doing now. My wish is when he returns that his religion becomes his private and that he seperates that from his music career.

    • I agree that one’s religious beliefs are their own business and should be private and should be separate from his music career. I actually feel that way about any music artist I follow.

      • Religious beliefs have been an integral part of many many musical artists, including Carrie Underwood and Elvis Presley (check out their versions of How Great Thou Art). I don’t mean to read into your comments, but perhaps you don’t have a problem with religious beliefs but one religion in particular?

      • No I question all organized religions including my own. lol I was raised Catholic but do not practice it at all. I do get frustrated that all organized religions do not evolve and change as fast I think they should to keep up with the modern times. I don’t agree with the Catholic beliefs/doctrine on many issues. I think people tend to pick and choose now a days what they do and do not believe. I am for gay rights/marriage and pro choice and I do have an issue with any of the religions not taking a more progressive stand with the social issues of are time. I do think that many religions need to be more flexible and not so rigid including my own. That is why the church membership is declining for all religions. I also don’t like the judgmental so called christian tea party folks. JMHO

  4. for a mere $98, Peisha McPhee & Michael Orland will help you ace your talent show auditions. all you have to do is complete their online course. i guess as long as all these shows remain popular, then there will be someone out there to capitalize on the wannabe contestants. and as we’ve learned, the shame of it all is that the shows are less and less about vocal prowess.


    • desertrat, to tell you the truth, I can’t even stand to watch the commericals. I will be forever greatful that I watched AI season 7, but don’t watch anymore, never mind any other singing shows. Every show is all about the judges. I know I’m in the minority because it seems that a new one pops up every season, so a lot of people like them.

      • the reality singing shows aren’t “must see” tv for me but i’ll watch them if i’m channel surfing and a singer catches my eye.

  5. I have to be honest here and admit that I do watch most of the reality talent shows. I am watching the Voice and X factor this week. I wonder which one will do better in the ratings? I do agree that they are all about the judges but I know that now. It is actually about the show and not the contestants but it does still find talent and it is entertaining. Actually David was a fan of the reality talent shows as he would often tweet or talk about them.

    • You’re right Marie, he was a fan and I think I might be the only one that really doesn’t watch any of those show, lol. I do, however, watch other reality shows, dance, cooking and fashion.

  6. I do watch the talent reality shows, but none compare to season 7 of American Idol. They are all about the judges, and the contestants don’t do well off the show generally except AI. The judges usually get a boost in their careers. I wonder when they will finally announce the judges for AI. They sure have been milking that with news of different possible judges about everyday.

  7. Re. the AI judges, beyond mariah carey, i’ve lost track of who’s signed and who isn’t, lol.

    Off topic — article regarding the dark side of twitter: “Dark Side of Twitter: Stars blame tweets on rehab, low self esteem … even attempted suicide”


  8. It is just Mariah signed for a judge at this point. I do hope Keith Urban is a judge. Thanks so much for posting that article desertrat. Cyber bullying to me on twitter, blogs, online, ect. is such a huge issue. The problem is these “crazies” can hide behind a computer and just be as cruel as they want on twitter. Their identities are too protected. It is so sad and a huge problem. All you have to do is read some of the comments from posters online at sites such as tmz, , people, ect to realize that there is a huge problem. I don’t have twitter but do check it online. Don’t think I will ever bother to get it. I feel bad for Leann Rimes as I believe she was bullied over twitter and it effected her in a very negative way. I don’t blame her for suing as these people need to be held more accountable for what they do. The problem is she should ignored it but it is difficult. I think that David may have had more than his share of it but never complained about it. I remember that whole twitter madness when he went in a gay bar with Charice and what happened on twitter then when he attempted to respond to it. Maybe it is better to have someone like Kari, who is a professional in the music business, handle a celebrities twitter account so they are not exposed to it daily. I am glad to have a safe place to go here at SD.

    • I remember the whole uproar on the David fansites over David going to the Gay bar to see Charice perform there. That experience and when MIC got caught in the massage parlor made David become much more private when using social media. I guess who can blame him.

    • Marie, your comment got me thinking about me commenting. Although I try to always post a comment that will only bring my point of view across without using demeaning tactics regarding others comments, I really feel freer to comment when no one knows me. I will never abuse that privilege, but plenty have no problem abusing the privilege. I too don’t have twitter, but check it at times, mostly to see if anything is up with David.

      The bar incident and MIC incident were hard to take, but in a way it really gave him huge buzz, weird how the entertainment world works. People were noticing and talking about him.
      Glad he got big buzz about his announcement, too. Kinda balances things a bit.
      David will always be a good guy, but I’m hoping that when he returns, that the “surgery sweet presona” will be gone and in it’s place we have a strong, confident, handsome man that will be ready to show the music industry his true genius.

      • I don’t understand your 2nd paragraph at all. I assume you meant “sugary” instead of “surgery,” no?

        1st, I think David left on his mission “a strong, confident, handsome” man.

        2nd, I think he has shown his true genius to the music industry (on AI, on CFTH, on BEGIN, on Orla Fallon’s Christmas special and at MoTab), not to mention his SSBs. If folks are waiting for him to return from his mission & morph into a sexed up Latin artist a la Enrique Iglesias or an artist signed to a big label who dresses hip hop style and is played constantly on top 40, for example, I think they are going to be severely disappointed. People always say, That’s not what I want or meant but, after years of reading the same ole comments on fan sites, I can’t mistake it for anything other than what it is.

        IMO David made a conscious decision on AI that he wasn’t going to be that guy. You could see it in the songs he decided to perform week after week after week after week. He said in COS (I’m paraphrasing): They (AI TPTB) were looking for a pop star and that wasn’t me. He also couldn’t even pretend to like SBL. After CFTH, after TOSOD, after MoTab, after BEGIN, I have to shake my head when fans don’t seem to know who David is as an artist.

        As for the “sugary sweet persona,” I’m hoping that when he returns, he can actually be more of himself — which is an artist who can say, “I love the Lord,” in a vlog and on stage, without being mocked by his own fans. I’m not religious, but IMO this is where David is and I want him to be free to be himself.

      • I agree with your comments, cq. grammyj David did become much more introverted after all that happened and I as I fan felt bad about it. David’s apparent lack of self confidence was not helped by either of those incidents. I think he was really hurt by mic’s incident and the media coverage it received. You know when you are a sensitive person like David is I think the glare of the spotlight and all that comes with it was hard for him. The media and the blogs and twitter can be cruel. David did retreat and I do not blame him. I hope things are better for him when he returns.

  9. Sorry anon didn’t mean to offend you. Btw thank you for correcting my spelling.
    I respect your opinion.

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