Cruisin’ with David Archuleta!

I admit it: the idea of spending a cruise along the Caribbean or Mediterranean sea with David in tow sounds like a dream! (Funny though that I never had one of those David Dream sequences).

Ever since Kari tweeted about that possibility, I’ve been seeing fans go wild with the possibility (or who shoot it down altogether as the sign of an artist at the bottom of the barrel).

Funny also that Simon Cowell, when he was a judge on American Idol, would resort to “put downs” by calling a contestant a “cruise ship” singer (or cabaret singer, take your pick) if the contestant sounded too amateur.  The critique? You’re not good enough to be professional yet!

So, is a cruise ship performance for his fans a good idea for David Archuleta?  I mean, do we need the example of a Taylor Swift, who did one of these gigs as a VIP favor for her fans, to convince us that Kari’s idea is a good one?

Here’s the thing: It all depends on what David is trying to grow and develop.

If he’s trying to grow and develop his hardcore fans’ loyalty, then yes, a cruise ship is a great idea.

But that begs the question: Does David really need to cultivate his fans’ loyalty when he already has it? The BEGIN. sales alone are a testament to how committed we all are to his music, right?

Now, if he’s trying to grow and expand his fanbase, a cruise ship is a lousy idea, IMO.

Those kinds of VIP experiences are very exclusive (and also “elitist” I might add).  When David returns, if he wants to build that base of fans, he’s going to have to branch out to a mass audience and appeal to different types of audiences, with a management team that can market him to different fan types. A cruise ship for fan loyalists just ain’t gonna cut it.

But, I guess that all depends on the direction he wants to go. These past few years, David’s “team” has done a great deal to appeal to the fanbase he already has, and on one level, that’s great: he’s kept us so committed and so loyal to his artistry because of this work that many of us are willing to wait until 2014 for his return.

What really will be the benchmark is if he wants to expand from there. That, of course, is all up to David. I mean, he could make a very comfortable living catering to his hardcore fanbase and call it a day.

But the thing about us Archies is this: we’re just as generous as our beloved that we want to share him with the world, so committed to our belief that his talent deserves greater exposure.

So, what say you peeps? How about another poll?

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  1. I voted for focusing more on expanding his fanbase. ‘Cuz to me, the bottom line is that he needs many more fans in order to keep going.

  2. I voted most definately because I think David needs to hit the ground running when he gets back performing everywhere! It certainly couldn’t hurt and would be great for his dedicated fans. It’s not like he will only be doing a cruise. He can do that and then do other things to broaden his base. The music industry is changing and I hope he embraces trying new things to broaden his base. On the last thread I posted that artists are now having online concerts right from their living room. I hope his team is creative and lots of things are tried to get him out there again. I was disappointed when he was building his base that he didn’t do more concerts. When people hear David sing live they want to hear him again. I think he needs to become a touring artist.

  3. I love how you always have thought-provoking posts, HG 🙂

    I’m with grammyj on this one. Its not like doing a cruise or broadening your fanbase is an either/or proposition. A cruise takes 3 or 4 days; not exactly a huge time commitment to offer a fun experience for those interested. The successful artists find a way to balance expanding their fanbase with focusing time on those more involved fans — as the example with Taylor Swift illustrates.

    Now, as to if a cruise would actually be green-lighted by David…that’s a whole different question. He doesn’t seem the type that would really be into the cruise idea but I guess you never know. I never would have expected Nandito Ako out of him until he did it either so he definitely has a way of surprising me.

    I also like the idea of more concerts / live singing appearances. We all know that David doesn’t need any help selling himself in a live performance and I feel like he’s one of the few acts out there who sounds better live than in the studio with all the gadgets and tricks they like to do. Who will attend the concerts, what kind of appearances, where will they have them, how will they market them?? I have no idea. I’m not the music industry professional here but I hope David has a team around him that could work that puzzle.

    • Great comment Ali! Loved how you balanced the pros and cons of this idea. Maybe a proper balance of both is a good route.

      Also loved GrammyJ’s comment that he’ll need to hit the ground running. For those dedicated fans waiting until 2014 it will be a great reward for their patience.

  4. I don’t know how I feel about the idea. I find it kinda funny that the cruise idea is being discussed because I’m going on a cruise in a couple of months, lol.
    I know that a lot of famous people (chefs, singers, dancers) our doing cruises, but is David at that level of stardom…..don’t know…

    I’m at a point right now that having David move away from his comfort zone, like Utah and his tight knit religion (not give it up, of course) would be a good thing for his career, I feel (only my pea brain thoughts) that even the mission is a comfort zone for him and I’m not saying it’s not hard work, it’s probably extremely hard, but he is with his peeps.

