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As I said in a previous post, it never ceases to amaze me the level of output David has given us. With the release of “Everybody Hurts,” this is now his 8th Music Video! So, I think it’s time for a ranking and a vote! 🙂

Here are the videos (in chronological order):


A Little Too Not Over You

Touch My Hand

Something Bout Love



I’ll Never Go

Everybody Hurts

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  1. To me it was a tough choice between Crush and EH. Can’t wait until David puts out videos with top notch people of the industry. This is not to say that he hasn’t had wonderful creative people doing his videos up to now, but I’m just waiting for the day that his profects will be handled by the best of the best, if that makes any sense.

  2. This was easy for me. My vote is for Crush. The director of the video is Declan Whitebloom. He is a really good commercial director who has worked on MV’s with Sugarland, The Fray, Taylor Swift, 1D, Carly Rae Jepsen and many more well known musical acts. I think it pays to hire professionals in the industry. I still do like all of his other MVs including EH but Crush is my favorite. cq I agree with you about the need for top notch people.

  3. My Top 3:

    1. EH
    2. SBL
    3. ALTNOY

  4. I know that I will be in the minority but my favorite is ALTNOY. Just love that one. It took the longest to make and probably had the biggest budget. I think David can do a great video without breaking the bank in this day and age. My husband is a videographer so I may be biased, but a lot can be done now on a smaller budget. David just needs a creative person to figure out the video storyline. There are lots of talented people that can film/produce the video.

  5. 1. Crush – Maybe only because of David playing the piano on a pier. I think this is the best scene in all of his videos.

    2. EH – David in the studio! Plus three narratives that bring out the cry in his voice.

    3. Altnoy – I think this video comes across as too cold (the colors, the rain, the big weird empty house), but the guitar hero battle is the only really funny scene in all of his videos.

    • Replying to myself again…it’s strange to me that some fans continue to insist (on several fan sites) that David needs more depressing, dark videos. They insist that EH is not dark enough and should have ended with a mother dying, for example. They also want more “dark” story lines. Perhaps an autistic child being made fun of and spit at and whacked with a stick? Perhaps a bunch of homeless people freezing and starving to death in the subway? Perhaps a teen blowing his head off or cutting his wrists?

      At the same time these same posters keep lamenting the fact that David isn’t more famous and splashed all over TV and the covers of magazines. I don’t know of any young artist that’s at the level of fame that “fans” want for David who have videos depicting horror, blood, gore, death and depression. IMO Wait, Altnoy, and EH are dark videos.

      It just doesn’t make sense to me. Teens don’t even want to watch music videos with an old person in them. I, for one, would like to see more guitar hero scenes.

      • I think some fans thought the song lyrics indicated a darker video. It was just their opinion. Nothing more. I have read that the song was actually written to try to give hope to teens that were thinking about committing suicide – to hold on. I think we are all ready for the next video which will be for Rainbow where David is dancing!

      • I would disagree with the idea that anything needs to be “darker” in general, (let alone “horror and gore”, lol), but as this Glee Project MV shows, EH can be done in in a very effective way that fits the meaning and lyrics of the song:

      • Admittedly, ODD makes me a little defensive when it comes to any kind of criticism toward David regarding his career and/or his life, but it saddens me when I see his own fans nitpicking at what he offers us in his absence. I love David’s EH video, maybe a little more than R.E.M.’s original, and definitely more than Glee’s anti-bullying attempt, although my opinion may have a little something to do with David’s voice.

        As much as I love David’s version, I am also plain grateful just to have it. There is something to be said for unconditional support, and I just keep thinking of that old idiom: “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

        OK, I’m done on this.

      • I’ve got major ODD–probably as badly as anyone here, but I think there’s nothing wrong with trying to be objective. David himself has the philosophy that he learns from and appreciates criticism. You could tell that on AI, he really cared most about what Simon had to say, probably because he knew that he wasn’t going to sugarcoat things.

        I think it’s too bad when we get into the whole “bad fan” thing. It’s kind of extreme to say that all fans have to love everything David puts out. If I have to adore the Build-a-Bear song, I’m going to have to turn in my fan club card, lol.

        I thought it was a stretch to imply that the young couple or the father of the bride in the video were close to “(having) too much of this life” and the soldier in particular wasn’t even close to “(throwing) her hand” in. (((((ducking tomatoes))))))) But that’s not even a criticism of David–he probably had very little to do with the content of the video.

        Other than that, I’m right with all of you who think his version of EH is stunning and heartbreaking.

