Daily Archives: August 29, 2012

Cruisin’ with David Archuleta!

I admit it: the idea of spending a cruise along the Caribbean or Mediterranean sea with David in tow sounds like a dream! (Funny though that I never had one of those David Dream sequences).

Ever since Kari tweeted about that possibility, I’ve been seeing fans go wild with the possibility (or who shoot it down altogether as the sign of an artist at the bottom of the barrel).

Funny also that Simon Cowell, when he was a judge on American Idol, would resort to “put downs” by calling a contestant a “cruise ship” singer (or cabaret singer, take your pick) if the contestant sounded too amateur.  The critique? You’re not good enough to be professional yet!

So, is a cruise ship performance for his fans a good idea for David Archuleta?  I mean, do we need the example of a Taylor Swift, who did one of these gigs as a VIP favor for her fans, to convince us that Kari’s idea is a good one?

Here’s the thing: It all depends on what David is trying to grow and develop.

If he’s trying to grow and develop his hardcore fans’ loyalty, then yes, a cruise ship is a great idea.

But that begs the question: Does David really need to cultivate his fans’ loyalty when he already has it? The BEGIN. sales alone are a testament to how committed we all are to his music, right?

Now, if he’s trying to grow and expand his fanbase, a cruise ship is a lousy idea, IMO.

Those kinds of VIP experiences are very exclusive (and also “elitist” I might add).  When David returns, if he wants to build that base of fans, he’s going to have to branch out to a mass audience and appeal to different types of audiences, with a management team that can market him to different fan types. A cruise ship for fan loyalists just ain’t gonna cut it.

But, I guess that all depends on the direction he wants to go. These past few years, David’s “team” has done a great deal to appeal to the fanbase he already has, and on one level, that’s great: he’s kept us so committed and so loyal to his artistry because of this work that many of us are willing to wait until 2014 for his return.

What really will be the benchmark is if he wants to expand from there. That, of course, is all up to David. I mean, he could make a very comfortable living catering to his hardcore fanbase and call it a day.

But the thing about us Archies is this: we’re just as generous as our beloved that we want to share him with the world, so committed to our belief that his talent deserves greater exposure.

So, what say you peeps? How about another poll?