  5. My cousin is a singer on a Mediterranean cruise ship–I’m fantasizing about them both on the same cruise with my whole family! Lol.

    I suppose even if it would be a very exclusive thing, the publicity wouldn’t hurt. Or maybe it would hurt, if a lot of people still have the impression it’s a desperation move. Taylor Swift can do it because she’s in no danger of seeming washed-up.

    Cq, I agree he is in his comfort zone–in one sense–right now. He used to say how he missed being with people his own age. There was an old video posted recently from the AI tour where he’s talking to some fans in Utah before a show and telling them, “Ok, I want you to really scream and show the Utah spirit” (I’m paraphrasing). It was really unlike any of his other fan line-ups–he was very comfortable telling them what to do–and was wanting to show off his hometown in a good light to the other AI contestants (awww).

    • I really don’t think it’s a bad thing for him to be with peeps his own age right now, that is something he had to do in order to move forward, again, as I said before, without regrets. I just hope he matures and will be able to see the world in a broader spectrum then that bubble he is in at this time. ALL religions can be such a comfort and a real good thing, but ALL of them have things that need to be questioned, omo.

  6. I would say both most definitely and why not. I can see myself on a cruise ship sitting in the sun with a beverage with a little umbrella in it listening to David sing live. lol Why not? I think David needs to keep all his options open when he returns to his career. I was very opposed to David ever being on DWTS when he was having such a big success right off of AI as a teen idol but right now I think it would be a great idea. Things changed. It sure did help Donny and Marie Osmond’s careers being on DWTS. I think he would get the votes to win and it is good exposure. I am sure some fans will have an issue with David dancing. lol I would still love Glee for David but I just don’t think it will happen now. grammyj’s comment about reading about other idols doing online concerts at home is a good idea for David too. It is up to David and this team to figure out how to expand his fan base if he wants to.

  7. I’m popping in to represent the “Absolutely Not”s. I honestly think a cruise at this stage of his career (i.e., 2014 return) would be a poor decision. I think events like the one at Myrtle Beach would be better in that they would expose him to casual onlookers.

  8. David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Last minute raffle item for Crush Kids’ Cancer donations! @TheKidsChapter Check it out –> (Team Archuleta)

    Pretty awesome offer of raffle chance at 2 concert tix and 2 M&G passed to performance of your choice “upon David Archuleta’s return!” All proceeds going to Stand Up 2 Cancer. I’ve been really impressed with how the fans have continued to support this effort even while David is gone.

    So it wouldn’t be cool if I asked for the performance on a cruise ship then, eh? 😉

  9. danny noriega (season 7) has some interesting comments re. the need for former idols to step out of the “idol box”. he doesn’t call names but he mentions how some former idols perform before crowds of 2-3 people and don’t realize that they need to move on.

    • LOL Danny cracks me up. He’s sure not afraid to speak his mind. I still remember that interview he did with Good Day L.A. after he got voted off; that cracked me up too. He said that David was like his little brother. I think it would be so funny to watch the two of them hang out together.

    • Wow, he’s really throwing shade. He doesn’t name names, but do any of the Idols come to mind who he’s talking about? (You know, the ones performing before 2-3 people)

      • Well, my friend got an email today that started with “This is Phil Stacey from American Idol…” (Maybe she should’ve read it. lol)

      • Wow, Phil Stacey! It took a while before I remembered him from Season 6! 😛 Maybe some of them DO need to drop the Idol name for some recognition. B/c without that reference, I would have been like: “Who’s Phil Stacey?”

  10. Like CQ, these are my own thoughts. The only sure thing in this fan journey is the incredible joy of David’s singing, undeniable talent and love for his fans. I saw the last comment on the other thread and it made me feel a little sad. We love a guy who deserves to be more well-known than he is but isn’t. We want that confetti ending for him but the reality hurts more because it is what it is for now. David’s stated wish about wanting to do music upon his return is a frustratingly vague statement to me because no one knows what that entails. Will he take it to another level or just be content catering to fans. Brainstorming is fun and I am glad Kari is testing the waters so to speak with fans but David on a fan cruise is yet another unknown quantity.

