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I’ll start with the winning photo from the BEGIN. Photo Contest:

Also, it looks like our favorite David music videos (in ranking order) are:

1. Everybody Hurts (well, it is pretty recent)

2. Crush (this will always be my favorite since it will always have a special place in my heart, as others have said)

3. A Little Too Not Over You (I was pleasantly surprised by this, as this music video seemed to have gotten no love – I believe this represents one of the more creative videos David has put out)

Can’t wait to see what Rainbow will look like! 🙂

As an aside, I just want to say, for those who feel uncomfortable when we criticize anything David-related, if we fans don’t do it, where else would there be a “safe space” to vent? Please note that, as David fans, we don’t always have to agree, that we don’t always have to LOVE everything David creates, and that it’s okay to share frustrations. We do so out of love.


I thought we knew that.

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  1. So true,hg.” always out of love”. As a fan I want the best for David and I see that he has so much potential with his talent. If you are a fan I don’t see anything wrong with wanting David to have the best and most creative professionals that are available in the music industry. He needs a first rate music label and a great and professional team when he returns as he can’t do it alone. The key here is David has to want that and believe that he deserves that not just the fans.

  2. Never truer words spoken, hg….”always out of love”

  3. I didn’t vote on the favorite video poll. I’m so horrible at picking favorites. And tbh I don’t watch music videos much so I’ve never really thought about them enough to pick a favorite. Eh, they all work lol.

    Now concert videos are a whole other story! I have lists and lists of those bookmarked and, like, a top 5 live performance for almost every song David does. David + live music = BLISS.

    • Really? What are your top 5 My Hands performances? lol

      • Made a playlist of 5 that I really love — but My Hands is SOOOOO my jam so I have way more than that bookmarked lol.

        One that I didn’t put on that list because its not a full vid but I love love love it anyway is this one from Vegas:

        gahhhhh. That acoustic clappy part at the end! Yes, clappy is a word. 😉

      • Hmm. I thought the playlist would show up as just a link so I would avoid posting 5 vids in a row. WordPress is too smart for me lol. I think if you click on the playlist at the bottom of that first video it lets you scroll through the 5 vids.

      • Thanks, Ali! I was able to see them. Pullo Center and Deltafest were the first two that came to mind for me! They’re all so good, though. I need to put that whole Wilkes Barre concert on a playlist. lol

  4. i think fans should should state there interpetions of the vid.but to openly criticze,when david gave his all to give us music is wrong, after all when i crjtjcze you people you get all bent out of shape,please just try to enjoy what he does for us

  5. I think when David is criticized, regarding his video, EH, some of his fans, like me, are affected. It hurts because his album, Begin., was reviewed recently by some “professional critics”who were not very nice toward David. When he is criticized by his fans, it hurts,..hurts…alot. For me, it is too soon to criticize David’s video. I guess I am just trying to protect David. Sorry.

    • There were only a couple of bad reviews I saw and they were so off the wall and ridiculous I.e. David didn’t convey emotion, he shouldn’t have recorded an album of covers, etc. that it was obvious they didn’t know what they were talking about. (I don’t even think they were professionals–just bloggers). All artists get bad reviews–I recently read a synopsis of U2’s “Pride” that said it was very badly reviewed at the time it came out, lol. You can’t take it to heart. David doesn’t.

      I really don’t get the over-sensitivity, though. I’m not going to rip on the many many fans who love the video. They have every right to say what they think. I claim the same right to say why I think the video doesn’t relate well to the meaning of the song. (It’s about preventing suicide!) David sings it with such passion and heart that he really conveys that meaning. It’s no criticism of him to say that I think the video doesn’t do him justice.

      • P.S. I haven’t seen a single criticism of David on any fan site. Everyone ADORES his version of EH. But I noticed on one fan site that is always extremely worshipful, there are quite a few posters making the same observation about the video that I have.

      • P.P.S. On another fan site, it was pointed out that people thought there was a bad review in the Washington Post–which is a big newspaper–but it was from the Washington NEWS–not anything anyone’s ever heard of. Probably just a blog. Just FYI.

      • You do know that the REM video is about a traffic jam?

    • If you don’t know by now that David is not going to get 100 percent positive press or even 50/50, then I don’t know what to say. Perhaps you haven’t been around since the AI days.

      As for fans, AI fans are always crying for the moon. They post a lot of dreck out of love. The love just overflows sometimes and runs and fills up the sewers.

