Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

Rekindling My Hope

I’m reposting a shared pic from the previous thread (thanks for the link, Ali!) because I just love it, and it’s a reminder of a time when we were so filled with hope and promise. It reminds me of the year 2008, a year that completely changed my perspective and my priorities.

The year when I was worried about a breast biopsy exam and had my “Hello, Gorgeous!” moment watching American Idol. Around that time, I was not yet on the Obama bandwagon, and the soon-to-be First Lady implored me to “stop doubting” the promise that was held in imagining our first black President of the United States.

My cynical mind had to be changed, and part of that change came because my heart softened enough to allow me to hope when I cast my vote in November of that year.

My heart softened because I was listening to a Voice emerging from one of the most magical human beings I had ever seen on my TV. That Voice opened my heart, and my open heart led me to open my mind to hope and change.

I dared to dream of a better place and a better reality.  I could “imagine” a hopeful future, even when the bottom fell out from under us.

And despite the economic hardships, despite the scare tactics used at my place of work, despite the uncertainties, I never despaired because I was busy riding the Archutrain.  I didn’t even feel the bottom fall out because that’s how high I was: floating in the clouds, listening to the Voice, and getting high on O.D.D.

The transcendence of that time is one that I will always cherish, which is why I gaze so fondly at this picture.

In this picture, I remember the feeling, and in this picture, I can rekindle the hope.

I still hope for a better country and better world, and I hope that David has a better country to return to so he can successfully relaunch his career! 🙂