David’s BEGIN. (Part 2)

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  1. I don’t know why I feel this one vlog is kinda sad…..it’s just that regret thing….if I don’t do it I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. Religion has such power.

  2. Yes cq. I think watching as a David fan it is kind of sad. Maybe it is not for David but for this fan it is. That is all I am going to say. lol

  3. There is an interesting article on The Voice which references this article about Scooter Braun, Justin Beiber’s manager http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/09/03/120903fa_fact_widdicombe?currentPage=all
    It’s mind boggling what it takes to make a teen idol. It is way more that just the music. That is what David wanted, but in today’s music climate you need to be marketed as more than that. Actually it’s kind of sad.

  4. GrammyJ –
    TBH, I started reading and had to stop after a bit. I have to give him props for creative marketing but It is sad that for acts under his tutelage everything is scripted down to the nanosecond. From what you should wear – image is everything – him wearing a mickey shirt so as not to be perceived as sharkish, to making sure everything is known about other acts on the roster like birthdays, again so to appear as a “family”. The talent in turn then have to “act” the part so when do they get to be themselves? The more I read, the madder and sicker I got, so I stopped completely.

    OMG – no wonder David cashed in his chips with this industry and headed to Chile for a bit. It is absolutely ridiculous that fans are being strategically duped over and over for wealth and power. HG, mentioned this planting of yt videos years ago when GChance first came out but the evidence is now in plain sight.

    • Scooter Braun has such a big ego and I am not a fan of his but he knew how to market Bieber. The sad part is the Biebs has become a product for young teens without the talent he needs behind it. Marketing and the ability to use the social mediums are such a huge part of an music artist’s success now. Kari has done a good job with David’s twitter to use it to promote him, his projects, and BEGIN. David should have been using his twitter as a promotional tool all along.

      • I hope no one got the idea that I thought David should have followed a route similar to Justin. I just thought the article was interesting. Since we have over a year and half until David comes back I think it would be interesting for HG to have an article on what are some of the creative things David could do to get his name out there. The music industry is in a state of change so the old model won’t work any more. Having professional management and a major label deal no longer means what it did in the past. Scooter Braun was young with not much experience when he started managing the Biebs. I think it means a manager with creativity and good at marketing. Of course it also takes a lot of luck.

      • grammyj: desertrat posted this same article in hg’s last post. It is a very interesting article. I totally get Scooter’s manipulations and don’t support them at all but am also aware of the need for creative marketing. Joymus: David’s tweets were cute and interesting the first few years but they then became just basically inspirational tweets for a long while. We know now it probably was because of his wanting to go on a mission. I guess. There needs to be a balance on twitter IMO of marketing and personal tweets. I still don’t have twitter myself but do check it online daily and I am aware that the younger fans have it. It is easier for me that way. lol

  5. GJ,
    No problem on my part with your intentions behind posting the article. IMO Scooter has obviously crossed the line from promotion and marketing to outright manipulation of his clients and fans of those artists.

    I also agree with Marie that D’s twitter could have been used as a better marketing tool but …..
    1) David was handling tweets himself, and it become more of a personal narrative – food, pics at the dentist etc. 2) David admittedly was reluctant to explicitly market the full aspect of his career – shows, products, etc. for maybe 3 of his 4 yrs with us.

    Maybe he could have a another account handled by Kari or leave the current one as professional and have another one for personal tweets? The fan-base still loves and craves the what’s on his mind tweets.

    • Marie – I absolutely agree with you about the balance considering his sibling hacking from time to time. I was actually referring to the fans in general and was not part of the fan base that fully enjoyed his personal tweets. That gap in time after TSOD was especially painful to me. I think he was affected by his contract issues yet he kept sending what were to me, irrelevant tweets, trying to be positive, while Rome was burning. I liked when he t’ed about interesting songs and was psyched about upcoming performances.