    • Joymus, that is true about just about every singer/entertainer. Being a big star is extremely hard to attain and even harder to sustain. David has an undeniable talent but being a well-known star takes a certain amount of luck in addition to the talent IMHO. I have no idea if that will ever happen for David, but he did say he will do music so I believe he will. If you look at his career so far I think he has taken most of the opportunities offered him to record. I mean he even did the Build a Bear song for charity. Before he left he recorded two albums in just a couple months. So, I think no matter what he will be putting out music for us. The touring part is an unknown. I know he loves to sing for audiences no matter how many. I hope is able to start touring when he returns. I know I’ve said it before, but he could go back to the Philippines and make some money by acting and modeling and then use that money to mount a tour.

  11. Do you guys remember about a comment few days ago? (not here) About being respectful to his family especially when their in a wrong place to ask about david. I of david fan’s saw lupe and her father at church and she was really happy to meet them.

    • I did see a comment from a supposed insider saying that they didn’t like it when people came up to them at church. I don’t see why there would be a problem if it’s during the social time, but on the other hand, I’d bet that for everyone that approaches them and tweets about it, there’s probably a hundred who approach them and don’t tweet. Could get bothersome–kind of like David in the MTC.

  12. HG (11:45)~ Exactly. lol. My friend vaguely remembered his name. She was like, “What season was he on? What did he look like? How far did he get? Am I supposed to be excited to see his name in my inbox?” lol.

  13. Archies,

    Thank you for your diligence in policing us. It was not at all disrespectful to simple go up to his mom and grandpa and speak to them at church. What the heck is wrong with some in this fan base? If I have misunderstood your comment, sorry. This hyper-protective, “I’m TELLING!” just gets on my nerves at times.

    • Oops. Didn’t want to comment if it offended anyone. I would think it would be fine–it’d be too bad if no one cared enough to compliment them anymore.

    • Well, if the fan was a stranger and introduced him/herself ONLY to get info on D, I might’ve found that irritating, too. But if they genuinely wanted to meet the family, or knew them even a tiny bit, that wouldn’t bother me…People approach my folks at church constantly, just to ask about me. lol. I’ve barely met these people, but they genuinely care how I’m doing, & my folks are their only source of info. So how else are they going to find out? Not a big deal.

      On the other hand, if the person had never met me or my folks, they’d be like, “How do you know my child, & why should we tell you?” So…I guess it depends on the circumstances. lol.

  14. Angelia- There’s nothing wrong saying hello to his family and asking about him. I was just wondering….about the discussion a few days ago.

  15. cchalo- Is Frankie is one of the family member’s of David?

  16. IF SHE OR HE IS… I’m very disappointed!!! I’m not scared to say my true feeling!

  17. This is totally off topic but I watched AGT( I know the show is cheesy. lol) last night and I saw Neon Trees perform. They were great live and I would say a bit edgy. I read that all four members of the band are LDS and I believe went on missions (not sure). I think David was a fan of them. They are signed to a major label. Here is the link to the video.

    • That is interesting that the Neon Trees video from last night is on longer available. They must be monitoring you tube more and pulling performance vids.. I guess that is a good thing.

  18. Visited several fansites for the first time in a long while, and I have to agree with anon: it is almost as if BEGIN and EH never happened.

    • I somewhat agree that it really is so different than if he was here and able to keep us fans excited with appearance, promos and vlogs. Although I’m so happy and grateful for the music and MV, it really is so different. Imo, in order for that kind of excitement to be kept up, the album and video needed to create mainstream noise. It’s still all good and I hope that Kari and the Archuleta team have a few more things up there sleeve especielly for next year.

    • Do you object to all the talk on FOD and SA about raising $90,000 in David’s name for SU2 Cancer? Or their own cancer experiences? Or surviving the hurricane? Or on TV about a beloved past performance (after a whole thread on EH)?

      • Or meaningless polls? Or meaningless “buzz”? Or the endless parade of past performances?

      • Lol. There were meaningless polls long before BEGIN. (Don’t anyone shoot me, but I used to go on the polls and vote for his competition, just to be contrary).

    • Peter, I don’t know what David fansites you visited but FOD has something about BEGIN in every one of their posts since it came out. FOD is the first fansite that comes up when you google David so anyone that is seeking out David information would go there if they wanted to look at a fansite. Today there is information on the BEGIN gifting program and how BEGIN has been gifted to fans all over the world. This week there have been pictures of the launch of BEGIN in the Philippines. There has been links to articles that mention the EH video and the number of views. I really think the ODD fans have done what they could to promote and buy BEGIN. It is still an independent release with the artist away on a mission. Unfortutely it’s not going to have stellar sales. Even well-known artists with major labels just don’t have big sales any more either.