  6. Haley Reinhart’s and Lauren Alaina’s record companies have recently put out lyric videos for their latest singles. That must be the cost-saving way that labels are going these days. I’m glad that David’s team is putting out actual videos. It’s also fun to discuss what we like and don’t like about them. Sure beats talking about how David is doing in the latest (worthless IMHO) poll.

    • I agree with you about all those polls. lol I actually did like the Touch My Hand video as it showed all the young fans going crazy over David. It was well done. EH is a very good video just not my favorite.

    • I guess you have to look at the glass as half full or half empty. I don’t think Jive did any promotion of David’s music after mid-February 2009. His debut album was pretty much gone from the brick and mortar stores. Meanwhile, it’s almost September (a 7-month longer time span) and S10’s runner-up is getting a third song (?) pushed to country radio and a lyric video. This despite much lower sales than David had at the time. Her CD can also be found in the stores. I saw them when I was looking for BEGIN.

      I’m super duper glad that David has some backing for his music. I haven’t seen it discussed, but I think the Gunnells (they’re sponsors of the PBS MoTab Christmas special each year) are helping David. They were thanked in the liner notes.

      If you can, please continue to support BEGIN. I’d hate for such a beautiful album to drop off the charts in its 3rd week of release. You can get an MP3 for $7.99 on Amazon.

  7. I wonder how many of David’s followers on twitter are fake?

    “If accurate, the number of fake followers out there is surprising. According to the StatusPeople tool, 71 percent of Lady Gaga’s nearly 29 million followers are “fake” or “inactive.” So are 70 percent of President Obama’s nearly 19 million followers.”


  8. Off topic……..Because of David being from Utah and being Mormon, anything that refers to those two topics, I read. Just read that NBC station in Utuh won’t air the a new sitcom, New Normal because of it’s gay story line. I wonder if Modern Family or any other show that represents gays are not aired also.
    Man, it seems like Mormorism rules the state, not govenrment.

    • Fortunately the government does not rule what is on T.V. In Utah if whoever runs the T.V. station decides that the people in their area don’t want a T.V. show on the air then they don’t have to air it. It doesn’t mean that Mormonism rules the state.

  9. anon, I have to correct your response about Jive not supporting David after mid-February 2009. TOSOD wasn’t released until 2010. Jive paid for the writers, producers, marketing of TOSOD. They probably lost money on it. They paid for David to fly all over the country doing all those radio shows. They paid for the music video for SBL. Even though the sales and the promotion weren’t what we hoped, all that was done during that time was paid for by Jive.

    I have always thought that there must be fake twitter followers as the amount of followers goes up rapidly after a person reached 1 million.

    You are probably right that the Gunnells (and others) are backing BEGIN. Putting out music takes money. The label has to put up the money or other backers or the artist. I think Forevermore had the backing of TV5 and the label in the Philippines.

    • grammyj, yes Jive did back TOSOD, but by the time it came out, Jive was already in deep financial trouble. I really like TOSOD because it’s part of David’s music journey. IMO, David was trying to find himself in that album, but it just didn’t quite hit the mark. He probably was contracted to do this album before Jive started going under, so David might of thought this was as opportunity to expermint with his sound, then again I probably way off, lol.

      • I love TOSOD and wished it had been given more promotion. IMHO it was a great sophomore album. I liked it better than his debut album. SBL should have been a hit. I still don’t know why it wasn’t. Oh, well, all water under the bridge. IMHO there was nothing wrong with the album but it just didn’t get the promotion that it deserved. Unfortunately this happens all the time.

  10. choosing a fav video was a tough decision for me. i went with “touch my hand” because it brings back such fond memories of d’s first u.s. solo tour.

    i love the winning photo in the “begin.” contest:

  11. It’s really hard to believe that David’s done 8 vids, gosh. I still love SBL, though I can’t tell if it’s just because I still adore the song or if I really enjoy the vid in itself. I just can’t believe how much more grown up he looks from Crush –> EH.

  12. Here’s the link to the CD launch for BEGIN in the Philippines. I love the pictures. There’s a new one of David that I hadn’t seen before. They know how to promote David there!

    • wow, very nice promo. i hadn’t seen the pic of d in the white shirt before. he looks very mature.

      • I believe that it’s actually the same shirt on the album cover. They digitally removed the buttons and colored it green. I think there’s also been a gray or blue version I’ve seen elsewhere.

  13. speaking of “build a bear”, this video is missing from the poll it’s fine with me to leave it off, LOL.

    • oops … missing a period. above should say:

      speaking of “build a bear”, this video is missing from the poll. it’s fine with me to leave it off, LOL.