  6. As you all know, I adore David’s phenomenal voice, that is why I have ODD, lol. I will do what’s in my power to help him with his singing career, buying anything that he put out, supporting his fansites, etc. As far as criticizing some of his work, you bet I will when I feel it’s not up to what I expect from this exceptional singer, that to me doesn’t mean I’m not a devoted fan. From what I understand, David doesn’t even have a clue as to what critics are saying about his last work. I know that Kari might be giving him some general good remarks, but I’m sure it’s very brief. One thing that everyone agrees, professionals and fans alike, DAVID IS A PHENOMENAL SINGER. IMO, his voice is so unique like no other in the industry right now.

  7. Man, ALI, My Hands, epic. Thank you for the walk down memory lane.

    • I think I could sing My Hands in my sleep. I might not sound as good as David… ;p

    • Thanks for posting all the My Hands vids, Ali. I love the concert vids too. I forget to mention that winning photo is beautiful. I can understand any fans feeling protective of David and any criticism that you feel is being given his way. I feel that way myself at times about David but just on different issues. Ali, I think you stated it the best.

  8. Ah, to criticize or not criticize that is the question.

    I don’t have some magical answer. Am I ever critical of David? Yes. Do I think some people are overly critical of David? Yes. Do I think some people are (underly??? lol) critical of David? Yes to that too.

    I’m not gonna lie and say it doesn’t bug me sometimes to see fans who are critical of every thing David does. I mean, I have to wonder at some point why they even follow him if everything he puts out is a disappointment. I mean, life is too short to be that unhappy. Unless being unhappy is what makes them happy. LOL. That thought kinda hurts my brain.

    But that doesn’t mean I feel like people shouldn’t have opinions on what he does. I think there’s a difference between someone who is offering thoughts on what they think could make a positive difference in David’s career and people who just like to be negative.

    We grow through learning what we can improve. Obviously opinions will differ on IF or WHAT there is to improve but that’s what is so great about having a diverse fanbase. I don’t always agree but I always like hearing other perspectives.

    I don’t think that means anyone is ungrateful for what David has given us. Its kind of mind-boggling to look at the volume of work he’s accomplished in 4 years. Not just the albums and tv stuff but the touring and the connecting with the fans in so many ways. I’ll always be hugely appreciative of that.

    • Ali, you are so right, he has done so much to create a foundation that connects him to his fans that (hopefully) cannot be broken.

    • I have no problems with fans being critical or stating their opinion. What bugs me is the following:

      1) Going to every fan site and posting the SAME opinion — not once but three, four and five times.

      2) Blaming David that he isn’t signed to a “first rate music label” because he doesn’t know his self-worth as an artist. (This is just vicious or out of all touch with reality.)

      3) Ridiculing David’s faith and presenting oneself as a Mormon scholar. (David is Mormon. He will always be Mormon. If you hate Mormons, move on.)

      4) Having the attention span of 3-year-old. David released the EH music video a few days ago and already people are saying, Where’s the Rainbow video? David released BEGIN. only three weeks ago and fans start a twitter trend about the NA DVD. Could we at least try to make BEGIN. last through December, please? Some CDs are pushed for two years.

      5) Ignoring sales #s.

      6) Promoting calendars and T-shirts and other schlock when all focus s/b on the music, music, music.

      I’m fresh out, but I’m sure I will think of at least 10 things I left off my list. LOL!

      • You’re always so sweet 🙂

      • I have to disagree with you on #2. lol I think that if you are a true fan you would want the best for a music artist (David in this case) that you follow. Here is where opinions differ and I have no problem with it. I think that a very small independent label is not going to give David the career he deserves. I feel the same about the need for professional management. Now I will agree that it is up to him not me. It is David’s career not mine. Honestly, while David is away on a mission for 2 years I not sure any of this matters anyway. JMHO. I only post on one David fan site so I am safe with #1 and I have no interest in #6. LOL Interesting opinions. lol

      • anon i am with you on that one

      • Haha, yes, Marie–I’m safe with #s 1, 2,4,5 and 6. Number 3, not gonna comment.

      • 1. I comment rarely, but when I do, I come here.

        2. I believe David could have been signed to a major label, but chooses not to. Instead he seems to prefer going the “Indie” route. But we will have to see what happens when he returns.

        3. I’m a fan of David & his fantastic talent. That he happens to Mormon never entered into the equasion until he announced he would leave on a mission, That was very hard to fathom and still is.

        4. Agree wholeheartedly about fans attention spans. I’m still basking in the beauty of Begin and The Voice emanating from it. Personally, I think they should hold the Rainbow video for another month or two.

