David’s BEGIN. (Part 3)

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  1. Happy Sunday all!
    David and a swirling chair….lol. I really don’t think he will ever loose those boyish charms of his, at least I hope he never does.

  2. She’s too good for The X Factor:

  3. Great Voice. X Factor USA and The Voice will both be starting in just a few weeks from now.

  4. Cq32014 I don’t think David can sit still, too full of energy!

  5. David has a very strong work ethic. I still don’t know how he accomplished all he did before he left for his mission. I mentioned this before but I think Kurt Bestor and John Hancock did a great job producing BEGIN. Bestor is a funny guy too. Some of his tweets on the republicans and Romney are amusing. He is obviously a Democrat.

  6. I’m with CQ — I’m all about David in a swivel chair! lololol. idek I just love it.

    Can I just take a minute to say how much I enjoy his speaking voice? I listen to him singing so much that sometimes I forget how nice it is just to hear him talk. I think because we’re not getting new vlogs now so pretty much all I’m listening to is his singing voice. Then I go back and watch this video this morning and I’m like…damn boy I like when you talk. ;p

  7. If rumors are true even more OPM music from David is coming out soon. Just how prolific was he? Will there be Christmas music too and more U.S. cover songs? I’m not being greedy – just wondering and hoping. I will take all the David music I can get. Here’s the tweets about the OPM music.

    Pinoy Archies ‏@Pinoy_Archies
    Watch out for further announcements regarding our GRAND SURPRISE. 🙂

    46m Pinoy Archies ‏@Pinoy_Archies

    Karina Singh ‏@iamMissSingHDJA
    @kimak @DavidArchie It’s kind of a ‘new’ CD. 🙂

    Karina Singh ‏@iamMissSingHDJA
    Planning for the GRAND launch in October. 🙂

    Karina Singh ‏@iamMissSingHDJA
    @itssimplyEzra I talk to the management of Odyssey now and then. 🙂

    Rinnie Yang (楊瑞安) ‏@HPfanRinnie
    What, remixes? Rainbow MV! RT @iamMissSingHDJA Okay, I’ll say it straight. @DavidArchie will release a ‘new’ Philippine album in October. 🙂

    I always take tweets with a grain of salt. It could just be a big release for the Rainbow vid.

  8. re. the BEGIN. clip, I like the chair swivel scenes. Also, I note much shorter hair in the plaid shirt vs. the black hoodie.

    re. Bestor, he does seem to lean liberal.

    re. new music in October … I miss the days of fun rumors.

  9. Wal Mart here is improving in Stocking BEGIN. Two last time. Replaced with Three this time. Left one. Maybe the talks with Managers does help. Nice to know they are replacing them. :)) Davenport,Iowa

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