David’s BEGIN.

This Labor Day weekend, in response to some who feel David’s fansites should do more to promote his awesome album that is BEGIN., I thought I would revisit the series of mini-interviews that David conducted to discuss his process in putting together this new album. I was away on vacation when these videos first appeared, so what better way to mark the end of summer and the “beginning” of a new season than by revisiting these informative vids? Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Great idea, IMO. Thanks!

    IMO, these were his best promotional videos yet.

  2. Agree with Peter, great idea.
    Hg, love how you always know what to post at the right time.

  3. Perfect timing HG…David says it all…


  4. Wish he was here to promote this album in person. I’d love to hear him sing all these songs live. Guess we will wait until 2014.

    • grammyj, that is the only thing that’s missing. It just seems so far away to hear that glorious voice on stage. I think when we reach the 6 months to go mark, it will be smooth saling from then on….still seems like a long way off.

  5. Does anyone remember the vlog, I think it was after he left Jive, of him showing us how a song is developed. I think he was at home. I have been listening to Broken and somehow it seems like it was the notes that he played on the piano on that vlog.

    • Interesting cq. I don’t remember that vlog. I continue to listen to BEGIN and enjoy the album. I agree that I wish he was here in person to promote the album.

    • Yes, I remember that too and I’ve heard others mention that they wondered now if that was the beginning of some of the notes. Not sure where the Vlog is but most are on OfficialDavidArchuleta and I imagine it is there somewhere.

      • cq, I found the vlog with David developing the song. It is not Broken. It doesn’t sound like it at all. It did make me miss David. I wish the Mormon missionaries didn’t have so many rules! There really is no reason (other than the rules) that David couldn’t do a vlog from Chile. Oh, well, it is what it is.
        Here’s the vlog:

    • cq, here it is. I remember being so excited about the band auditions. *sigh*

      • Astrid, I’m glad you got the right video. I’m not sure why I got Everybody Hurts, but we all need to watch it again, anyway.

      • Yes, that’s true. Thank you. I will watch it again. Maybe a few times 🙂

      • I was really excited about the Band auditions too and thought they would be touring all over the U.S. I think the band members did too. I remember Steven on facebook sounding that way. Well, they did get to do a few big shows in the U.S and then SE Asia and Japan, so it was good. I hope they can get back together with David in 2014. If not, I’m sure there are other talented guys that can be in David’s band.

  6. Thank you Astrid and grammyj, yes that was the video I was thinking of, but after hearing it again, might not be Broken after all. Loved seeing the video again. Man, that foundation that he was talking about….must of already been thinking about that mission.

    The asian tour and the MKOC tour……..he had such momentum going….oh well….

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