        5. I was thrilled Begin’s sales were so much higher than initially projected by some worrried fans.

        6. The best & most helpful way to promote David is to buy his music. I believe he appreciates the fans who do all these other things in his name, but sales of his music is how he makes a living.

        Above were in response to what bugs you. 😀

        Another thing that bugs me too, is when fans put David so high on a pedestal, like he is some kind of saint or angel who is perfect. It puts a lot of pressure on him to live up to those expectations of perfection. He is close to perfection in one way only and that is in his vocal ability.

        Jus’ sayin’

      • WOW!!! anon, that’s telling us. So you think we should just keep quite and only listen to his music ? Or, what do you think that we can talk about for two years.

      • Jus’ sayin’ agree 100%

      • Ray I hate to tell you but you would be #1.”1) Going to every fan site and posting the SAME opinion — not once but three, four and five times” lol just saying.

  9. Kari is throwing out ideas: “What about a 3 or 4 day cruise with a performance or 2?”

    Those of you who think she is good for David’s career need to brace yourself. Seriously.

  10. I love Kari Sellards. She is the best. A cruise is a great idea. I am Team Kari all the way!! I also have no problem with WEG or Melinda so I am really a bad fan. lol

  11. She is, indeed, a Melinda clone.

    • Kari has worked with many high profile music artists and has many connections in the music industry. So does Melinda. If David wants to continue his career then that would help him to have some connections. Do you have any connections in the music industry, anon? lol

      • What really bugs me are fans that are judgmental and critical of other fans and then justify it by saying they are defending David. Great way to turn off his remaining fans.

      • No, I have no connections in the music industry and have never pretended to.

        One question: If Kari continues to have such” high profile music artists” who seek her expertise and she has so “many connections in the music industry,” then why is she working for David who is in absentia? Couldn’t she be making scads more $ working for someone who isn’t currently a Mormon missionary?

        Perhaps she is doing it “out of love?” Maybe she says to all the big guns who call her up every day, “Nope, I can’t accept your offer of $2 million. I’m just gonna sit here and wait for my boy to return from Chile in two years and tweet like a mofo.”

      • Why are we beating on everyone today? Maybe you need to chill out with a nice cool drink.

    • no way your so full of it

  12. Whatever. I am done .

    • I mean I am done with having any kind of ongoing posts with you anon. Waste of time for me. Sorry.

  13. so how did we go from hg’s theme– “our favorite things” to “how we bug one another”. for the record, i’m just kidding around. 🙂

    re. kari, she bugged me a little some time ago when she joined in the conversation re. what constitutes an intrusion into david’s privacy. i tend to get irritated when someone tells me how to behave.

    overall i think she’s a good manager. in working with her, david seemed to accomplish so much in a short time. i doubt she’s just sitting back tweeting for david. in her line of work, she may be in the midst of coordinating tours for other clients.

    i can definitely see why kari and gina o. would wait on david’s return. he’s hardworking, dependable, humble, single/no kids, marketable and drug/alcohol free. he’s probably the ideal client; plus, he’s an angel. 🙂

    • I would think that Kari would be working for other clients as she is a tour manager. She doesn’t just work for WEG. I think her last tour was for Tim McGraw. I like Tim. How could she just take care of David’s twitter for 2 years. lol David is the ideal client, desertrat. I agree.

  14. I’ve got no complaint about people with different tastes and opinions expressing them about David’s music. I do have a problem with people who make other fans feel bad for having different opinions–very destructive. But what I really have a problem with is knocking the ideas of others without presenting realistic solutions of your own. Plus I have a problem with unrealistic solutions, ones where the price tag is higher than anything we’ve seen David or his peeps spend.

    And as to tee shirts, etc. I don’t know about David’s contracts but many artists need sales of merchandise to keep going. Like the official site was/is selling stuff left over from the VIPs in the last tour. They paid for those to be made, you can bet. David’s “treasury” would benefit from any sales. Fan-made items are just for fun, right? So why not? Sorry if they annoy you but there’s going to be something everyone has to tune out as “noise.”

    • I remember hearing that the merchandise is very lucrative for the artists. (I gave in and bought my daughter a $40 David T-shirt at the last non-VIP concert–not to mention $400 for VIP). They make very little from the actual music sales–something like a few cents per song.

  15. HG, I still love Crush. 🙂 It was a fun video and well done. My fave. I do like EH. I feel David’s pain and compassion so strongly in his voice. I do wish the video mirrored that, but it’s good anyway.
    1) I don’t think anyone here has anything but love for David. Why else would they check on all things David, daily? Talk about him, buy his music?
    2) The other anon sounds so familiar lol.

