David’s BEGIN. (Part 4)

Happy Labor Day, everyone! 😀

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  1. desertrat posted this in the last thread. I thought I would move it here. : Picture from Chile. http://twitpic.com/aqk4ok/full

    Right now my favorite is Don’t Give Up. As others have said, it really changes daily as to what my favorite happens to be depending on my mood. I have to say that the only one song I don’t listen regularly is Be Still My Soul. That one is to, to sad, I have always had trouble listening to those type of hymns anyway without crying, so with this hymn, given the situation, it’s 100 times worse. It just reminds me that hymns are the only songs he will be aloud to sing for two yrs. (ok, less than 2 now) and that is kinda sad to me. David that would rather sing than talk is so limited right now……This is only my thoughts, for all I know David is probably saying…Yipee all I can sing is hymns, lol.

    • I doubt David is just singing hymns, and I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy if that is all he could sing. Publicly he may only be singing hymns. I don’t know the Mormon rules on that. I have read that in Chile music is played everywhere and so David is hearing lots of secular music. My church uses music from many genres but most of our music is Christian rock. We have a band every Sunday. We also have had blue grass rap, country, and, of course hymns. Sometimes we have an orchestra. Christian music can take any form, it does not just have to be hymns. Actually some hymns are words set to bar music of the day!

    • cq,

      I think you feel pretty much the way so many of David’s fans feel and so have taken a step back. Many fans don’t believe as David obviously believes as he has shown by going on a mission for the LDS church. However, that has not detered a few non-LDS fans from continuing to be visible & vocal on the few fansites still in operation. I say “few” because compared to the size of his core fanbase of two years ago, it is what it is now. I’m sure some fans still check out his fansites periodically to see what’s up, but the truth is, there’s nothing “Up” regarding David currently other than his continuing mission. Everything else was done six months ago. I may be in the minority among the few fans who believe David has had no actual contact with anyone on his team, not even Kari. I believe he does not want anything to take away his focus which is to be a missionary and nothing else. That is his priority and has been since he entered the MTC. If David has a private blog to keep in contact with family & close friends, it may be just to let them know how he is doing and wants to know nothing regarding his career. Something tells me it would be too distracting for David to be kept in the loop about his career in his absence. If we try to put ourselves in his shoes, after he did what many of us in his position and with his talent, would not have the character, integrity or courage to do, it becomes obvious he simply cannot do what is expected of him if he has to think about what may or may not be happening with his career. I imagine his career, album sales, gaining or losing fans, is not what is foremost in his mind at this time in his life. If it was, he would be in direct contact with us by twitter or current vlogs. Instead, his twitter is controlled by someone on his team. And Kari just retweets the messages. Something else which is odd to me is why Kari has less than 5000 twitter followers compared to the over 1 million for David? Odd, but very telling.

      I do belive David will return, recoup, spend some quality time with family & friends and THEN will he be brought up to speed on what happened in his absence. He will BEGIN again to rebuild his career. It won’t be easy but David is no fool, he is aware of the mountain he will have to climb when he returns. My hope is he will take the reigns of his career & he will have learned enough about himself during his mission to know which direction he wants to go with his music. Like he said himself in so many words that he couldn’t wait to see the person he will become, I too cannot wait to see the man he will become.

      Jus’ sayin’

      • jus’sayin, I have never said that David’s main focus shouldn’t be on his mission, of course it should. As I said before and I’ll say it again, David is not like other missionaries that don’t have a career they left. Now I’m not saying he should be treated like he’s special, I’m just saying why a simple contact with his fans can be him losing focus on what he is doing. I know that I don’t understand this whole mission thing, but I do understand that a brain can handle more than one thing and can differentiate between primary importance and secondary importance. And I will stand by my belief; focus would not be lost by a simple connection.

      • just sayin, David can’t use his twitter or facebook because of the Mormon mission rules which is why it is controlled by Kari. I think Kari is keeping him in the loop about his career. She said he listened to all the cuts off of BEGIN before they were released. I’m sure many of the decisions regarding his career right now are made be others, but I do think he is still in contact with his team on a limited basis. It seems to be very important that it be a sacrifice and that it is. I know that things on the fans sites will be pretty quiet from now on because he is gone. I am surprised that there has been enough new music and videos to have kept them going for almost six months since he left. That is very much to David’s credit. There could be more music and tidbits. We shall see.

      • Kari did say at one point that she communicates with David once per week. He can communicate on email and through letters to Family, friends and Team Archuleta. I think most has been planned out ahead but Kari tells him fan reactions to songs on BEGIN. etc. David understandably doesn’t do public blogs like some Missionaries. He said when he got to his Mission, he would consult with the President regarding communication. I’m sure the fact that Missionaries blogs while he was at MTC ending up in the paper led David and the President to know that communication by him and others about him, needed to be VERY PRIVATE. I support that decision :))

  3. Here’s a new David tribute video that is going around. The song is by Sidewalk Prophets, a Christian group. The lyrics are just so perfect for this tribute video. It brought a tear to my eye when watching it.

  4. Aww. Touching David tribute video.

  5. What I said above is JMHO’s and I stand by them. I believe we all have differing opinions of David & his absence. Opinions are thoughts we have about possible scenarios regarding certain situations. I certainly didn’t mean to imply otherwise or impose my opinions as more true than others or for that matter, to offend which it seems I may have by offering my point of view.

    jus’ sayin’

    • jus’sayin’ didn’t offend one bit, just voicing my own opinion also.

      • You didn’t offend me either. I just disagree with some of what you said. Who knows, you might be right. We have no way of knowing for sure.

      • If his Dad is still on his team, I’m pretty sure that David has been in contact with him. But, maybe his Dad is off the team. We sure haven’t hear anything from (or about) MIC since David left.

  6. I know that I am not offended by anyone’s varying opinions. I just become a little annoyed if it is a personal attack but even then I really consider the source. lol. Whatever. I do wonder what mic is up to. I agree with you jus sayin that David is going to have to rebuild his career when he returns. Not an easy task. Many fans are just not going to stay interested for 2 years. I just hope he chooses the right people to be on his team. I do like Kari. I am not so sure Gina Orr is involved as she keeps such a low profile. I am not even sure if Gina is still in music management. In regards to Kari’s twitter followers numbers I think that some of that is that David never wanted to use twitter to communicate with his management team. He still does not even follow Kari on twitter. lol

    • I just answered my own question about Gina Orr’s involvement with David. This is Gina’s website for her management/marketing company and David’s picture is on there along with some others. Interesting. http://www.orrigami.com/

  7. Just popping in and skimming, so I hope my comment is apropos….

    The missionary blogs I’ve read from links on TDC and from a personal acquaintance, seem pretty normal for the age, though the tone is different than a non-LDS person would be used to. They seem to have time to make long comments on things that are going on at home including politics, and on things going on in their mission country or town. They talk about going bowling, taking hikes in the mountains, visiting zoos, getting along with difficult companions, gross or delicious food they’ve eaten, dogs that tried to bite them, getting sick, interesting people they’ve met, etc.

    Though the blogs are individual of course, I’ve noticed different types: a few are 95% preaching, including our family friend and the letter from David (though I’m sure it was just an excerpt). A very few are chatty with a bare minimum of sermonizing, but most tell stories very much through a strong filter of their church with a lot of preaching mixed in.

    I don’t see why David wouldn’t be able to communicate on business matters as well as things going on with the family, just like normal missionaries. However, unless he did a lot of editing, I doubt his letters/emails would be suitable for general public consumption. I imagine his call for privacy on his mission is a way of just being himself, without worrying about presenting things to those of us who don’t understand.

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