      • Fans are still talking about BEGIN in comments every day. Such as how hard it is to find it in a store. That could be part of the problem in the amount of sales.

    • Or helping impoverished children in South America on AFS? Or a party to celebrate the release of BEGiN on TDC?

      • Just an observation. Do not object to anything. And CFTH is a great album, even in the summer.

      • I really think that David has some of the best fans in the world, and I think that he would agree. Over $20,000 was raised this year for SU2C Crush Kids for Cancer and almost $90,000 since it started. Can we sometimes be petty, and demanding for more from David . Sure, but that happens in every fandom. I think it’s a credit to David that there are still so many of us interested enough to spend time commenting on his fansites when he is not even in the country.

      • Ok, I do agree with Peter about CFTH. It’s a great album but I don’t listen to Christmas music in the summer. Some ODD fans listen to it year round. Again, David has some devoted fans.

      • My only exception to Christmas music in the summer is his Dapo & Friends version of Drummer Boy. Man, I love that lower register.

  19. Yes, it’s awesome how charity-driven David’s fans are.

    Life goes on without him. For me, it’s best to ration BEGIN, otherwise It plays so much I stop hearing it, and it becomes background noise. It helps a lot to mix it up with his older music, and of course, plenty of other favorite artists. I want to keep it fresh and not overdose on it.

    • cc halo, I know what you mean about keeping BEGIN.fresh. I only listen to it in the car and that seems to be so wonderful. Always look forward to running errands, lol. I too, mix listening to David with other artists. Right now I’m enjoying listening to a local radio station that plays music from the 70’s,80’s and 90’s. In the car, I’ll alternate between David’s music and that station. Really don’t listen to top 40’s. Maybe that will change when David gets back and he will have music on the top 40’s station. I for one would love for that to happen to David.

      • I listen to BEGIN in my car too. I love EH too. Then I listen to some local radio stations and some CD’s by other music artists. I really hate to admit but I just am not a huge fan of Christmas music even around Christmas time. lol But I like some of it like what David sings. I really like a little bit of music from most music genres. I think one thing that we can all agree with is that David has some amazing fans.

      • Marie, so true, amazing fans for an amazing singer.

  20. Did I miss an anon post somewhere where they said it was like BEGIN and EH never happened??
    *is lost*

    I must have since everyone responded like they’d seen it lol. I’d just like to say it definitely happened for me. 🙂

    • All I remember is a “what bugs me about fans” post. lol Whatever. Not going there. lol I have not seen any negativity towards BEGIN or EH. Does anyone know what it sold this week? It is still at 15,000? That is pretty good. Don’t think it will go much higher in sales with David being away and no promo.

      • Marie, you are right about number going up on BEGIN sales… David, no hit song from the album…a miracle needs to happen for a big turn around in sales.

      • It should be above 15,000 this week but not sure if we’ll get numbers since it dropped out of the BB200. If I were guessing I’d say its somewhere near 16K overall. If I see any numbers, I’ll let ya know 🙂

    • The post was about a short attention span if my memory serves me correctly. I was just surprised, that’s all.

  21. Awww. Nice story and picture of David’s very good friend Joy Williams and her brand new baby in people magazine. Joy is in Civil Wars and wrote several songs for David on TOSOD. Glad to see the success of Civil Wars.

    • Thanks for posting about Joy’s baby. What a sweet article and picture. Joy is one who started recording when she was really young like David but in the Christian genre. She eventually left her label and continued writing songs and recording independently. It wasn’t until she was in the duo “The Civil Wars” that she had some success at age 28. I wonder if “The Civil Wars” hadn’t taken off if Nate, Joy’s husband, would have managed David. He sure seemed to love staying at their home when he was in Nashville.

      • Maybe Nate will still manage David someday grammyj. Who knows. I agree that David seemed to like them both so much.

  22. interesting article in the New Yorker re. Scooter Braun and the Bieb. Any suspicions re. the planting of videos is confirmed (see below). Also, Scooter is good friends w/Ellen (Greyson Chance) and they exchange business ideas. I’m now completely convinced that Chance’s video was staged too. There’s also mention of how Biebs is intentionally affiliated w/Black artists to give him “swag”. Scooter obviously has a big ego; it seems like it was important for him to let the world know Biebs exists because of him. I think Scooter would be better off if he kept some of the info in the article to himself.

