Speculation Time!

Any thoughts?


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  1. No argument from me–just thanks…B

  2. i think it might be a good day too. bring it on!

  3. It’s supposed to be any minute now… I have no idea what to expect. I just hope we see his face.

  4. Wow. I absolutely love it. His best video so far. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

  5. you got that right peter

  6. I knew he was good, but I’m astounded. This should be a huge hit. It won’t be, but it should. It absolutely should.

  7. As always, David’s part is wonderful and heartfelt, but the scenarios are so tame. What about people who have actually lost a child or soldier?

    • you know, in the first scene with the man looking at the photo. i initially thought he was dressed for a funeral and that either he had lost his daughter or wife (ie, photo was of his wife as a child).

      • Yes, I thought so too. I think it really devalues the message to have it about temporary worries and setbacks, and not about actual loss and pain.

  8. David is out of anyone’s sight for 2 years, would you not rather see him sing the entire song like we do at a concert? We could just imagine that we are there watching him on stage. Anyone who watches knows that he is away. It would be unique and awesome to watch him. The last video from Manila was him singing in one room if I remember correctly.


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