  6. Another thing that really bothers me after reading that article is that it just shows what a closed community the music industry can be.. Especially for the teen acts. They all know each other and you have to have the right connections to get noticed and get radio play anymore. Scooter is one of the power players now as he made the money. The music industry needs more artists like Adele and David. Neither of them do have a perfume line although I would buy David’s if he did. lol

  7. I read that New Yorker article last week and have kind of had it in the back of my mind ever since. While I do admire the business acumen that Scooter has displayed and the fact he has his finger of the pulse of how to successfully create and market an act in the current environment, it doesn’t take the bad taste out of my mouth.

    I know this has been happening for many years just in other forms but the posturing and creating of artificial discovery and perceived backgrounds for musicians just really hits me the wrong way. Why can’t someone just be themselves? I guess actual talent isn’t deemed as exciting enough anymore? idk.

    Maybe the most disturbing thing to me in the article is the fact that the music itself is completely 2nd fiddle to the marketing, the perception. I’ve said this before but I can’t emphasize how much it hurts to see what music has been bastardized into. I read lots about music and almost without fail its about how many albums you’ve sold, how many YT views you have, how many followers. What about the music?
    Yes, music is an industry, a business, but long before that music was an art. A form of expression; a way to heal and to reach out and to protest and to celebrate. I’m probably being overdramatic here but reading that crap about the business of how to make a superstar just really hit home about how the music industry has changed the music artform. Not saying its all been bad but I do feel like some of the consequences are hard to see.

    • I agree with you Ali. On my way home from the store today I turned on the pop station in our area. The three songs i listened to were pop/rock but the lyrics were all inappropriate IMHO for the preteen and even teen audience that it targets. David would not sing any of the songs without having to change the lyrics. That is what makes me sad. I want there to be a place for clean good music. Yes, Ali, where is the art?

      • There are just a few that they play on top 40 radio that I like right now. I do like Kelly Clarkson, Jason Marz, and some of Katy Perry and Neon Trees songs. The rest is pretty much awful. Just really bad. My issue with the Biebs is that he does not have the voice to go along with the hype. He really can’t sing. It is going to catch up with him despite Scooter’s being behind him.

      • I think it is Jason Mraz not Marz. lol

  8. I’m sorry if I missed, it but I don’t think anyone mentioned that the Tori Kelly in the Scooter Braun article is David’s friend. Or maybe you all already knew it.


    • Thanks for mentioning that cchalo. I thought that name Tori Kelly sounded familiar. I wondered if that was the same Tori that was David’s friend. David even follows her on twitter. Scooter is mentioning Tori on his twitter now. Interesting. I do still think that David needs connections in the industry when he comes back to his career.

  9. I just read that songwriter Hal David died today. I love Hal David and Burt Bacharach songs. They just don’t write songs like that anymore.

    • I love their songs too. Back in May or June, PBS did a special on them where even Stevie Wonder performed one of their songs.

  10. Re. the clip of David, I call it his “what’s my purpose in this world and how should I be living my life” moment. I look forward to hearing what he has to say upon his return.

    Re. the Scooter, he reminds me of what one would read about pimps. Biebs is a commodity to him. Per the article, Scooter controls what Biebs says publicly and he criticizes him to keep him dependent and insecure. Last, he has Biebs recruit more people to his stable. I do think it was brilliant the way Scooter markets his artists; he’s very creative.

    • Scooter is kind of an evil genius with the way he markets artists. He is very controlling. You are right desertrat. It will be interesting to see if Tori Kelly’s music career takes off now that it appears he is managing her. She is David ‘s friend and was on Talent Search with David as a child and was on AI S9. I am not surprised that Randy will no longer be a judge on AI. I am not so sure about having Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj on the same panel. Adam Lambert’s fans are just desperate for him to be a judge but it is not going to happen. lol. The entertainment sites just keep mentioning AL to have hits to their sites by his fans. Just like they did with David’s fans with all those polls. It is really so all about the judges now on AI.

  11. I keep changing my mind on my favorite song from BEGIN. My favorite now is Pride ( In the name of Love). David’s version of that U2 song is amazing.

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