    …Instead of hawking his new talent to record companies, Braun set about building a bigger following for Bieber on YouTube, where his videos had already attracted tens of thousands of views. In Atlanta, he and Mallette made and posted low-fi videos of Bieber belting out R. & B. covers. Braun made sure to show Bieber playing instruments—drums, a guitar that looked too big for him—to emphasize that he had musical chops.

    • I think there are far too many YouTube sensations and former talent show contestants already. I’m also convinced that Chance’s video was staged. Despite the millions and millions of views, he did not do that well.

  23. Thought I would pop in to say that I often listen to David’s ‘Ave Maria” in the car regardless of the season because of how his voice in that song makes me feel. I don’t ususlly listen to the whole Christmas cd in the summer but certain songs call out to me (an not just David’s) so I listen to them anytime!

    • I forgot to add, I listen to Pat A Pan year round.

      Watching tayloy Hicks right now at the RNC. Taking it to the streets….

  24. Scooter is obnoxious and has a big ego. Unfortunately, he has been a huge influence on the Biebs. He has made tons of money which has given him and Bieber too much influence in the music industry IMO.

    • I think it’s time for one of Biebs parents to intervene. Also, I think Biebs needs a break to discover who he is as an artist because Scooter has no interest at all in the music.

  25. After AI, it seemed strange how obsessed DJs were with David’s relationship status. With Bieber (and Rihanna and many others), it has become very obvious that publicity in the music business is not about music. The music is merely a by-product.

    • After a while, I stopped listening to the interviews. David seemed so awkward responding. I would have been the same way.

    • Yes, this is unfortunately true. A lot of times I think the relationships are fake. Taylor Swift always has a relationship right around the time her albums are ready to come out. This time she’s dating a Kennedy and bought a house right next to his Grandma’s house.

    • We David fans are hardly immune–there’s so much talk and anticipation about his future love life on one site in particular, as if he’s going to completely transform when he returns. That’s my thing that bugs me about fans.

      • Yeah, some fans worry that he’s going to immediately marry when he gets back and quit his singing career. I find that funny because why can’t he still have a singing career if he’s married?

      • Of course it’s he’s going to marry Charice as soon as he gets back. Where’s Idolfan. I have no idea what Charice has been doing since David left. Idolfan has not been here to tell us.

      • cc halo, I really can’t even picture him seriously dating, not along married. Of course I really don’t know David, only his public image, so who really knows how he is in his private life. All I want as a fan is that when he returns, he hits the ground running with his career and records, make hit songs, make public appearances, do tv appearances, and of course tours, oh one more thing, want him to be famous enough in 2016 that he is invited to perform in the Olympics, lol. I think he said that was his dream to so someday. I’m really not asking for much, Hahahahaha!!!!

  26. Well, when I was walking home from work, one of the most popular bars in Atlanta was playing the Begin album-it is on the park side, and as I was coming up on it – i thought- that sounds like David- and it was!!



  27. When I first heard botw, I dismissed it because it is so overdone, although the vocals are wonderful. While driving home tonight, I decided to turn up the volume full blast, really listen closely and give it another try. OH MY HOLY CRAP!!! The tears were streaming down my cheeks (good thing it was dark out–or I’d have looked like a lunatic). HOW THE HECK CAN ANYONE SOUND THAT AMAZING?! Gah!!

  28. This is what I would like for David even before he returns….

    He has for the first time since he was 16, the opportunity to have commeraderie with guys in everything including everyday sharing of life’s experiences. Remember while he was still a teen that he wrote and recorded and toured with guys years older who had different lifestyles at the end of the day so where did that leave him?

    We want him to sing and entertain but he needs a life that goes with it and in these 2 years there will be more to gain along with religion.

    A three or four day cruise is a drop in the bucket of time. Just coming home from two years away from the stage and moving on to a ship’s stage is far less risky as an opener than working for month’s to prepare for a tour taking him away from the stage that much longer.

    I have been reading about singers and their journeys in their careers and they seem to be migrating to places/countries such as Eurooe and Asia where the economy can afford to host them so that is the necessary path for now. North America has an economy that has been in trouble for some time.

    It is not about how much more David is loved elsewhere like some are promoting, because that actually to me is preposterous and unwarranted. David’s fans in North America are to be commended for their 5+ years of outstanding support.


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