David’s BEGIN. (Part 5)


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  1. Totally understand him including a hymn in this album. It is a beautiful hymn.

  2. I’m bringing over Marie’s comment from the last post: “I just answered my own question about Gina Orr’s involvement with David. This is Gina’s website for her management/marketing company and David’s picture is on there along with some others. Interesting. http://www.orrigami.com/

    I’ve looked at the website before and it is very bare bones. Hardly any information on it except for four artists: Crystal Bowersox, Jeff Le Blanc, Wren Kelly and David. I clicked on the pictures of the artists and they did connect to their OS except Wren Kelly just had a facebook page. Jeff LeBlanc did have on his contact page that Gina Orr is his manager and it has been publicized that Crystal is managed by Gina. David thanks Gina on all his album liners so she does something for him. I did notice that since they updated David’s website for the BEGIN album that MIC’s consulting company in no longer listed on David’s OS.

  3. According to Shirley Halperin, Pia Toscano has “parted ways” with her label and management company. LOL.

  4. Yes. I think that it is good news that David is listed on Gina’s website. Interesting grammyj that David website was updated. I would not have caught that. Kris Allen has new management (no longer 19) and I would not be surprised at all if he announces a “parted ways” with label by the end of the year. lol

  5. Hasn’t the “contact us” on David’s website been updated recently too? I don’t remember there being a statement about his being unavailable for bookings until 2014. http://davidarchuleta.com/home/?page_id=31

    • Yes, his booking agent is no longer listed. That makes sense since he won’t be back for 1.5 years. I hope he gets lots of good bookings once he is back.

      • I actually thought that it was a good idea to put that comment in. Not everyone is a hard core David fan and knows that he is away. I agree with you about the need for buzz cq. Sometimes it is kind of negative but it gets his name out there. Let us all hope for good bookings when he returns,.

  6. One thing I have to say about dropped from Jive bomb, he got a lot of media buzz with that bombshell as for others parting ways not so much. I know it was nagative buzz, but still buzz. Again he got great good buzz when he made the mission announcement. I’m really thinking that the media still think that David is news worthy, I could be wrong, but that’s my take on the whole thing. Let’s hope that the media will be covering David’s return to the music scene in 2014. Grammyj, 1.5 yrs sounds so much better than 2yrs, lol. Before we know it, it will be less than a year, yipee!!

    • I have been pleasantly surprised at how much there was to comment about during David’s first six months of being a missionary. Of course, we had two albums and the missionary blog controversy among other things to talk about. I think it will really start to slow down on the David fan boards now though. We will have to see what else David left. For sure we have the Rainbow mv and the dougie video. Also the pictures from the Matt Clayton photoshoot.

      • Yay, that photoshoot with Matt Clayton, wonder what that was for…….hoping it comes with new music from David. Maybe that other original song that was suppose to of been on the album BEGIN, now that would be awesome.

  7. I just hope that a booking agent will be hired a at the end of 2013 because it probably will take a lot of work to get him bookings, so they should be working on it before he returns.

  8. HG, thanks so much for the videos on “David’s BEGIN.” I notice that it has gone up on Deseret Book’s site, from #7 to #4 among top sellers, so word of mouth — and your fine posts — must be working! If only we could get the video and music played here in the states even on a couple of radio stations.

    As for other fan sites and BEGIN….ask yourself who is the odd person out in terms of producers and you might arrive at an answer as to why fans aren’t being led down the primrose path to focus on BEGIN.

    I’m going to call this the little album that will. I’m focused on it like a laser beam.

    • I don’t I agree with you. FOD has something about BEGIN everyday. I don’t think the left out producer has much to do with FOD any more anyway. He comments there about once a year.

      I love BEGIN and want it to do well. Actually for an independent release I think it has done fine. I’m sure it will do well in Asia as well.

  9. I like BEGIN. As I have mentioned numerous times I think that Kurt Bestor did a great job as one of the producers of this album. Good point desertrat about it being a good sign that David is still listed with CAA.

    • I agree with you grammyj that for an independent release it has done well. It is on a small independent label with no promo (David is away) and no radio play, and it is basically a covers album. You can’t expect the sales or the buzz for the album to be that high. Even indie music artists that have more promo and no buzz and are here have low sales. It is what it is. David and his team need to increase his fan base when he returns if he wants higher sales or more attention to his music.

  10. someone sang “imagine” on america’s got talent. howard stern gave him a standing ovation.


  11. I watched it last night. The song of course reminded me of David and why I became a fan when he sang “Imagine” on S7 AI. Sweet Memories.

    • memories in deed. one of these days i hope to hear him sing it live.

      off topic, i’ve been watching the political convention coverage and of course i started thinking about david, lol. if he were still here, i can imagine that some would have felt he was snubbed if he wasn’t invited to sing the National Anthem at the RNC. Then again, had he been invited and had he accepted the invitation, others would be disappointed that he became political. i’m happy right now that we don’t have to have that discussion, lol.

      • I’m kind of glad David is not here for this election to be honest. I agree with you desertrat about not wanting that discussion. However, it would be nice if he came back next year. lol Kind of funny that Taylor Hicks performed at the RNC this year.

      • Yay, Marie, it really would be nice if he came back next year, lol.
        I agree with both you and desertrat, glad that he is not here for this election. I wonder if the missionaries are aloud to vote? none of my business, but I still wonder.

      • re. taylor hicks, i thought the twitterverse was very cruel to him as he performed at the RNC. lots of tweets unfairly poked fun at his post idol career. i certainly wouldn’t have wanted that to have happened to david or any other idol for that matter. well, maybe blake lewis and constantine, lol.

  12. back to the gina o. management conversation, i think at one time gina was managing allison iraheta. i wonder what happened with that?

    • I did notice the Taylor got many unkind tweets. Being a winner of AI (with the exception of Kelly) no longer is such a positive thing in the media. Many idol fans are upset that Scotty and Carrie did not get nominated for a CMA this year but I did not think Scotty deserved it and I am not a big Carrie fan. I prefer Hunter Hayes style of country singing over Scotty’s. In regards to Gina I am not sure what did happen with her managing Allison. Gina keeps such a low profile I am not sure what she does as far as management. I know she no longer uses her twitter for some reason.

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