  16. Check out the announcements on AFS, they are downsizing their site but will be there for any new happenings. Maybe that will become a realistic trend for the sites?

    Maybe time will go by faster that way although we don’t want to rush time away.


  17. What bugs me is the following~ instigators.

  18. Missionary version of “Call Me Maybe” (done by a missionary, I think):

  19. “David Archuleta is so mine when he gets back from his mission”….lolol.

  20. Thanks for the funny Mormon videos CC Halo and Peter. I love parodies so I thought these were pretty funny. Because of my David ODD I know way more about Mormonism than before I was a fan.

    I think all of us that are still posting on David fansites just want David to put out great music in the future. We all have our pet peeves related to what people post on David fansites. Mine are the Arch-police that like to tell us who are “good” fans and who are not. I hate the expression “trust the Archuleta” and fans putting David on a high pedestal. Hey, David is human and will make mistakes like the rest of us. I think he’s be horrified at how some people almost worship him like a god. He seems to be a great person and is gifted with an amazing voice, but he is human. I’m also not interested in all the IMHO worthless polls, but some people get off on that. Just don’t get mad at the rest of us that don’t see the point of spending lots of time voting.

    • grammyj, putting David in a pedestal is my all time pet peeve. For sure he is gifted with an amazing voice and seems to be a real nice guy, but come on, he’s human like the rest of us. To tell you the truth, I sometimes wished he had a little edge, that way I really think it would of made him more marketable. I actually like him (love his voice) inspite of his squeaky clean image.Don’t get me wrong, I will take him anyway as long as he keeps singing.

      • I think his squeaky clean image may keep some reviewers and others from perceiving the “soul” in his voice. It’s probably their problem, not his. But they did realize it when he was “The Soul Man from Utah” on Star Search, so I don’t know what’s changed–him or the rest of us. Maybe now that he’s mature, we’re expecting more edge, and back when he was a kid, those expectations didn’t get in the way.

      • That’s what I’m waiting for cc halo, for that soulful, mature music from our man. He’s got the chops, now all he has to do is produce that soulful, mature sublime music that I know he has in him. I just hope that this mission is not keeping him in such a bubble that he won’t be able to grow musically. Oh well, time will tell.

      • Agree!! Not only do some fans think about him in Celestial terms but in the next breath they are panting & spazzing about his looks like they can’t figure out if he’s a God or an Adonis!!

        OH wait!! I do that too…spazz about his good looks! Honestly though, it’s not his looks that keeps me here still. It’s all about the voice. So much so that it’s really hard to think of him away for another 18 months!

      • Lol. Oh I’ve sooo noticed that God/Adonis bipolar thing.

      • Just to be clear, I didn’t mean I think David is a god or Adonis (no comment on that!). I meant that I’d noticed that fans (elsewhere) tend to build him up as the only pure, righteous artist out there and then in the next post, drool all over him.

    • grammyj :Exactly.

  21. Oh, I love that – we can’t figure out if David is a god or Adonis. I wonder if he avoids cameras in Chile because he hates his haircut. He doesn’t look like Adonis in the short, bad haircut he has there. He’s still cute though. I think he looks younger with the short hair. I was reading the old online chats on AFS when he was 13 and 14. It was fun to read them from open, unfiltered young David. Little did he know what was in his future.

  22. I know David’s not a god or an angel but there’s something very special about him that separates him from others. As Wanda Sykes said, “there’s something magical about that boy.”

  23. I just read that Matt Girard from AI Season 8 did an online concert from his home tonight. Here’s the link to the article: http://www.mlive.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2012/08/matt_giraud_live_in_concert_to.html

    I would love for David to do that when he returns. Better yet he could do it now from Chile. I’m sure that wouldn’t break any of those Mormon missionary rule -lol!

  24. I read that Kris Allen did one of those online concerts from his home a few weeks ago. Not a bad idea. Too bad David couldn’t do that over in Chile. I think that more flexibility with the missions are needed this day and age. Change is good. Just like the cruise idea is a good idea. You need to be creative and explore all options if you are in the music industry. It is a very tough industry and it is a business.

  25. The EH music video has over 82,000 videos. Someone posted this comment on the you tube video “:Life is not fair. David Archuleta deserves to be so much more famous than he is. This is an absolutely gorgeous performance of Everybody Hurts.” Isn’t that the truth . That is always my point.

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