      • Lol. I think it’s a sign of his brilliance that he can make even this cheesy song listenable.

      • Remember, David can sing the phone book. Just ask Randy. But, yeah, I like his vocals on the Build-a-Bear Song too. Does anybody remember that cartoon video with Care Bears I think, that Rascal made after the Build-a-Bear song? It was really funny.

      • i remember it. 🙂 i believe rascal also made a funny comment along the lines that the song sounded as if it was produced using a cheap casio keyboard.

  14. Oh, you guys watched it, too? lol

    I chose ALTNOY, btw.

  15. Crush – 1st, last, always gonna be my baby… my favorite video. It marks the beginning of the ride, a special place and time that won’t come again, because it was the 1st… Crush sounds as fresh and relevant to me as it did 4 years ago. A Little Too Not Over You is 2nd… I’ve really liked no other videos as much as these 2, not even Everybody Hurts. EH for me is OK… but Crush and ALTNOY resonate most strongly for some reason…

  16. Crush was to me was the perfect pop song . It proves that David can produce a hit pop song that is played on the radio. He can do that again if he wants to when he returns with the right team behind him.

  17. Hm. I was thinking that JIVE was going under right about the time TOSOD came out. It seemed like we were all complaining that they weren’t promoting it, then shortly after that David said he was leaving JIVE. And shortly after THAT, we learned that Jeff Fenster left & they were being dissolved. Or merged, or whatever. I remember thinking, “Oh, thaaaat’s why everything happened the way it did.” But I could be wrong.

    And ALTNOY is my choice of video. I thought they did an excellent job of showcasing his angst in the beginning. He looked so sad, I wanted to cry. lol. And the image was crisp. I just felt like it had quality to it. TMH would be next on my list. I loooooved the teen frenzy that it showed. I miss those days. 🙂

  18. And I have a confession to make. I still haven’t watched WAIT, Forevermore, or the ING videos. Shocker, I know. After his announcement, I was kind of a basket case & couldn’t bring myself to watch . I’m doing much better, but still can’t watch anything he says or does that has any kind of sadness to it. lol. And I will NEVER watch the announcement video. lol.

  19. Hello! I am still out there; just a lot going on. I still have to get the new album. I will purchase it once things settle down a bit.

    • lol, you were about to become one of my “what every happened to …” questions.

      • Haha! I am still here and enjoying his music. I have some things going on that I can’t share yet. But potentially very good things! 🙂

  20. i never tire of this. a compilation of the very best of american idol…:)

  21. Love it. It is easy to see that David has the star quality compared to the others when you watch this video from AI S7. So few really do have that.

  22. Can I vote, even though I still haven’t seen Forevermore or I’ll Never Go? My favorite video is still Crush, followed closely by Altnoy. I think those were the best directed and produced. I’ve only heard Everybody Hurts twice, but I already love David’s interpretation–it’s gorgeous and haunting.

    That group performances video is one of my favorites–love seeing the depiction of David’s journey. That seems so long ago now, and so much has happened–both good and bad.

  23. Glad to see that you are still around utahmom. Yes so much has happened.

  24. Calling All Archies!! Would you like to be involved in a small and fun service project for David? Here is the idea** Write a short letter to David** Begin the letter with just saying hello (don’t write anything else) ~then say you just want to ask him a few questions. Next make a short list of fun questions. (Nothing too personal) >Example: Are you getting use to it being cold during months it is warm in the US? Do they have some of your favorite foods there, like almonds? Are there lots of mountains around you? Do you see more dogs or cats? Lol (Anything “be creative” and it’s ok if we all ask the same ones that would be even more fun!) Then end the letter with this same question: Is there anything I (or we) can do for YOU? If you wish ask: Is there anything you or your fellow missionaries need? Finally say: Do you see a need amongst the people around you that I (or we) can help with?

    The idea being we let David know we care about him and his fellow companions as well as those he is serving, not that we are just thankful for his music. (He Knows we are!!) Please do not mention anything about music so these letters serve a different purpose. Plus the fun questions are sure to make him smile or laugh!! Who knows we might get a tweet to answer one or two if we are lucky.

    This is to reach out to mark his 6 months serving his mission. How great will be his joy at seeing all of us asking him some fun questions but ending with asking him if He or Others Need anything; asking if we can serve him not just thanking him or telling him things. That is the idea anyway, if you wish to participate write your letters and mail to his Florida PO Box ON September 28th. That way they are all post marked with the same 6th month date he left. ♥ Thank you all and pass this along!!

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