Music, Politics, and Election Year

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. but I was very much under the weather since the Labor Day weekend and starting to recuperate.  Thanks all the same for keeping this blog hopping! 🙂

While recovering, I’ve been caught up in the Democratic National Convention and getting all teary-eyed over our First Lady’s deeply moving speech.  Every now and then, I go online to check and see what you’ve all been saying, and to see what’s the latest gossip. I saw the comment about Taylor Hicks receiving mean tweets for performing at the RNC. But trust me when I tell you, those tweets are nothing in comparison to the “death threats” a rapper like Nicki Minaj received for including the following verse in a Lil Wayne mixtape:

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b***hes is f-ing up the economy.”

Sigh. One thing that I’ve always loved about David is his uncanny savvy in knowing how not to offend and how to stay away from politics. Sure, he performed at one of the Inauguration Balls for President Obama, and he’s appeared a few times at the White House during this administration, but David’s appearances have always been in the context of serving his nation rather than endorsing a political party.  With the Republican nominee being a fellow Mormon, would expectations be different for David with folks thinking David’s affiliation naturally fell on that side of the party line?

I’m almost certain, if David were around, an invitation would have been extended for him to perform at the RNC. Would David then feel obliged to perform and, by extension, lend himself to a political party, or would such a move indicate his “bipartisan” status?  That certainly wouldn’t stop the angry responses from those who perceived either party in a negative light!

For the first time since David has been on his mission have I been very grateful that he’s far away from these election politics.

I hope when he returns in 2014 that he manages to stay under the political radar, reaching out and appealing to diverse audiences, while maintaining his own values in the realm of the personal.

Although David’s religion is widely known, and many of us (fans and non-fans alike) have made all kinds of speculations about his politics – based simply on his faith – I’ve always admired the way David never, ever came out as pro-this or anti-that. Ever!

Indeed, it’s usually his “entourage” who often volunteers information about his faith, while David himself keeps mum, only revealing the things he feels we need to know (like thanking God for blessings in his various acknowledgments or weepingly revealing his need to serve on a mission – and only revealing such news to a sympathetic audience in Salt Lake City, where they would most likely understand his motives).

Apart from that, David has shrewdly kept these things close to his chest and acting in public in ways that are motivated by his personal beliefs while navigating his actions for maximum appeal.

It is precisely that kind of action on David’s part why I believe he has what it takes to be a superstar. I really do. Because, at such a young age, he is so in tune to putting others first, himself second, and in the process, knowing that politics and faith should never get in the way of appealing to and cooperating with the wider sea of humanity.


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  1. Another great post, HG. I also think that the reason we aren’t hearing much from David now that he is on his mission is because he does want a broader music career when he gets back than just with his peeps in the Mormon community. If he just wanted to be a local star he would make all his missionary blogs public because they would understand, but he knows that a wider audience might not. I would love for him to have his missionary blogs public, but I can see why he does not.

  2. First of all glad you are feeling better Hg. No fun being under the wealther.
    Second, man, killer arcticle once again. So well written. Thank you for all you do.
    Totally agree with every word.

  3. I’ve felt the same way. During the RNC I put “Mormon” in the Twitter search feed, just for kicks. The results were appalling. I’m glad that David isn’t here at this particular time. People can be terribly ignorant.

  4. Love this post, HG! And, in a shallow aside, I love that picture you chose for the top of the post 😉

    I generally don’t speak about my political leanings on FB or twitter and I appreciate that David doesn’t talk about his either. Its really nobody else’s business and I don’t take my social media followers in the voting booth with me lol. I do not begrudge David any personal preferences but when you reveal those, people tend to attack you no matter which side you’re on.
    It would be nice if there were more understanding and cooperation in politics instead of mocking and derision but that’s just me being Pollyanna.

    Since political stuff is on our minds with the conventions going on, it was good timing that this picture ( ) resurfaced this morning. I actually hadn’t seen it before but its from the CMN event in 2010. And while I try not to talk to much about my party views I will say that the pic made me smile 😉

    • Love that pic! Can’t help it! Where did you find this? 😀

      I for one haven’t forgotten that I was introduced to David Archuleta and Barack Obama around the same time in the same year.

      What a different feeling back then, with hope and optimism (both for the country and David’s career).


      • I’m not sure of the original origin of the pic but it popped up on tumblr early this morning and is now running around twitter lol. I’ve seen several pictures from that day but had never seen that one — its such a good picture too!!

        I hope we can get that feeling of hope and optimism back on both fronts. But I’m the perpetual optimist lol.

    • i’ll comment in more depth when i get off of work but i have to point out, in that pic, it looks like the kid’s eyes are more focused on david.

      • I loved that long hair David had back then and what a smile! The President, VP and their wives will have a campaign stop a few blocks from where I work tomorrow. It will be interesting getting to and from work with many of the roads being closed. I’m in Iowa which is a battleground state so the candidates are here all the time. The amount of commercials run for each side is crazy. I will be glad when the election is over.

  5. I love that picture of David with the President. I am glad that David is away from this election and that he smartly steers away from politics. I did like Bill Clinton’s speech last night as I have always liked Bill. He was much better than Clint Eastwood and the chair. lol. Sen. Harry Reid is LDS/Mormon and is a very influential Democratic Senator. Reid is a staunch supporter of the President and one of Romney’s strongest critics. That is all I will comment on politics. lol

  6. i just read on fod that ggdoors is at the convention — lucky her! i have a ticket for the stadium but with the change in venue for the President’s speech, my ticket is void. 😦

    re. twitter, i remember when its purpose was to share info re. what you were doing in real time. while some tweets are sarcastic and cynical, to me, a few others cross the line. i’ve seen some very tasteless photoshopped pics tweeted re. the candidates, their wives.

    re. nicki minaj, she sure knows how to create drama, lol.

  7. i think jennifer granholm out did eastwood and the chair, lol. i’ve never seen a woman speak like that.

  8. Too bad your ticket was void due to the change in venue desertrat. I would have liked to be there. Jennifer was great.

  9. Wow, what a speech. *sniff sniff*

    I hope Ggdoors will share her experience! 😛

    • ^ ditto; I’d love to hear her thoughts and impressions.

      And I have to add my kudos for this blog post. I almost envy David’s ability to appear at events for a variety of individuals and yet somehow remain above the political fray. I’m growing weary of politics and the friction it causes within relationships, both personal and professional. As Ali said, people will attack you for your choice no matter which way you chose. It’s refreshing to not know who David supports specifically and why.

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